ALA President, Maureen Sullivan: ALA, E-Books and You

[music] I’m very happy to have this opportunity
to wish all of you happy new year and to offer information on where The
American Library Association stands with e-books and digital content. I have had the great pleasure and
privilege of working with Molly Raphael, the immediate past president and with
Barb Stripling who will succeed me to address the various issues around this
topic. We’ve had a series of meetings with publishers, we’ve begun to talk with
authors and we have established ALA as an important player in addressing the various issues around the changes in the digital content ecosystem. This is an issue that is very important
to me because it relates directly to the work that we’re doing to strengthen our role in transforming
communities and as the people who live and work in
our communities change in what they read and how they read it, it’s
critically important for libraries and librarians to be at the forefront of
helping individuals come to terms with what some of these changes will mean. I also want to assure you that we’re
going to continue to provide leadership in this arena, but we invite you to join
us in this effort. And the first thing that many of you can do is to participate in the various programs and activities at ALA’s Midwinter meeting in Seattle. I also want to remind everyone that
American Libraries has this easy way to keep up to date and that is the E-Content blog. American Libraries also will publish the
spring a digital content supplement and I
encourage you to read that. We’ve also recently issued a
communications toolkit that is designed to help you, at the local level,
communicate on these issues and another thing that is in development
that you will shortly see on the website is a scorecard on business models in the the digital content arena. This is a very complex issue. It’s a
situation that calls for us to think in new in different ways about what it is that we deliver to our
users but also how it is that we deliver them.
As self publishing grows there are likely to be opportunities for us to support
self publishing to perhaps even get our libraries engaged in self publishing. And, in closing, I want to just suggest that this is a time of significant
transformation and that each of us should be taking
advantage of every opportunity to remind those with whom we work in our communities that while print is diminishing and there’s an
increase in desire for digital content the role in the opportunity for the
library to support reading, to support discovery, to connect our public with our readers and with authors is critically important. Thank you for listening and happy new
year to all of you. [music] [music] [music]

2 thoughts on “ALA President, Maureen Sullivan: ALA, E-Books and You

  1. Worthwhile and succinct message on an important issue for school libraries. Thanks to leadership in this discussion with eContent providers. I'd love to see the discussion of the donation of "dusty digital content" to school libraries, much in the way that our school libraries are able to share donated books with patrons. Let's find a mechanism for eContent providers and authors to reap a benefit as patrons are able to donate their once-read eBooks to school libraries.

  2. Just listened to these remarks…
    appreciate Ms Sullivan's use of social networking to keep us informed; so grateful that ALA is so active in digital ecosystem and transforming communities

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