Afro American Authors Project

what does it mean to be black doesn't mean I don't have the capacity to be creative am I meant to shut up and dribble is there more to me than what is portraying is my skin my weapon is it possible for me to be even greater than I know in the language that everybody here can easily understand agree that America has a very serious problem not only does America have a very serious problem but our people have a very serious problem America's cloudiness us her problem is she doesn't want to be you black brown red or young a so-called me you represent America because you're not one once you face this s effect then you can start plotting the course that will make you appear intelligent instead of unintelligible what you'll answer to is meant to protect our differences when this coming together we all come together as Baptist or Methodist you don't catch him cause you're a Baptist now you don't catch hell cost you a Methodist yeah – hello Methodists or Baptists you don't catch hell because you're a Democrat or a Republican we don't teach how to test your amazing onl and your cell phone catch help us run American pedicures in America you will help you to show all trust about black men all of us with the same thing I'm going bad I got the keys they'll let me catch you slipping up they need to learn America we'll see what it is to be blood in theaters July 5th

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