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cities around the world have never been bigger and few places on Earth's have grown as rapidly in recent years as the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi its capital is one of the fastest growing yet here it's the young minds of the next generation that are taking technology into the future it's a timeless scene that has been played out in schools around the world for centuries young students enjoying their break between lessons but back in the classroom of this school in Abu Dhabi a transformation is happening most students if you look at what they do outside of school a lot of their time is spent on YouTube videos and social media so you know why try and teach them traditionally we know that doesn't work in the 21st centuries here the Ala sail school is defining the future whiteboards markers and books have been replaced with interactive calendars digital avatars and laptops 14-year old Mario Mohammed is just one of 25,000 students in the UAE and the u.s. being taught through the olive education platform when we was using books it was like so boring they are doing new innovated things and you're like community clonality so it's nice to use new technology and learning not in a traditional way founded in Abu Dhabi in 2015 the online program is using technology to disrupt traditional education in the classroom we look at digital content that is really engaging an immersive for student we look at the experience for learning and measuring real-time feedback for students that gives teachers and students and sent aeneas results to be able to give them unique learning journeys children are encouraged to create their own avatar and through the use of videos animation digital content and questions along the way the olive platform aides learning focusing on core subjects like math English and science it shifts the nature of the class where the teacher becomes a facilitator rather than a leader let's login to a live together and the traditional classes I was not able to know what my students progress immediately but now with Aleph they provide me I can help the students immediately during the lesson and after the lesson I live provide us with a live with the live data I can see who is struggling and who is doing well so that I can provide the help or an immediate remediation for the students to help them allowing teachers to give feedback in real-time rather than having to wait for test results is what makes the program unique according to the company CEO Jeffrey Alfonso we capture millions of data points on a daily basis the human could not process that many data points at its headquarters in a secured control room analysts use artificial intelligence to make sense of the reams of information coming in I can personalize education so depending on your profile you get a different set of learning experiences you know while someone who learns mainly from text will get a bit more text at the same time someone who learns better the videos will get more videos the premise is simple if a pupil struggles with the concept the system adapts and presents the lesson again in a form more tailored to the student the results is reframing the future of Education I think the future is really about wouldn't it be great if you could look at artificial intelligence and data to drive kids into the right careers into the right choices post-secondary education when it comes to adopting AI technology the United Arab Emirates is one country leading the way the artificial intelligence expected to generate ninety six billion dollars towards the economy by 2030 we need to sort of understand how AI impacts you know human life right so in an unprecedented way in human history now technology AI and deep learning works hand in hand with human beings to enhance the quality of life in general okay at an individual level and at the society level some are worried that this technology comes at a cost with a growing debate over whether the benefits outweigh increased screen time for children or potential privacy concerns any innovation take for example then you know human beings invented the wheel there aren't kumki it comes with that you know constraints and issues and rests right and the society rises to the occasion sees the benefit of the wheel it's the same thing about digital data privacy I'm sure you know the society will rise to the occasion and will address those problems all of the information that we have here is all masked by unique IDs we don't capture information that is sensitive and essentially to protect the privacy of the student as AI is increasingly applied to education there is one benefit that cannot be debated one of the problems with the brick-and-mortar school system is that it doesn't reach the people that are there in the world there are about four billion people above the age of 25 in the world who don't have a college education so there is such a hunger to have access to good quality education so that AI and that know you can only do that access and opportunity I love hopes that its platform can enable the next generation to receive a 21st century education we basically want to do what the internet did to information everyone has access to information we want everyone to have access to good excellent education expanding their scope and helping students like Mario to reach for the stars whether it's artificial intelligence that is shaping future generations or big data changing the way a city moves and even locally-sourced innovation to better a community if the fourth Industrial Revolution is underway then it all starts here with these smart cities that prove the future is innovative

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