Alan Dershowitz Attacks MeToo Movement In Disgusting New Book

Well folks that appears that Alan Dershowitz
is pretty much the herpes of the legal world because just when you think he’s gone, Oh,
he pops up again to annoy the hell out of everyone and remind us how horrible he truly
is. This time he’s out there talking about a new
book that he has coming out in the early November that’s titled guilt by accusation, the challenge
of proving innocence in the age of me too. Now, Alan Dershowitz knows all about this
because Alan Dershowitz has been accused, uh, by a woman by the name of a, uh, Virginia
Giuffre who was recruited as a slave by Jeffrey Epstein actually by Ghislaine Maxwell on behalf
of Jeffrey Epstein. Uh, and she claims that she was recruited
at 17 years old, had sex with Dershowitz, had sex with a bunch of other guys, Prince
Andrew among them. Uh, they’ve all denied it, but Dershowitz
has a new book coming out dedicated not just to debunking this woman’s accusations, but
to also defend all other wealthy, powerful men in this country who just can’t get a fair
shake when it comes to the me too movement. And that’s the problem. Dershowitz because the fact that your book
even exists at all shows that, yeah, you did get a fair shake. I haven’t seen this woman. The accuser pop up on cable news shows several
times a week. I don’t see her with massive book deals being
promoted by both newspapers and cable news outlets. I don’t see her resting and her multimillion
dollar mansion hobnobbing with celebrities and other high price lawyers, but you are
because you’re a wealthy, powerful man and you’re sitting there whining about the fact
that people are paying at least a little bit of attention. They’re not even paying that much attention
unfortunately to the accusations of this woman. This is the problem with these wealthy white
men. They always believe they are the victims that
they did nothing wrong, that their money and their power can get them out of any situation
they may find themselves in and Dershowitz again, right now he’s only been accused. It has not been proven, but he felt the need
so strongly to go out there and write an entire book about it and that shows you just how
false his actual premise for the book is. If he was guilty by association, nobody would
be publishing his book. If he was in fact guilty by associate or by
accusation, as his title says, he wouldn’t be on cable news. He wouldn’t be out there writing up EDS. He wouldn’t be talking to anybody because
nobody would have anything to do with him. See, also Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey,
their careers are done and I’m not complaining about that. Dershowitz, you seem to be doing just fine
and you have the largest microphone out of anybody involved in any of this. This accuser doesn’t have that kind of microphone. She doesn’t have a platform to go out there
and write a book that’s already a, the publishers already ordered 250,000 copies of it. No, she’s not going to make millions off of
something like that. But you are. You are, and that just goes to show you that
your entire books premise is absolute garbage. If wealthy, powerful men don’t want to get
accused of these things, don’t put yourself in those situations in many instances, don’t
do them. But I got to tell you, Dersh, when you hang
out with a convicted pedophile who’s got his own little pedophile Island, the Lolita express,
which you were flying on all the time. Yeah. It’s going to raise a lot of eyebrows and
it’s probably not going to end well for you.

100 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz Attacks MeToo Movement In Disgusting New Book

  1. Yeah. It’s so unfair. That’s why jeff Epstein only spent 6 months in jail where he could leave during the day and keep doing what he did. So unfair that brook turner basically got a slap on the wrist for raping a blacked out girl. So unfair for trump. I mean he only admitted that he doesn’t wait for consent to kiss them. He admitted that he just grabs them by the pussy. He admitted that one of the perks of doing miss universe was walking in on girls changing to “inspect” them. Yeah so unfair that he became president after his 20 rape allegations came out.

  2. Another despicable human being who is friends with the orange buffoon and pedophile Epstein. Of course he doesn’t like the Me Too movement! They are all guilty as sin.

  3. The powerful have criminalized mankind, and what makes us all human beings have always been antithetical to their unjust laws.

  4. Who gives a flying fuck what this pervy old nutcase says. He and Ghoulishani should get a room in the home together.

  5. This crypt keeper of Keeping his underwear on while a child massage him. Poor wealthy old ass white DUDE. If trump hasn't been removed what you belly rolling about??? You Garbage bastard!

  6. Alan D is criminal and uses his law to spin USA after killing Jeffery Epstein with gang of four( mafia Trump, big neck barr, west pig point pompea and idiot Rudy)

  7. That old phrase of when you're privileged, that equality feels like oppression, is 100% applicable here to him.

  8. The only place they'll sell it is at Trump's Presidential library. Buy today and get a free copy of Eric Trump's Book and a Donald Trump Coloring book (Orange Crayon not included).

  9. Me thinks thou dost protest too much Mr. Dershowitz. These old men actually think they should be able to do what they want to whomever they choose and never face any consequences just like their fathers and their fathers before them.

