Advice for Teen Writers (Should You Publish?)

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  1. Thank you so much for making this! I sent this out to my students right before our summer break, and the number of positive and encouraging responses I got back was wonderful to see. You're inspiring so many young and old writers, and many more in between, and I hope you never stop being passionate about being a mentor in the authortube/writing community <3

  2. Wrote a book but nobody bothered except for my dog that was happy to found something to chew on
    So i tried poetry
    People did bothered to say,
    E. Dickenson, EA Poe and the like had long been dead
    Decided to plant away my frustrations
    And hungry bugs appreciate it, so much so not even a stem was left
    Cruel, cruel world
    But i'm holding on to my last solitary tear
    Yea shall not take it from me

  3. When I can't think of something to write about in a chapter I just start world building or write another one of my books

  4. As a teen writer that is just now starting to get back into writing this was very helpful. I used to write constant stories and fanfiction when I was 11-15 but now I do catch myself making excuses for not finishing projects that I really like because I want it to be perfect (well, maybe not perfect but at least pretty good), when really I need to stop overthinking and obsessively editing, and instead just write. 🙂

  5. This video is really so helpful to me. I am struggling to focus myself in writing because I felt like everything I wrote was not good enough. Everything you said just hit me right and now I am finally enlightened. So, thank you so much Alexa. I'm going to enjoy writing once again. Thank you.

  6. I'm so thankful for these videos. Even though my dream isn't necessarily to be a writer but to create comics. But in order for me to create comics ,I need to create scripts and these scripts are the backbone of the comic. I did wanted to be a writer in elementary but the more I view your videos, the more I think about becoming a writer and someone who create comics. But because of you and many other people who give writing advice. I have written 100 pages for a comic script and my dedication also grew so I'm proud of myself for keep writing even when I didn't want to. I hope to publish the first book of the comic this year. Although I have a discarded comic script from a different story that has almost 200 pages..maybe I'll rewrite it.

  7. I´m 15 and I´ve written 2 novels now, working on the 3rd one. I feel like a baby here. Hello everyone 🙂

  8. I feel really lucky as a young adult, having gotten in to writing as a teen, that I was able to go through the "I am the best writer literally ever!" phase when I was in middle school. But holy crap I remember how garbage it made me feel when the people I looked up to criticized my work like I was supposed to be writing the next New York Times best seller. Knowing how much that hurt me as a teen, I just hope I can use those experiences for my benefit. I think it is the responsibility of authortubers and writing mentors to take in to mind the influence we can have on the young and/or amateur writers we come in to contact with. Because the things we say and do can impact a new or young writer to become disheartened and give up on writing completely. And honestly, I don't think it is 100% about how good you are or successful you are as a writer, if you have influence over any writer, it is important to remember how your well-intended critique can come off and impact the person on the receiving end.

  9. I'm only 15 atm and I really wanna improve my writing due to love of story telling from a young age THE POINT THAT THE BOOKS YOU READ IN SCHOOL CAN KILL YOUR LOVE FOR WRITING/READING IS SO TRUE IT HURTS

  10. I’m 17 and I always get compliments and good feedback about my writing. They say I’m very descriptive and I have interesting storylines but I know that I can and will do better. I write for fun, publishing would be nice but I’m not in a rush to do so. It’s definitely a dream, I’ve wanted to have a published book since I was seven years old so that is definitely a goal that I’ll move towards as I grow up and learn. I’m excited for critiques so I can grow. Until then I will continue to watch videos like yours which tell me “how it is” and seek out what I believe makes a good writer (ex: wide vocabulary, varying sentence structure, ect). 😁💕 Thank you for your videos!

  11. This was really helpful. As a teen, I admit I was subconsciously acting like it was exactly a race. But it isn't. It just takes time and I'm also far too critical of myself, which I definitely think hurt me artistically.

  12. When I first got deeply into writing my first work was a whole damn book lol I even tried publishing it and everything

  13. I have a great mind when it comes to imagination but when I decide to sit down and try writing it all goes out the window. I started writing freshman year of high school and had a somewhat solid story. Not sure what happened that I never finished it but I haven't been able to sit down and write a story I feel or am excited about. Usually I have no idea what I should or want to write.

