Advice for First-Time NaNoWriMo Writers

Okay, we’ll start over. Okay what’s your name? My name is Rebecca. My name is Timothy Kim. My name is Tavia Steuart. I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo since 2002 In 2009 In high school I first did NaNoWriMo in 1999, which was 178 years ago. I would tell myself to plan a bit more than I did. Don’t just write your novel in a word doc. Go to the site everyday, if not multiple times a day to update your word count. I didn’t reach 50,000 words that year. And I would have if I just would’ve updated my word count To not watch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with breakfast, and to just start writing instead Find somebody to hold me accountable. Go with the flow of writing and to not get super bogged down in not knowing what was next Coming up with excuses for not writing your novel while a great way to flex my imagination is not a great way actually finish a novel. Also I didn’t know the power of wearing
a viking helmet or any, any head gear while writing. Trust the process. especially around week two when that
whole draft starts to seem like a giant pile of crap that makes no sense
whatsoever you can’t tell Chris Baty I said this but no
plot actually is a problem if you just keep writing the human
imagination has an amazing ability to make something that feels like an
impossible mess start to feel reasonably coherent and intentional I tired to write some esoteric, post-modern Uhm, when the going gets tough, just keep writing. It’ll all make sense in the end story about planets who are personified sort of. One thing I would tell a much younger first timer Sushi is, you finally found a place to be yourself. Welcome home.

9 thoughts on “Advice for First-Time NaNoWriMo Writers

  1. This year it'll be my first NaNo. I'm excited, nervous and can hardly wait all at the same time. (Not doing Camp Nano specifically cause I already got a novel I'm trying to finish. I can't juggle two at once)

  2. Don't be afraid to switch your WIP if you hit a wall on Day 3! I traded the one I wanted to do (a satire) for the one that was calling to my inner writer and Succeeded!

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