alan wake pc underrated classic playthrough #3

oh right oh right oh right interesting hello guys welcome back to the channel this is your host mesh and we are going to continue Allen the wake the Wake is near can't you he is anyway I've been having a blast playing this I am quite surprised how much I do not I repeat I did not remember from this game so this I should be titled like it should be titled playing for the first time but I can't do that because I did play this so here we're gonna go let's see whose skittles skids can I get a skid skid are you doing skittle hi I do and by the way I am self aware that the title it should be three met who cares I'll change it afterwards I don't want to do it now so let's get into this awesome game here we go you know what I'm thinking about playing some apex maybe tomorrow so that would be fun hopefully you'll be there skits hopefully you will be there skin I please the skills lives oh snap oh what the fuck oh no the black share is gonna touch me oh what the fuck oh come on get it giddy but what the fuck I don't remember that should mean that oh fuck me all right I guess I got a run-out okay I got to run the fuck out of here complete the skids hips Oh what get away from me say nice shadows yo with a bleach welcome bleach the fuck is going on here why does this commercial don't go mutt mutt of what Hartman knew he was no creator he had no ambitions on that front and he certainly didn't want to end up like every artist he had worked with here damaged in ways that were hard to describe or worse it was enough for Hartman to maintain creative control and provide direction to be a producer that was what most of these people were in need of anyway of course suitable subjects were few and far in between okay oh fuck my life come here I dare you I've doubled a fucking lamp do-do-do-do-do oh shit hit me baby oh shit I dodged that motherfucker oh shit come on hit me hit me yo what up sup hanging hanging yo what up sup 10 how are things in in rice town damn fuckin locked hold on Barry I gotta look for shit we got some thermals coffee thank you okay get out of here what all right meet Barry I guess we that's what we're gonna do yes bleach yes I fucked up okay Barry I don't have a life okay I messed up okay can a man make mistakes god damn it you know what get out of here that's a creepy-ass house and you guys thought it was fucking beautiful hail to the now so you doing bleach how's your day man ah crap is the maze fog dude I didn't think I'll have to activate hashtag mind power because I'm puzzle master Mitch but I guess this is what is we're gonna have to fucking do okay there's nothing here okay so we're definitely can't go this way and don't trust Emilio Estevez oh shit the fuck's Emilio a Oh Emilio I stared the Viking paraphernalia that littered the area surrounding an unlikely centerpiece a full side stage complete with an impressive sound system with all the trimmings including a dragon it took a special kind of crazy to build something like this in a remote field when the sky split open with a deafening boom and the music started blasting it felt strangely appropriate wha my day was good it wasn't as hot today so today we actually have a we had a decent fucking day in the middle of nowhere and yeah just got to go close real quick like in a few hours and I'll be done for the day it wasn't that bad I'm glad that it wasn't hot good the back pain is gone finally wait what back pain goddamn bro like I told you well I remember you mentioned that well like I told you man that shit doesn't run out be patient don't don't don't go too hard man Jesus Christ I saw you young bloods man you get some meeting you guys want to like the Bowery how are you doing how are you doing anyway any winds skittles fuck outta here fuck I lost track hold on dog life thug life we go this way here we go here we go be that checkpoint oh okay I thought you were talking about smashing bleach my bad well what happened to you I don't know what happened to you how to cheer at your back I think you mentioned something about it but you didn't went into this specific so what happened three wins nice damn skit so you probably a beast by now you're probably one of the top apex players right now right are you better than than junior cuz juniors are fucking monster [Applause] [Applause] come on oh shit whoo I was just doing some exercise with someone came up behind me ah fuck dude who was it was the one of your douchebag brothers or cousins god damn how how huge is this fucking garden oh fuck I feel we're gonna we're gonna have to run like a fucking bitch on this part all right come on we got this we got this oh shit man has ever hind behind them bullshit's main well I hope you get better and then you can beat his ass you're still gonna love them you guys would still be friends but nasbe does deserve for that it's called an ass beat out of love for the moment Barry was just glad he had survived the fall he had been separated from Al and there was no easy way to climb back up he told himself he'd be okay okay in the gloomy forest at night he would just have to wait for a while for Al to find his way down Barry turned when he heard the heavy footsteps and saw the movement the man-shaped shadow lunged at him from the bushes an axe held high Barry screamed and threw up his hand the world exploded interesting okay so that's all right well I guess you're the better guy bleach you are indeed okay ml a meal made me do it what the fuck's a meal energize indeed well I see the box you hold up wait a minute okay made it through I mean you could hit you could definitely hit bleach just not hit her physically but how about from the back always every no you can either cuz you're a taken man what she look like she lugar I mean did she have a big booty Hartman watch this wakes features slacking the man was bullying it no doubt even long on the bed he'd almost broken Hartman's nose the second time but with a little time he could break wake down give him proper Direction wake was easily the most promising subject he had had well since Tom really sleep well Alan Hartman whispered with a smile let me take care of you he sniffed hard to clear his throbbing nose swallowed blood and barely tasted it fine fine I guess not hey Mandy are you doing all right uh let's see oh there's Barry and it's dick ass checkpoint yes yeah oh come on man can you open this gate baby marry slimmin shot when the nasty showed up and the kief it's kind of