    Looks like the age of man•ipulation is finally dying! Thank the gods!!!

  10. Rumor has it that Dershowitz likes his women just as Trump likes his: 12 years old and on Epstein's private island. Just ask Epstein, he'll tell you…
    WAIT… wait… Epstein had an accident, just as all jail security cameras failed! What a coincidence! That leaves only Vladimir Putin with enough hard evidence to bribe someone — someone like Dershowitz and Trump.

    Nahh, could never happen. Don't believe that conspiracy crap.

  11. Doucheshowitz needs to be imprisoned in a maximum security hardcore prison among the general population for his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein's child sex slavery ring. They will take good care of the douche, the way they know how, such as frequently savagely raping him with items from the tool shop, such that he will be able to sit down only by lying down across the cafeteria bench!

  12. When Epstein offed himself can you imagine how many sanctimonious perverts like Dersh breathed a sigh of relief?

  13. Remember those happy days when Alan was in hiding because his friend the paedophile Jeffrey was on trial, it's obviously now safe for him to emerge since Epstein's suicide & reclaim his victim status.

  14. The guys who can bonk the most professional bonkers money can buy seem to have the worst views on women.
    Wait – Hm, I think I see a pattern, let me think about it… 🤔

  15. Dershowitz is using the Trump play-book 1-0-1. Attack and make up dirt on your accuser. 250 000 books already printed. Ordered by 250 000 guilty scared little men afraid they'll be caught out by their accusers. Pathetic dirty old man who deserves not one ounce of respect..

  16. Alan, I've said before, relax, keep your underwear on, don't acct like a teenager seeing a naked teen for the first time. It's not your first time.

  17. Old rich pricks in America (predominantly white) – not happy with all the money they have. No …. they want your daughters too. Dirty old fukkaz.
    Yet they're so petty they feel they have to vindicate their behaviour. Just as bad as the Church scandal – of which most of them say they attend.

  18. That perv has gotten more than a fair shake, he got off scott free. I hope as NYSD investigates, there is proof somewhere on the vile behaviour of that disgusting pig. I am still shocked that women in the U.S. support the genital grabbing moron.

  19. None of this addresses the guy’s actual arguments in the book. I’m not defending the guy and Farron Cousins is probably right here but, instead of actually debunking his arguments, Cousins is just attacking the guy and assuming the worst. And ultimately, Cousins advises him to be like Mike Pence and not put himself in those risky situations

  20. Did someone say free book? My fly infested open pit outhouse needs a$$wipe. I just finished off my free Book of Moranism yesterday. How thick are the pages?

  21. These senile old farts are like punch drunk boxers who don't know when it is time to just go away! This ilk has a plentitude of assholes, always suspected as such, but age seemingly demands that the prove it so!

  22. Alan "Underpants" Dershowitz should crawl away in disgrace! He hangs out with pedophiles, and his defense of having guilt avoidant underwear on is not valid.

  23. ROF your premise is wrong. You fall into the same pit he is trying to close. Simply because a man walks and vacations with lawyers does not make him a lawyer. Just by associating with Epstein should not make anyone a pedophile. Everyone who was sent to the Devil's Island wasn't guilty. You can ask Dreyfus. We have to be balanced in the way we look at justice. Let your hatred for the rich not blur your judgment. I don't believe the majority of these girls. You wonder why he wrote a book? Have you ever been falsely accused for anything? If you had, then you will understand why he should even write ten books on that subject. Today, false accusations for monetary gain are callously rampant. That is the dark side of Me Too.

  24. With Prince Andrew (this is not an excuse, he should have obeyed US law) I have to pont out that the age of consent in UK is 16. He may not have known it was higher in US, but should have made sure he did know!

  25. This guy is a dolt. He is like Rudy, he needs to shut is utterly stupid mouth.( better to sit silently and look stupid, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt!)

  26. They rich man did nothing wrong. I guess is the women fault for being born a female and poor. I just wonder how angry these men would be if these were their daughters. Or are they molesting their children also.

  27. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Kent Starr, and Alex Acosta. All the power elite and yet to be uncovered wealthy, and influential people of the world. Now Epstein is ALLOWED to commit suicide while under Barr's DOJ watch so the investigation can stop. Isn’t that convenient and yes, I include Trump, view case file Katie Johnson (Jane Doe) vs Epstein, Trump. Case 1:16-cv-04642 Southern District of New York. Now the FBI needs to go in and scrub the scene, so ends the scandal of the century with a whimper and gasp for breath, and to head this sham investigation is AG Barr who’s father got Epstein's career started at a prestigious private school, Barr's ongoing 2nd cover-up. Sad-and watch as this whole thing silently goes away!

