Alan Wake Soundtrack: 08 – Old Gods Of Asgard – The Poet And The Muse

35 thoughts on “Alan Wake Soundtrack: 08 – Old Gods Of Asgard – The Poet And The Muse

  1. I don't know if this was skill but playing even on the hardest difficulty wasn't really hard. A couple spots here and there but the game was a breeze

  2. 2019 playthrough found this song again still good even after my first playthrough at 11😅I'm almost 19 now

  3. Find the lady of the light gone mad with the night that's how you reshape the destiny 🧔!! And that's why I love this song !!

  4. Should have made a Thomas Zane game, I would love to see what horrors the Darkness tried to kill him with. I mean it's kinda anticlimactic that he just got to Barbra so easily… Fuckin' had to fight through an army to get to that hag with Alan!

  5. I heard this song and other Poets of the Fall songs were only in the Collector's Edition. Is this true?

  6. This song still brings all the feelz, even after all these years…
    I have yet to get and play this game, but it will happen!

  7. You'll need the witche's cabin key. Find the lady of the night. Your destiny awaits. OMG THIS SONG IS SO EPIC.

  8. I played this game for a little while about 2 years ago. Thought it was cool but then got confused at where I was supposed to go and gave up

  9. I guess the "Poets" of the Fall makes sense. I could see why they made the soundtrack for this game, it suits the band's style. A fictional Band play by a real life Band, AWESOME! Truely one of my favorite songs on the Soundtrack.

  10. Alan Wake returned in Steam. Playing in 2018. Can't believe it's a game from 2010. Story, graphics, direction are outstanding. Masterpiece of all times

  11. you can get Alan Wake on Steam for about £2-3 ( $3.84 ) right now, this takes me all the way back, what an astonishing tune btw :O <3

  12. guys look up Ashbury's Endless Skies album! it has the exact same vibe as this song, i always wondering why subconsciously i always connected Ashbury and Alan Wake, well that's why!

  13. I don’t know the game but I love Poets of the Fall music and I could say that this song is really amazing and unknown

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