loose in the box OH shit oh fuck Oh No mama fuck I'm not moving fuck y'all I'm not moving shit okay please tell me we're headed for the nearest you're now leaving bright Falls come back soon Simon we'll go into the Anderson farm I knew you were gonna say something like that but you know what you owe me big-time for this when this is through if we make it I don't care what anybody says I'm done with darkness you're gonna buy me a tanning bed as a gift and I'm gonna live in it but oh wow that was the end of the chapter I'm crazy but that's fine oh you got that right now you're barking mad you are by far the craziest baby that's inevitable when you deal with crazy stuff like this it helps this is happening Barry Alice they never had Alice she's trapped in the darkness at the bottom of the lake but she's not dead how can you know that I know Barry I kow I know listen I can bring her back I can find her there's something special about this place the lake it it does something to the works of art created here it makes them come true but there's a catch the dark presence whatever that thing is twists it to its own ends that's why all of this is happening it's using my manuscript to take over every ow I believe you happened to Thomas saying before it happened to the Andersons I believe you crazy or not you're not delusional real shits going down that's a fact I'm on board man I'm with you the Andersons knew about it but they were too far gone to tell me with all the drugs they were on but they wrote it down this is someone at their farm area goddamn why do I keep fucking running into the fucking woods man ah where's my gun in the crash Barry was nowhere to be seen all right so how's everybody doing Mandy how was your day towles is in here lurkin Barry are you all right pisses me off dude like I do so much to conserve my ammo and every time I drop somewhere I lose all my shit and I have to find this would turn into a disaster if I didn't catch up with Barry Weiss's to have my love Jesus okay there's Barry captain what is it being so easy if I could just slide down I bet they're gonna make me go all around the fuckin town just to get there oh well you saw Barry Stephen you saw him well that's great news so I guess now you just got to get some rest right try to move as least as possible liquid only liquids drink a lot of water blah blah blah fucking that's I got damn you you get charged like fucking five thousand dollars just for the doctor you say well you know here took some Tylenol get some rest and drink a lot of water oh shit when he stopped the car at the Anderson farm Walter felt relieved oblivion was close at hand the brothers wouldn't miss a jar of moonshine or two in the booby hatch but then he saw the man on the porch and he knew who it was driving for his life and knowing it was useless he didn't realize he was crying until he couldn't see the road for the tears interesting yeah yeah yeah well have you been getting enough rest at all Mandy I like I've been sleeping at least I don't know like eight hours six eight hours that is important though that's rest that's important for everything but don't overdo it like Stephen that sleeps like 12 hours a day sometimes it's like why the fuck wake up just sleep the whole day fuck me I'll step behind the tree okay the tree oh shit man he fucking drain oh that was gonna get me oh shit like if you like guys have you ever like busting up with your girl and then like just try this like bus tonight and then get up real quick and then run outside like this you won't be able to you'll be fucking drink I gotta turn the pole turn the pole this how you be running no no no what the fuck was that damn it I hope they'd still be a working generator somewhere around here to power up the old lights by the gate okay so shit here damn he's run cold like that like he'd be like oh god damn she warned me the fuck out agent Nightingale stared at the past outrider the man was sleeping off one hell of a night Nightingale felt a stab of envy it wakes oblivion but he had a job to do he put the gun to Wiggs head and almost became a murderer his hands shook and his throat felt tight and dry biting his teeth he asked it's a traitor he lost the nerve wakes turd nightingale would have to settle for an arrest I could sense the movement in the woods ahead facing the enemy without a weapon was dangerous but I had no choice yeah how the fuck am I gonna beat it man I need a weapon man I need a way up in skittle you still here oh fuck Oh No I'm fucked come on man shit oh my god come on bitch goddamn was that Barry was driving away from the farm headedness yeah whatever Shane's I was for all I knew this Barry taught in the concert – Shane you've made it you got your peanut butter ready you got your peanut butter and miss these toes ready oh shit there we go their mos the car was hanging for the cabin overhead it wasn't far if it was buried I would see the damage soon was that supposed to mean damage of the truck oh hey damn I need a weapon man oh is that Big Daddy I'm trying to deliver each page to the right place dude that literally looked like a fucking sphere I'd seeded in your dream it was a strange spaceman or a diver in a bulky suit he that's Big Daddy the Dark Presence followed the choreography laid out to it in the manuscript growing stronger and stronger moving like a storm from one scene of destruction to the next but it was still followed the story and chained at the dark place it came from he was doing he reached the ended long before it would finally be free what the fuck how the fuck you know wait I remember I remember back in the day you were asking for toe picks so you want to know who had the cutest toes and I don't know why I send you mine I didn't know you were just talking about women but yeah I remember I think I know how these note pages on my hmm hmm okay so these are not all right fuck do I go I think we're almost there yes yes No No you think I own had left a gun behind now I had a fighting chance of reaching the farm now missus not here to take in our filled with darkness yes yes yes alright now we go west okay god damn oh shit that was a close one I hear the wind come on bitch yeah that's what I thought okay come on you fuck oh there we go Oh what's up what's up oh really bitch god damn ran out of batteries okay I think some more shit I could see the car but there was no sight at the driver I wasn't saying nothing that was all Steven that's why he left he went back and