  28. The monster Alan Dershowitz was a big torture promoter during the Bush years (google:  Dershowitz torture warrants).  So, let's torture him and find out if he is guilty.  There are ticking child rapists out there and by torturing Dershowitz we could find them in time before they go off on little kids.  The monster Alan Dershowitz is also on record as being in favor of legalizing child molestation down to age 14 (google:  Dershowitz age of consent).  WORST OF THE WORST.

  29. Yea; Alan D is desperately scared of his wife not taking him to the cleaners. This lying sniveling coward who got caught with his nasty pants down, even though he feeb abt keeping it on the entire time during his massage sessions. Wow! You allowed a girl whose not a professional masseuse touch you for which you weren’t schedule as a payment session, What a load of horse manure. No one in their right mind is buying his bullshit.

    The guilty are always afraid he don’t want his name to be ruined bc his accomplice is dead and won’t testify – dead man tells no tales but his videos, photo collages, phone logs, staff members for office and pilots, procurer, groomers, butlers, security and the conglomerates, professional, high officials, judicial system, universities, businesses, and most of all the vulnerable and marginalized underage girls that peddle their filthy needs, houseguest, cooks, butlers all play a big part in this sordid mess. Their hands was also in his pockets for different play and Alan got into one of them fair and square so now he wants to flex his geriatric weak muscles to convince ppl otherwise, as the proverbial saying (liar, liar, pants on fire).

    What would Prince Andrew say his photos of the girl then and now – has been circulating forever and videos of him in inside JE’s mansion and walking together in NYC after his sweet deal release if that’s even a lock up or another pat on the back – as don’t worry will let the girls in, nothing ever changed.

    Alan’s paranoia is so evident no amount of book writing will exonerate him he shamelessly admitting he was there and going through the usual preambles of there usual routine wasn’t a one time thing. Him trying so hard to bull horn his innocence is just outing him further. Am sure he’s relieved Jeff is not around to call his bluff that’s what happened when one gets mired into such controversial mess of epic proportions and more so with abusing underage girls which am pretty sure he has children of his own tucked away into safety. That may be so but no matter what if things wants to happen bad or good it will happen right under his purview. There are ppl whose life are good but got to the wrong side of the aisle sometimes even with caution and good advise, comes disappointed. This was a coordinated effort of well organized chain of sex trafficking and abusing underage minors he knew what the premise was as a lawyer to defend him & himself later. He’s so blatantly hypocritical trying to fool us thinking he was there on business purposes when he stupidly said he had his pants on the entire time, such a big tell his tell as clever as he thinks will wiggle his way out. Instead of having his big mouth shut without giving us such a bad visual he drew much attention to the topic and himself. Who wants to know abt his skivvies and where he parks them or not?

    Just being in that orbit of young girls was exactly what he wanted and more, whenever they get caught the powerful and wealthy act like they don’t have cravings for more adventure or feelings like everyone else the normal way is never enough for some especially the super maniacs. Given this unethical platform he now realizes his a** has become open sesame and that Pandora’s box is wide open just like the genie is out of the bottle and can hardly be put back in.

    Alan D stop whining and spare us your veins popping out and avoid an imminent heart attack to falsely prove you are innocent of any wrong doing as you want the public to believe your abominable truth or the lack thereof.

  30. The only rich people who could possibly be innocent of rape are those who have never been to Epstein's private island. Innocent until proven guilty, sure, but Epstein has already been proven guilty, and if you've been to one of his parties where people were raped, even if you didn't rape anybody yourself, you're still an accessory to the crime.

  31. TL: DR- I agree with the title, and only the title.

    Well, if there is one thing I can give him it is that any of us born with outward facing reproductive organs, can be completely undone simply by having a finger pointed at us while yelling the "R" word- regardless of whether we are innocent or not. All of this, I should point out before we even set a single foot in court.

  32. This is affluenza at its most disgusting. Doucheowitz and his ilk have been so enabled by their lives of wealth and privilege that they honestly believe that there is nothing wrong with what they have done. They no morals, no empathy for those that they have hurt. All they've ever known is being able to do whatever they want because their money lets them do so.

  33. Guilt by Accusation better be about black men being taken down by people accusing them of sexual misconduct or assault, otherwise I see this as the white men claiming victimisation for being punished for crimes they have committed.

  34. And I want there to be an investigation into the claims of “Jane Doe” who in 2016 alleged that when she was 13 years old Donald Trump violently raped her in Jeffrey Epstein’s home. She backed away after receiving death threats. I guess those making the threats really wanted to Make America Great Again

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