  14. I am a teen writer (an older one), but I have been writing forever. I wrote my first "novel" in fifth grade, I wrote multiple fanfics in middle school and early high school, and a full length novel my sophomore year. I'm now doing a complete rewrite of that novel, and I think I've gotten that volume game in, but I don't know

  15. Hi! I recently turned twelve, and I’ve been writing since… before I could write. My dad would write and I told the stories. They were all Pokémon fanfictions. Anyways, I want actual writing critique and I don’t know where to get it. If I ask my friends, who are all preteen boys, they’ll just say it’s complete shit. If I ask my parents, they’ll both say “OH MY GOD I LOVE IT” And then will show it to quite literally ALL THEIR FRIENDS- which makes me very, very, very nervous. My writing teacher is quite obviously afraid to give any advice that might offend me, so only gives the basic advice that I’m already working on. I’d go to the internet, but I don’t feel like I’d actually get anyone’s help. So, really? What should I do?

  16. Alexa, can you make a video on how and where to find beta readers and critique partners? Like getting a tumblr, how to get started etc.

  17. I've been trying to write novels since I was twelve and now, at twenty, I think I finally have the mindset etc. to see the current project through to the end. All my early novels are unfinished, unstructured disasters but I could never have gotten to where I am now without writing them. I learned a tremendous amount about storytelling and prose by writing them, and I also learned how to truly touch-type (which sounds like a small thing but is a skill I've gotten a lot of mileage out of).
    Also I think turning twenty was almost a relief, because when I was a teenager, especially a young teenager, I was a little obsessed with the idea of being a Published Teenage Author(tm) and now that I'm not a teenager anymore it's very easy to let that go and ease some of the self-inflicted pressure.
    Edit: I have known for a long time that my work needs improvement. When I was 13 my teacher didn't give me any feedback on a short story I'd written because it was the best in the class by a substantial margin and I was incredibly disappointed because I knew it could be better, and I wanted to improve, but how could I do that if I didn't get feedback?

  18. I've been writing since I was 11/12-ish, both fanfiction and my own work. Now (I'm 18 turning 19) I've had around a year where I haven't really written as much because I've been depressed and overwhelmed with school and work, and I've really noticed it on my work. I was mindblown when I had to write a kissing scene earlier because it was so long since I had done it I had no idea how to write it.

    But what I have done is I've looked at my writing from when I was 11/12, and seen how much I've grown as a writer. Even though I've had a one-year setback, I know I can get better as long as I make sure to write as much as possible, as I did for all those years between 11 and 17.

  19. "Writing is a muscle that you have to work and exercise a lot before you get good at it." THAT is SO SO important to understand on a real and deeper level, but it's true, and you WILL get good if you "just write" and the moment you realize you're getting good…. Wow. Goosebumps! 🙂

  20. I’m 15 right now and I write since I was 9. I used to post my writing online, but my small following (like, 1k? Only less than 50 of them actually read what I posted though) was too much pressure on me. I wasn’t writing for myself anymore and it got boring. Now I’m trying to get back to writing for fun after about a year that I almost didn’t write. Does anyone here have any tips on how to make writing fun again and how to know what you want to write?
    (English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if I made any mistakes!!!)

  21. Your advice always hits the nail, and I always feel less alone afterwards so thank you yet again, Alexa!

  22. I'm not a teen writer, but I feel I'm somewhere at the 70-80% point here. I've done a lot of wandering and not realizing that I should take writing as a serious thing in of itself. I've gone through the "putting in the words" phase, but for me that looks like a lot of unfinished fics. The piece I'm working on now is also an unfinished fic, but I feel like there's something different this time. I found the character arc to be the most useful craft advice, the one that clicked for me and allowed me to finally write the things I wanted. The sentence-level prose craft seems like a more advanced topic to me.

  23. I’m a teen writer and I know a lot of writers, which is great because I get amazing advice, but also sucks sometimes because I’m always getting told I should publish immediately. I was put off writing for a while because I didn’t want to get to the point where I could publish and then fail. This video totally helped me, as I’ve just started writing again, thanks so much for the advice and for the reminder that I don’t have to be a published prodigy but rather just have fun

  24. I wrote a self insert when I was twelve, and now when I got back and read it I want to go back and slap twelve year old me. The character is just as, loud mouthed, pretentious and book snobbish as I was. It's a wonder I had any friends at all!

  25. What places/sites would you recommend getting feedback from people online? (Everyone can answer if you know of something, I need the best critical feedback I can get!)

  26. I self published my first novel at 15 (I'm 17 now and on book 3). It took 3 years to write and edit (before that I wrote poems and short stories) and I had it professionally edited and beta read too. Although I still get brilliant feedback on it, I still look at it now and cringe a little, but I quite like that. I find the fact I hate parts show I've improved, and I enjoy letting my readers see me improve too. But I do wish my mum would give me proper feedback beyond "It's really good" haha

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