cowered into the back seat of the lurkin I was just saying how cute aha how can your choosing oh shit I'll get your feet were correct I know you were in jail the other day oh yeah that was him yeah that's the guy that asked us to turn on the lights remember him guys well I don't think oh my god new episode of run through every possible course in my head if I continue like the Dark Presence wants me to the story I'm riding won't save Alice it's a horror story it's going to kill her and me and everybody in this town no one will survive darkness will consume everything this is what it's wanted all along it will be free unstoppable it used Alice to get to me it dangled her in front of me to keep me going it was never going to release her I'm going to change this I'll escape I've written myself into the story I'm now the protagonist this feels like I'm a terrible risk but it's the only way to save Alice I'll be bound by the events of the story just as much as anyone else who's been woven into it the story must stay true for this to work there have to be victims along the way near escapes cliffhangers in a horror story it can't be certain that the hero will succeed or even survive he almost has to die I'll write my own escape into the story next I need help Zane's going to be the one who will help me I'll make it happen is that the one with the but he bullet hole what do you tie them up I don't remember nobody would have bullet bullet hole yes yeah misty Missy's always fucking talking smack to herself to the point that I'm about a timer out which is like um you're not ugly dude you're not ugly your toes don't look like chicken fingers you're just high paintings and picky and that's the only problem so stop saying the truck meat you know goddamn look at that let me guess Danny huh well why Daniel somebody else open the door somebody's I could climb out through the broken window the front door was locked the barn was still a good distance away I'd need a car to get there fast oh man uh but there's like a manuscript I don't think it's important right guys should we just go you know what let's just fucking leave there's nothing I'm boring down there right do you to dupe doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo here he was probably in trouble damn it's damaged chain I felt bad for doubting him after all I made it this far myself what Barry was Barry oh there is one here for a moment Hartmann considered strangling the idiot mob was mean-spirited but easily manipulated an emotional infant who lived for his approval wait by contrast was a far more difficult subject Maude had given him too much leash in two days who knew what could happen Hartman would have to find a way to rein him in and quickly all right oh that female gasps okay I will go in side her and I never said I was ugly the game volume is a little low audio if if the game goes off is Misty's fault okay how about now how about a dammit I'm trying to swerve I don't know why it so um for me it sounds loud as fuck so waitwhat here what if we do a shortcut guys really he was still a good distance away I'd need a car to get there fast it Barry wasn't up here he was probably in trouble down at the farm for a moment I felt bad for doubting him after all I made it this far myself but Barry it was Barry all right how about down I'm gonna try to take a shortcut sorry guys saving up time sure cut time is the shortcut because we like to keep bitch oh damn it Shay why did you worry about that instance away I'd need a car to get there fast if Barry wasn't up here he was probably in trouble down at the farm for a moment I felt bad for doubting him after all I made it this far myself was Barry alright wait let me get the thermo what does that give you dude I don't see you me that doesn't do anything does it they're just like collectibles I think you set that before what the hell are we going goddamn I'm driving worse than fucking misty and Mandy combined oh shit oh damn he got the strap I'll come on Ellen Oh what the fuck get a taste that the coconut damnit coconut dumbasses yay cars in heaven okay well wait what the fuck are these fireworks hmm interesting I'd known the brothers used to be some kind of rock stars but it hadn't really sunk in until I saw this stage in the oh they're gonna are they gonna rock the number one single did did a date with the lemon in the cooking fresh breath crap oh this is awesome alone to the rescue get him get him get him what the fuck is that is that come on come on okay okay got'em living in the coconut now that is that was amazing right Falls rock-and-roll capital of America misty yeah what movie was it I don't know man I don't recall it you're making me feel so out of touch anywhere irrelevant for not knowing now I'm now one of the cool kids anymore dammit Hey ow this way to the farm and wonder then when did that come home well excuse me okay excuse me misty for not being born okay see bestseller no reason to worry your cutouts good as new right where I left it I'll come back for it once we have the place secured yeah that's been my biggest worry all this time when the fuck was this boy was this right now I'm just standing here because I need my best friend Barry to carry me but that's okay I could just take him for granted I think I see what you did there yeah what year that accommodation to Barry wheeler no not so well I'm sorry for now remembering when I was – okay so misty we're gonna continue to beam a jerk with me because I don't remember when I was 2 then time out for you Wow they really went all out with this Viking crap didn't they no wait I wasn't even fucking born then no I thought it was – no two years before I was I wasn't born with the fuck yeah I wasn't even now yet I wasn't even out the wound no cookie for you guys for being jerks who remembers that I never saw lost boys what the fuck is that is that the one with the Karate Kid or the vampires oh yes tonight's episode the dreamy dreams that's by someone else mr. James Audrey you're a dream the weirder when the diving suit is a dream and the girdle made of smiles and sunshine is definitely a dream I'm doing this well maybe you're a really confused dream what am i a shrink all I know is I'm going with the smart guys and they say that's the guy doing the dreaming right there that means it means we keep him happy no sudden Falls we make sure he has his clothes on when he goes out in public no chases where the monster is nipping at his heels and he runs like