Advanced Custom Fields Elementor (ACF) – Dynamic Content for Elementor

37 thoughts on “Advanced Custom Fields Elementor (ACF) – Dynamic Content for Elementor

  1. Increase your productivity using Elementor Pro and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) with this powerful plugin to boost your tools and create even more unique websites!

  2. I don't see the Dynamic Content on the left of Elementor in minute 90 ( Please tell me where is it? I'm using Elementor Pro version 2.5.8 and ACF Pro version 5.8. Tks!

  3. I was curious if you knew of a way to assign the background of a page based on link to an image stored somewhere like imgur? What I am trying to do is have a customized capture page with a background image of their business location. This image I want to be able to be uploaded somewhere like imgur so someone without access to the site back-end could add the picture. Preference would be to have the imgur URL for the image passed into the capture page via custom URL as I am already doing this to pass in information about the business I already have

  4. Great Tuts as always, is it possible to use all the potentials of this Plugin (DMfE) without purchasing it and work only with Elementor PRO?

  5. Please! More tut for this plugin! Please do a video about how to create a blog post slider or carousel! Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the video. I'm trying to achieve something. I have mostly radio options with ACF for a boat broker. I've made the template etc. I'm having trouble finding a way to display the results on the front end in a table format for the ACF with elementor. Any suggestions? The extra problem is that not every field will be required so the editor may not fill out a field and how to not leave a gap when using dynamic ACF on the front end. I'm getting in deep here. thanks.

  7. I think your videos are really helpfull for alot of people. I have one suggestion to improve them: At the beginning make a small section where you show what the viewer will learn in this tutorial, because newbies just don't know, what hides behind terms like ACF or dynamic content. It helps the viewer in deciding if the video will actually help them to solve their problem.

  8. This looks like a good plugin it seems to add to ACF and make things easier. I'm looking to use this with a large website for a radio show. Will it be similar if there is already say 400 posts to work with? Thanks

  9. Once again PaulC, amazing video and very timely as I am currently working on a project that needs this. I ran into an issue adding a dynamic video on my template, do you have any tips on how I can go about it? I'm also interested in the google maps integration. Secondly, you mentioned you will be doing a training series on Custom Types plug-ins, any date on when this will be available?

  10. How is using ACF with Dynamic Content for Elementor different than using ACF with CPT UI or Pods? Isn't dynamic content included with both of them?
    Thank for the videos!

  11. I tried inserting an ACF image field to my single template, nothing comes up when I assign dynamic content from the post. Is this a bug, not supported or am I doing something wrong?

  12. Hi Paul.. great video and I think it's a great plugin with many uses such as a directory but how can I create search options based on the custom fields so that it acts as a directory? Thanks

  13. I enjoy watching these videos of yours. Just bought both of these plugins last week but haven't had a chance to try them out yet.

  14. It's a decent plugin but I've now removed it, galleries and sliders can be created with woocommerce product galleries without this plugin with elementor pro as can the acf fields. Another reason was despite only selecting only a couple of the widgets the plugin still loaded all of them to my pages according to gtmetrix. Finally it did weird things to my awesome support plugin in the front end when users went to view their tickets. After an initially quick response from support there was then nothing and despite numerous updates since the issue has not been resolved and I've had no further communication bar an automated response to my chasing.

  15. Great video and a great tool. I wonder if this is going to compete with Anywhere Elementor Pro which I've been using for quite a while. So far I didn't see any plugin that offers the blocks option that AEP does. Thanks.

  16. Finally someone covers that. Now it's time for zemez JetEngine..:)
    One question tho, is there a way to show a field/text/widget/section based on an act field? Like: when field 1 yes – show the headline?

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