Advanced Accordions & Tabs in Visual Composer for WordPress

18 thoughts on “Advanced Accordions & Tabs in Visual Composer for WordPress

  1. I uploaded multiple youtube videos on separate accordion tabs and can only get the first video to work.  How can I get the other  youtube attachments to work?

  2. How do you have a tab show content from another page and/or go to that other page in a new window? Thank you.

  3. How did you get the tabs to be styled like that where it has the highlight color on the top area upon hover/selection?

  4. Hi! I am using the uncode theme with the visual composer. I am not sure why but, I don't have the option for adding a section id in my section settings. Is there anyway to get around this?

  5. Hi WPTuts! I ended up here, looking for a way to add multiple pages to a single tab. So, if i have 10 audioclips in a tab and at the bottom i can press "next", getting to "page2" getting 10 new clips e.g.. Is this possible?

  6. I have a simple question. Is it possible to make accordions with drop-downs that are more than just passive,, as in can it offer the ability to the user (i.e. the site visitor) to upload information or images, or do an online transaction etc? Are there any accordion menus that allow you to do this?

  7. Great and clear tutorial, however it doesn't work for me. It keeps opening the very first tab. ID's are unique and linked like in the video. Visual Composer 5.0 on WordPress 4.7
    Any idea why this isn't working for me?

  8. How can one add a custom color to an accordion eg I tried changing using css on my tempalte by using the code below

    .vc_tta-color-vista-blue.vc_tta-style-classic .vc_tta-panel .vc_tta-panel-heading {
    border-color: #69d294;
    background-color: #0d5b2c;

    But it still reverts to VC's dafault vista blue color .

  9. Hi! I was faced with a vexing problem. The link to the accordion's ID section only works when moving from another page. If you have a single page website, then the link click just move you to the location of the accordion section, but it will not reveal its contents. This is a serious bug because of now a lot of single page websites

  10. Without doubt one of the clearest and well thought out series of tutorials I have ever had the pleasure of using. Superb work.

  11. Absolutely brilliant! I thought I knew all I needed to know about accordions. I was wrong. That's what I really like about your videos. Little nuggets of information that are invaluable. Linking to sections of an accordion opens up a bunch of possibilities for me. Thank you.

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