crazy but his legs don't seem to get him anywhere cuz if he wakes up in a cold sweat yeah precisely so we wait till he wants to move on keep things nice and calm they stuffed the fuckin nut I'm sorry guys that's a song stuck in my head thanks to Shane giving me the full version misty how old were you when when the when the Lost Boys came out see yeah as far as back as as far as back as I could remember I always wanted to be a good no I remember I loved that cartoon as far as back as I could remember is probably five yeah 5 I remember around 5 I was the whole fucking Batman animated series was going on love that I think the Power Rangers that's that's just I don't remember I do remember there's some movies from the eighties that I do remember watching like gremlins I never watched The Lost Boys the only reason I know about this because my sister-in-law which she's like 40-something she used to love him she still obsessed over them so like oh my lord I trip for the last part I think I think I didn't want to I mean I don't know I think I was scared to watch scary shit at that time but I know I know what you're talking about yeah et gremlins back to the future but I watched that like in 95 96 I thought that movie came out around that time that shit that shit that movies timeless I don't know it was that fucking I don't know what's an eighties movie because of my dad Rambo Fred or I don't know Fred er was but I mean I remember watching shit because my family will watch it I remember the Karate Kid as well my brothers love that shit add it on repeat I never understood why he was like the champion but in Karate Kid 2 & 3 he continued to get his ass beat fuck talk it out find a way through out the barn all right let's try to Knight Rider wasn't that light didn't that became a sigh I see I know these but I never watched them looked imposing almost like a battering ram [Applause] I've heard of I heard of that as well but never washed it Big Trouble in Little China when was that I remember seeing that in the ending when that fucking Asian would explode that creeped me out I remember Chucky never washed it but I was afraid of it puppet masters Friday the 13th I watched that like like and towards the late 90s now see I never watched any of that I'm more like Steve Urkel but the family matters I didn't even watch the feel Cosby Show and I'm glad I did it oh love where the fuck did Barry go I think we can make it through here taste of the coconut one of the first times I ever saw was big trouble the monkey thing what the fuck is that oh I remember ceci I was growing up with classic movies like him like being little growing up with like fucking three ninjas blank check Richie Rich that's that's like that's a shit I was growing up I didn't know oh this is premiering I didn't know but I won't grow up watching those the sandlots that I remember very vividly loved the satellite yeah but when you're like how could you not remember that's chappie your gum The Lost Boys I never watched are you talking about monkey monkey business there is this one movie that would creep me out it like the movie wasn't that creepy and this is it and again I was little but I remember watching these things because my brothers and there were older than me they were like fucking 5 10 years older than me one was five the other one was 10 years older than me and there's this one cover that creep me the fuck out but it wasn't that movies just it was just a cover I remember you guys remember monkeyshines there's the one about that monkey that uh there's this guy that's completely fucking paralyzed I mean he literally all he could move is his neck not even its neck I think he could only just move his mouth so some guy like I don't know how do you remember the plot that was just some guy gets him a monkey but I think he drugs the monkey but the monkey is like very smart and I think it's a little girl I felt actually felt bad for the monkey because the monkey like it's too smart and then it starts killing I think he kills the monkey it's a she she kills the guys the girls know the guys love her and then I remember that all that I remember happening to traumatize me as a child was that the monkey loved the guy and he's like come here give me a hug and then when he got close to give him a hug that guy choose the fuck out of her legs maybe he couldn't move his neck production going you know what if we make it through this alive I'm gonna start representing them yep sell this stuff online maybe get a reality show going release a new single when Jesus Christ yeah trucky traumatized me as a child now that is real right that's a movie I didn't fucking imagine it right miss me much Chang then there's this other one that fucking creeped me out I think it was Night of the Living Dead it was this one of this bitch in the there's a fucking bitch in the front cover and she had like glass stuck in her all over her body like pieces of glass damn that's a big bitch keep your eyes open okay it's real dammit I think we scared off Shane oh you want it either that her he just went over gets it was seek time as you regular listeners know I tend to work through the night I'm not the only one deputies Mulligan and Thornton are taking a couple of moments off their busy schedule to join me here in the studio boys how busy are you now deer Fest is almost here isn't it I I bet that keeps you in business pretty busy yeah actually Pat we've been real busy with other stuff which concerns an ongoing investigation we can't talk about that Thornton I wasn't gonna say anything what you saying we got you no other audience to fry and how would you compare your workload to last year's things have seemed relatively peaceful to me but people do tend to get a little wild this time of year oh it's wild that it's pretty wild there's been all sorts of trouble this year vandalism fighting public disturbances a lot of people gone missing – yeah yeah it's pretty much the usual stuff that just you know what a lot more of it now is it just me or does deer fest get wilder every year people seem to be more drunk at least or they start earlier and younger oh it's definitely not just you pat but definitely Pat hey I'm talking here Thornton oh shoot I lost my train of thought not just me oh yeah yeah it's Wilder Pat but actually most of the trouble seems to be coming from grown men people who ought to know better you know kids are doing fine this year well that's nice to hear at least boys I want to