African American/Black Romance Novels TBR | Summer Reads

hey you can tell from the title I'm here to reveal my african-american women's TBR if we're going to be honest the romance genre or at least the books that I read aren't really diverse instance most romance authors I come across or they are kind of pushed forward when it comes to the social media are white that's that's sometimes lead to them fighting white protagonist which is nothing wrong with that if we're going to be honest I kind of got tired of reading same characters blond hair blue eyes but it's just a different name because of this I decided to research African American or black authors with black protagonists this and decided to read them during the summer the first book I found was stay with me buy eggs Andrea house what caught my attention with this book was the main protagonist so far she seems like someone I can extremely relate to natural hair enthusiast she sent her son life we would've met our relationships Chuck yeah plus we got a little womanizer on our hands and I don't mind all honesty there doesn't seem to be anything particularly interesting from what I read from synopsis but hopefully it will define my expectations once I pick up the book to read the second book in my room the second book in my african-american TBR is a girl like her by Talia Hibbert from the cover Hibbert has kind of included an interracial romance which I don't mind 2019 people are dating at senator races which is a realistic form of romance especially in this modern world other than the interracial aspect will cut my intention was the exit military food kind of true I tend to like that when it comes to reading Romans and I might Alexandra house there seems to be a little bit of mystery from what I read in synopsis which has piqued my interest the third book in my african-american TBR is a passionate love a Dulaney diamonds I don't know about you but there's nothing more satisfying when you read a book or find out start a book you're reading how African Americans don't know thugs I mean I get it there may be some people of color that might running gangs but so far in my life as a black woman I've not come across any other black people involved in the legal guard I don't have any people my family member involved in the gang so it's nice to see that we actually have people who are working in genuine honest jobs that's one of the reasons why I decided to look at this polka and judging by the sign of sister male and female protagonist Simone and Cameron are one of Simone is a wealthy socialite while Cameron is part owner of a nightclub in Atlanta but there's one problem Simone I don't hunt to find a husband and the main question is what a camera is suitable for the role after a one-night stand but besides that you need just to not have any expectations and just open my mind to other type of stories and after I read it I'll be the judge of whether and I don't know and the last book I decided to read from my TBR is a princess theory I miss Nicole was the they say that you can't judge a book by its cover but judging by the cover of this story where we have two black people on the cover of course for people who are of the minority especially when it comes to the romance genre it's pretty interesting to see and we're definitely physical essence much of an unknown author compared to the others I've read so far I'm willing to read one of her works either way but we'll see how it is that's all african-american / black TBR for the summer I'm kind of sad to read the book started picked up so far and I think it's kind of beneficial for me because as a person who writes romance and does write Romans sent that centers around black people / interesting to see how other authors have written them and you're not even in their story and it could be enlightening to me for when I want to continue working on my WIPs I'll have plans in the future and of course I hope these stories bring me out of my reading slump romance isn't doing it for me especially like I said same people different different names and it kind of got a warning when you read about the same gone hair blue-eyed girl and you can't relate hopefully different something new to the table I just hope I already enjoyed it because I'm spending money on books there's nothing more annoying than spending money on books even turns out the book is not that great hopefully for any other person like me who wants to read romance and about people like them this would be a good TBR for you and if you're ready comment down below on what you thought about it I need to stop kicking the table comment down below what you thought about it and yeah so I could know whether I'm not feeling the same way you're feeling the same way no you understand it – thanks for watching and I'll see you again in my next video bye

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