Ali Gatie – Moonlight (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

26 thoughts on “Ali Gatie – Moonlight (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

  1. Hey everyone I hope you all enjoy this beautiful song as much as I do. In my opinion the best R&B song of 2018 so far. If this is your first time on the Channel be sure to Subscribe to hear some of the best new music every single day. It has been a long road here on BangersOnly and we have passed 3/4 of the way to the big 100k. I love music and I love sharing it with all of you. Thanks for listening<3 #Roadto100K

  2. and if Ain Ameera is the best nd the right person for you , really hope you will never regret for leaving me like this. im keeping my promise to make you as my last man in my life. i will never disturb you anymore . i ikhlaskan you pergi , i lepaskan you dengan sebenar benarnya melepaskan Eddy Nur Aziq. terima kasih untuk segala kenangan kita.

    -Nora , 29June2019

  3. all the sad break up song i always relate it to my ex bestfriend shes a girl, and most of my friends think im lesbian for her. its just hurting me more don't they think so 🙂

  4. The music is beautiful, this is what you call true music. Not like some fucking rappers out there who say the same shit and get free viewers

  5. Can i sing this song to my husband, im tears at office. Oh why im so emotional when explaining my feeling to him. 😂😂😭

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