thank you for stopping by I'll let you get back to your Patrol good think that yeah sure think that but get back all right I like the music in this game I've told you guys this before right the music is fucking awesome and don't forget about the coconut [Applause] I could see the building that had to be the Andersons home the other side of the field it wasn't far now I wasn't worried about trusting the ramblings of two burned-out geriatric wrecks they had the goods whoa okay that was awesome oh here we go climb up y'all wait did we go there already we did go there right damnit I guess not tear tear welcome back misty alright let's see you got the okay we got that we forgot we got the limes wait what did I need the lines for does anybody remember fuck I swear to god I needed them for something but I I just can't quite put my fucking finger on it anymore my guess maybe I should just get rid of the fucking limes then nope ah Wow is that you out there buddy yeah it's me hang up hey let's go man I think we're gonna have to work together to open this it's pretty heavy hey I think that's the form on the other side of the field we're almost there this farm is a crazy place for crazy people we should feel right at home that oh no I don't like this hey somebody tell me if I should worry about the coconuts wait you're out I guess we'd better check the fuse box the fuse box should be somewhere in the basement excuse me Barry okay yeah I don't think they keep two old gods no one you seem to slip away a lot so they can get wasted again Alice's screams rang in the stillness of the night I saw myself run toward the cabin flashlight in my head and I followed my past self I was an out-of-body observer a time traveller in a crazy drunken dream this was the beginning the night Alice had disappeared the mystery of what had happened during the missing week was about to reveal itself it's 1976 madness reigns at the Anderson farm contrary to all logic the head east ingredient of their moonshine is unfiltered water from cauldron Lake the Anderson's feel like gods Odin can't stop laughing he contemplates cutting his eye out tore runs across the field naked shrieking hammer in his hand trying to catch lightning their songs have power something ancient is stirring in the depths coming back of course we need to find where it's coming from that's the message the Andersons talk that's the whole reason we're here Cynthia Weaver Richard Joseph welcome miss whale okay what is he saying asgaard oh now you see the love is free you will need all my love the witch cabins need done Matt with the me with the night that's how you shake this okay we need to find Cynthia Weaver we'll stay here for the night and head back to town as soon as it gets light hey al lots of hours before dawn might as well get some rest and by rest I mean drunk come on Barry this is we're gonna find her right sure Fred easy bastard I'm gonna stick by you no matter what ever I'll sure like brother I'm a writer god damn it correct if I just wanted to I could write ten books a year then and they beat the best books that year now you that's right I couldn't but I could cuz I'm a rival what what are they putting this stuff I feel like my brains coming out of my nose I'm gonna get the recipe off those Kreutz and be a boobs millionaire I just miss her there I just wanted here with me I no it's gonna be okay wait a mega Oh big bowl oh crap now what Alice I'm coming it's alright I'm coming it was a crazy drunken doing and yet it was more than that it was the truth a suppressed memory unearthed by the Andersons moonshine I was there an out-of-body observer this was the night Alice and I had arrived at bright Falls the night Alice had disappeared I had a chance to find out what had happened I remembered being surprised to see the cabin dark Alice would have never turned the lights off Alice Alice I remembered thinking I caught a glimpse of her form underwater sinking into the darkness diving after was the last vague memory I had of that night after that the next thing I could remember was waking up behind the wheel of the crash car and finding the first pages of the manuscript thank hiking go back in the house I wanted to go upstairs to see if I was there I couldn't find her in all that blackness I must have thought she drowned Allyson Jagger had Alice so she had me I'd been easy prey is there someone in the window maybe she drowned after all maybe she's inside palace the Dark Presence had touch made she had dug her nails into my brain and used me made me her puppet she must be here somewhere maybe upstairs in the study palace she's not here you were foolish to think so no she's dead she drowned oh no it's your fault your wife is dead you are guilty all she wanted was to help you right you killed her oh hush there's still hope called your lake is a special place here you have the power to change things she wanted you to write I will tell you what to do you can write her back the story will come true and all will be well again she had Alice and the manuscript was the ransom for her yes all right I'll fix it I'll bring her back she's just fuckin cries us get the fuck out of me I remembered it all now in the dark I'd written four days a week almost a complete manuscript of a novel entitled departure Jagger had been my editor whispering in my ear making sure that the unfolding story would make her more and more powerful I thought I was saving Alice even with the cobweb she put in my head some part of me had been awareness to write my escape into the story to bring a light of the cab until elites me before I could finish to interrupt the horror stored before the ending where darkness consumed everything and everyone Zayn was weak and far away written into the story and his light had been enough to set me free Big Daddy I've woken up confused and groggy my mind consumed by darkness and fear all I could do was to escape the week spent in the cabin had taken its toll I was barely conscious and fading fast it handled costs and thrown an even deeper into whatever dark place he now haunted him but he had managed to weaken the dark presence and kept me safe that night [Applause] ironic that's why I fall that's right James Joyce it's your fault and you're gonna pay for it fuck that guy jesus fucking christ yeah there are all the chickens I like the Sun okay so what is his fucking deal that's what I'm I'm curious or there's a previously on Alan Wake under the influence of the Dark Presence I wrote a horror story that is coming true Jagger had been my editor making sure that the unfolding story would make her more and more powerful some part of me had been enough to write my escape into the story either we can create something absolutely wonderful it does something to the works of art created in Peru my mom gave me this old white Spanish flanker how is this being captain a dark I need to fix this your fault you're gonna pay for it okay misty explained everything that you're questioning these ages were gone the FBI agent had taken them took a crap in my mouth misty please explain to Mandy would happen because I have no idea but I think you have because you kept on gasping and gasping and gasping so this is where the story loses me a better story losing me of it what the fuck happened like so he is writing the story so are we inside the fucking story or is he still there writing and somehow he managed to trick the witch for the evil bitch hey what's going on explain it for me misty please and those other things that you just mentioned I need to talk to Weaver she's the one in the song the lady of the light what the crazy lady whatever you say yeah but we're stuck here and let me tell you it was an interesting read well I've got you now Raymond Chandler it's all here all the evidence including conspiracy to murder a federal agent there's no way you're walking out of here you hear me in there Bret Easton Ellis ah agent nightingale I want to talk to your superior well we all want things Sheriff I wanted my look that's not possible right now agent nightingale I insist week what's wrong lady are you stupid it's a trick it's an obvious trick hey I've had enough of this crap wait I'm gonna trust you with this you're joking agent nightingale your opinion would matter more if you were sober and if I actually believed you were here on official business whoa yeah get back in the cell Stephen King the only way you're leaving this place is over my dead weight oh my god light the fuck was that it's the only way to fight this thing in my office I've got your things there follow me oh man we're sitting ducks with the lights out stay cool I can get the Emer nightingale tried to make sense of the manuscript it was disjointed and strange he didn't understand half of it but it all rang true impossibly true he took out his hip flask when he reached the page that described how we reached the page that made him take out his hip flask it wasn't the booze that made his mind real Nightingale felt the situation veering out of his control but the gun at least felt steady in his hands he was ready to fire resolved that he would let this happen over his dead body and yet he hesitated he had seen this moment before read it in the page he was transfixed by the deja boo' and the horror that he was a character in a story someone had written then the monstrous presence bursting behind him and dragged him into the night okay that makes sense so they're all becoming self-aware they're like inside of a story or something right right god damn it hmm hmm really misty so none of this is real but that is yes your your things wait what do I need to know what do you need for me they can be hurt in the light only in the light and I need to find Cynthia Weaver she can help me stop this life check Cynthia she lives in the old decommissioned power plant I can get you there pretty quickly in the rescue chopper come on let's get back to your front wheeler I need you to stay here what no we're going to fetch our ride but I have friends who need to be warned about this and I can't be in two places at once I need your help Wow okay here's a list of people and phone numbers I need you to call them and tell them you have a message from me Knight Springs okay they'll know what to do Knight Springs like the TV show gotcha oh hey that radio guys on the list mate who's Frank breaker he related to you my dad is this like a secret society can you do this you'll be safe here the backup powers on these guys need to be alerted just in case we don't come back oh you'll come back for me though right as soon as we get the chopper ready thanks wheeler I owe you one okay let's go awake through the back my hangover wants a pizza you think there's any way I could order one out four more hours Shane how do you know that yeah but what the okay misty but what did he do he said he did something he said he wrote himself into the story so what is he trying to do what is he trying to do excited by it you once I'm across you stay here in the light he said he escaped but yet he's still in there interesting I needed to reach the rooftop to get to the other side of the broken gate okay and why hasn't he disappeared we just know that he shouldn't continue the story why [Applause] think of it like oh okay I'm told you do this this gets weird yet fascinating what do you think Shane Shane's like I created this you're not playing a game you're just staring at a wall [Applause] Oh Doug life on that jump brah hey Sheriff your password night Springs what's that all about well I mean she's she's good she's fuckin angry she's about uh I'm stop saying what are you fuckin stupid how could you not know the last boy so I'm like well sorry for not being born then there's like she left like for an hour and she got mad cuz when she asked me about Oh have you ever seen an tiem like yeah it's a great movie and she got mad cuz only any I know it's black Annie Smart's the keys to the chopper are there fuck that I fucked fuck no watching that gay shit then slick what just call it for what it is misty they started the whole Twilight shit fuck that I don't want to watch no fucking cute-looking vampires like I'm gonna fight you Wow fuck that never nope not sold nope not at all I hate me like that is like I hate me louver they make the zombies cute the zombies the vampires the wolves fuck that I hate a Tru Blood we're gonna bite you and fuck out of here okay well tell me something were they cute like what like like where they guys that look like that you would when you would see her like mmm I wouldn't mind it get sucked off by them have you got any type of like bowel movement or ovulating happening yeah I wanna watch yeah I wonder why I never watched it because my brother's I will watch everything my brother's never watch that they watched the one the Stephen King one [Applause] yeah but never then they would never watch Rudi shit that's what I'm trying to say skates you're still here damn this girl got you I told you triple deez nutz you guys thought I was just being nasty but look it's right there what does it say triple D's oh dear yeah if they if they cute or they're like listening and shining I don't wanna watch it I want my vampires and wolves to be fucking nasty ratchet looking I goddamn I'm scared of that shit it's fucking nasty like that ball vampire fuck with the long nails I have a key watch my back wait let's go week goddamn where's that where's everybody in town okay someone's messed with the fuse box here but you should be able to jury-rig it while I find the keys I already got electrocuted once today how about I look for the keys and you get burned for a change fine they should be in the clerk's office on the other side of the building near the main entrance the darkness that wore Barbara Jagger's face was furious the story in the manuscript had been making it stronger all the time but now the light had set the writer free and heard it weakened it it was only a matter of days before the dark presence would be strong again but meanwhile it would be difficult to recapture the writer interesting like a cauliflower the message was from Barry he was getting worried at the station he wanted us to hurry like a cauliflower okay sheriff I got the keys I got a flashbang berry why isn't he inside he made it inside wake he's okay the storefronts blocked come on wake let's go around we can meet them in the back see look this is difference I moved to the keyboard a little bit the reason I use the mouse it's – it's so fucking smooth that it makes me dizzy look this is me moving around the mouse like it's so fucking smooth is like I could turn around real quick see that's why a lot of people like the mouse like if I want to turn around I got to do this right now let's say I want to turn around with the mouse see how quick that is I could do a whole turn dududududududu and what this shit takes forever so that's why we will per server that makes me dizzy I couldn't be doing this like ok ok guys we're gonna do this quick wait was that something to the back no no no no my eyes are old-timers take me in guys I'm part of the old man's crew now but I get it why all the young bloods like using pcs so fucking quick dude and then on top you could do all that cheating trust no one in the dark so that means I should it be trusting her either damnit oh well I'm have to change my voice now I've been like trying forever to stay with a young voice but I'm have to just embrace my roughness in my work my throat feels like it's me they want the sooner I get out of here the sooner you can all get back to life as usual I hope you're right come on let me get this door open wait you got the keys to the bookstore perks of being the sheriff a girl needs to get around okay Maddie we'll see you soon right now I'm not a big fan of my own writing please share her that you just called her Manny ladies and gentlemen boys and girls on the left corner Manny Pacquiao let me see if there's some sheets up here or something you know damn well Manny's not gonna share she it I don't see Barry there he is how much fat has cut all the way over there he was quick as fuck it's fine dude I'm just messing with you got it 68th annual deer fest in one day no oh there it is I knew it I knew it in my heart that there was one page there he got back to his feet inside the bright falls general store alright chained himself off right next to the cans of baked beans was a locked case filled with flare guns and yet here was a conveniently placed barrel of crowbars Berry's smile widened as he realized that this was a classic movie scene where the hero had to gear up and arm himself to the teeth berry threw himself into the role I hear something okay nothing there I'm gonna get pastor Howard a piece of my mind about this lock oh I told him to get it fixed dammit who the fuck are done dammit very got back to his feet inside the Brighton I'm gonna get pastor Howard a piece of my mind about this lock I told him to get it fixed I don't mind alright we got it we got it okay it's open let's go awake Wow we keep them away all night long on the night before deer fest why well it's tradition Cynthia Weaver worked hard following her obsessive rituals sometimes fighting them always giving in to them in the end Thank You Sean in the halls of bright fall's abandoned power plant she marked her caches with light-sensitive paint that could only be seen by eyes that had been touched by darkness and saved by light like she'd been she was preparing defenses and supply lines for the war she knew would come the war between the forces of light and darkness for it to be free the Dark Presence needed the writer to finish the story again and again the story let it get frustratingly close to the writer without letting it capture him it was bound by the events depicted in the manuscript but it can pursue the writer indirectly put others on the task and stop those who would help him it took over everything in its path made them its puppets and sent them after Alan Wake okay let's see oh sure there's some slinky right here yeah there's no way going through the crib he'll turn out to be a bad idea yeah well you remember he left he got angry about something oh because he kept on trolling you know who's truly really hard on discord talking a lot of shit and I told him dude you better chill or else we're gonna you know fucking time you out and then he got all upset and he left he left discord but then he came back and apologized and everything but I don't know why I guess he hasn't been liking the games I've been playing probably that's it I mean other than that I don't know why he hasn't been here audience well I got plenty more what what are the Christmas lights for protection man like garlic against vampires come on get to the helipad the helipad yeah have you been to his streams though the bright Falls general store is now my favorite place in the entire world see this headlamp it's like a superpower I can just look at one of those things and they die it's my flaming eye of Mordor I wish I didn't say that yeah hey I want a headlamp last one bastard Alice had screamed until she had no voice left to scream around her the darkness was alive it was cold and wet and malevolent and without end she was a prisoner trapped in the dark place the terror would have burned her mind out but one thing made her hang on she could sense Allan in the dark she could hear him she could see the words he was riding his flickering shadows he sensed her – he was trying to work his way to her all right let's get these fucking flares yeah dude I hate GTA man I mean he I know he hates no see there's a thing Bioshock he did show up a couple times but he's scared of scary games there and if there's something I can't stand is GTA every time he's in there he's playing golf or running around in a car I'm like are we gonna be doing this than play fucking hot shots or play need for that was a beautiful tactical play by the way let me Pat myself on the back tap-tap okay let's continue oh shit my bad dude tried to go take a pee had to go tinkle all right Hot Shots was the shit man I'm surprised I didn't bring that franchise over to the ps4 I even like Tiger Woods games but then he had to fuck around and you know they need to make a good racing game yeah but hot showers in my shit I still play it I still play it on the Vita bro hot shots cool borders Tony Hawk whatever happened to the jet motor I used to like those goddamn I love it how long does it take to fucking get a helicopter running you're gonna take off without me aren't they Oh No you better put an end to this just get me Weaver sheriff we're taking a big chance I hope your way about her or we can kiss this town to fine [Applause] whoaaah you Alex Casey shoots the place up every weekend look I never even carried a gun until a couple of days ago while my dad used to be a cop there tell some pretty wild stories stuff like this no no just normal bath stuff kind of like your books wait I used to tease dad that he was just like Alex Casey you've read me oh sure you're a pretty good writer nobody's ever before and that's the dam further up the river and here I'll take her down the road across just get me there Sheriff no not the woods again why don't they lock the fucking door coconut the bee the coconut [Applause] why did I lose all my gun why wha I repeat wha where the fuck did they go those motherfuckers yeah that was close shame but we made it we made it through I had to do something about the chain for the door to open how how do I get in there Shan Shan tell me please I beg of oh shit toy toy fuck me man bitch there's only thing that bothers me dude it takes my guns away I mean I bet that could be part of the suspense but Jesus to keep you on edge but God he's not I worked so hard for that mo and those guns alright let's see what he has to say they always remind me of our local rock legends the old gods I couldn't tell you why I guess it's just you know one of those things anyway here's poets of the fall in their late a single war that's a new oh shit fuck scare the shit out of me douche [Applause] I'm dad that was gonna be a toughy okay I have them look have them and here's a new song from abandoned school what the fuck you stupid cat fuck out of the way oh yeah guess what I thought demon bitches even though I ran like a bitch I really didn't prove a point rather than I got away damn skill you still going you still playing for apex well I'm glad you're here buddy my enclosed in the night it was close but I had to find a way across previously on finding a way across are you serious how the fuck do I how do I turn that off I thought I would do something but I guess not later panca hi making her way to the water pipe alone Cynthia was angry at the writer foolish young man taking unnecessary risks and the way he broke the rules didn't he understand what was at stake since the terrible days in the 70s she hadn't wavered once as hard as it had been she was tired of protecting the town all these long years and now let me get Shane sick time all right Shane this does remind me of heavy rain a bit Oh well why damn what is it misty what is it what what is it what all these fucking chairs I see them all over the game the story I had written in the cabin had come true touched by the dark presence I had written the horror story but the end was still missing the story was incomplete and the last unfinished page of the manuscript still sat in the typewriter in the cabin study if I could get back there if I could read the page then I could write my own ending me of this story and save Alice I mean seriously you're fucking with me mistake ha yeah cuz I see it all over the fucking placement all over yeah fucking I couldn't even react to that oh my love I don't even had time to react to that shit but he spooked the fuck out of me shit's gonna go down in there and that fucking frosting that bridge I just know it fuck I've got peace now okay okay that was it butterflies and an absence of creativity Vidia thank god you're here please it's in the basement isn't it just the fuck is that a vortex well I'm trying to work did you put this thing here to be more precise really but what is it I guess the temptation but it's really absence in Martha's basement yes I was doing so it was a great story it's just is it why did you call it a friend here can you just Oh probably turn into a plot could sing the whole enterprise and you're just you should just go back upstairs if you think maybe I should just stop here this is so Twin Peaks oh I'm sorry guys I could barely hear she because of the fucking bridge so I was just watching the fucking subtitling all right you know what guys I'm gonna drop it off here because uh I need to be at work at 10:00 and I got five minutes to get there and it's not gonna happen but I'm pretty sure the next stream is probably gonna be my last my last of Alan Wake so that's the last the next one's probably the ending but thank you guys for you know keeping me company I know happy you love this and the other ones are just showing support and that's that's cool I love that appreciate it I might be back the it's a multiplayer I don't know dead by daylight maybe because I want to I know I still got maybe like three hours so I don't want to fucking beat up til like 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning playing this so I'll probably finish it tomorrow but I might come back with some multiplayer well that depends if I don't come back too late so let's cross your fingers and if you guys gotta go to sleep because you got work or just need to catch up I'm fixing your sleeping schedule and that's fine I'll see you guys tomorrow everybody have a good one for now see you in a bit hopefully ah Thank You Richard you're you're even more cool all right later guys don't let the bedbugs bite you you

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