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hey guys it's me Jamie back with another video so today I'm doing a video that I'm super excited about and that is a book recommendations video and it is adult books that I think are really good to start with so these recommendations I've chosen specifically for people who predominantly read y-a and I do also just want to say that like I'm not saying that you shouldn't be reading why a because obviously I read way all the time like I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I expand that my reading has become so much more enjoyable when I read a really really wide variety rather than reading one genre or like one range of books and there are so many fantastic adult books out there that I feel like getting overlooked so yeah I just wanted to do recommendations first some of my personal favorites also I'm so super happy to announce that this video has been sponsored by Skillshare so basically Skillshare is an online learning platform that has thousands and thousands of classes from anything from fine arts photography film production creative writing all that sort of stuff all made by professionals in their field it's a super affordable opportunity to learn all these new skills that maybe aren't so easily accessible in college or in classes in the outside world a class that I'm personally really loving at the moment I had just finished doing it but it is a class by Saba – here it is creative writing creating fictional characters I've had such a great time doing that one because creative writing is always and something that really interested me but something I've been quite scared of and something that I never thought that I could accomplish but I've just finished those classes now and I'm like all ready to write my first novel okay I and it's been such a great time I think it's totally worthwhile checking out and I do have a link down below in the description bar and in the comments where you can get a two month free trial for a premium membership which gives you access to every single class on the website it is limited to the first 200 people who click the link but I would like Sarge we really recommend checking out and check out the creative writing class if there's something you're interested in so again just a massive thank you to Scotia for sponsoring this video and without further ado let's get into the recommendations so I did really have to think about my first recommendation because I wanted to recommend a thriller but I don't want to recommend – too many thrill is I've just decided on but that is you by Carolyn Kipnis this is a book that I read earlier this year and I absolutely fell in love thrillers are great for someone who is a little bit scared of adult books because they are so easy to read and so fast paced and they're definitely very plot heavy of a character heavy which i find is just makes for a really easy and fast read so this book you might have heard of before because it was turned into a Netflix show this year but it's such such a good book as well like I would totally recommend picking this one up even if you have seen the show already so it is about a girl who is being stalked by this guy who it happens to be the narrator of this book so it's being told through the perspective of the stalker which Gibbs are really interesting and creepy perspective it's so enjoyable like I find it almost even scarier reading from his perspective and seeing how I messed up his mind is so basically we just kind of dive into his obsession with this girl which is it's also really great because the girl that he's obsessed with the girl he's stalking is like such an awful person as well and we know that but because he's an unreliable narrator you kind of see like his point of view and you're just like you're so wrong like why you wasting your time but also like you also feel really sorry for her it's just so crazy and I totally recommend it I also love it because it features one of my favorite tropes which is just about likes spoil New York rich kids this is like Gossip Girl alternate universe I'm into it I'm so into it but yeah I totally recommend this to someone it's a really good adult book to start with and absolutely adore the next book I'm gonna talk about is a book that I read in high school and that is the beach by Alex Garland no I believe this is a modern classic but it's just so good like don't let the word classics scare you off so it is about a guy who is on his own and he is currently in Thailand and then in his hostel he finds a map that leads to a secret beach and he's like wow this is crazy I'm gonna go like see if I can find it so he decides to follow the map and try and find this secret island and he does he finds this secluded beach that has kind of like a community of people who have kind of abandoned civilization and have been cut off from the world and he joins them and it's just like really messed up he like makes these friends he makes some enemies he also kind of gets like tormented by like his own mind and it's just really good it's just so readable it's such an easy read like I read it when I was like 15 and I was like this is my new favorite book it's just like really scary and it talks about their like scariest side of the human mind and just of like humans without civilization as well the ensemble cast of characters is so amazing it has like a trope of unrequited love that's like not reciprocated which I always love because I hate romance and I like it when it's realistic and it's like hey like sometimes you just like people that don't like you back it's yeah it's just such a really good time and I totally recommend it it's super thrilling as well and just pick it up just trust me there is also a movie but like don't watch the movie because the movie is so bad and like completely veers off like some of the major plot points in the book so don't watch the movie just read this book it's amazing the next book I am going to talk about is one that I've mentioned on my channel so many times but I just feel like it would be wrong to not mention it in an adult book for recommendation but it is actually a fantasy and it is never night by jay kristoff i totally think this is gonna be good for why i readers because it is about a teenage girl but they are very adult themes and then and i kind of age her up in my head to be honest when i read it but she is still like a young woman and she has lost her family and so she goes off and she tries to become an assassin so she can avenge them eventually in her life that's like her plan it's such a good first book to a series and it has also another one of my favorite tropes which is a girl like going to an academy to like train and something that isn't necessarily like something that we get in like everyday life so she goes to be an assassin and an acolyte of the red church and it's just so good like I don't even know how to talk about it and do it justice like Jay Christoph's writing style is so amazing it's so witty it's so funny the world-building is incredible yes I have heard some people say that it's quite a slow start I think it's so worth it however like getting through that slow start to get to all the action like one foot into the book or even like one quarter into the book it's just so good characters are amazing all the plot twists are amazing I just absolutely adore it and I feel like people need to pick this up also I feel like I'm kind of preaching to the wrong audience here because I feel like a lot of people have picked it up ready but if you haven't this is me telling you to do it like ASAP okay thanks yes you have a night so good pre-order dark dawn in September cool the NYX book okay yeah I really tried to squeeze this one in here I don't think it would be a Leo reads a video without this book but it's the secret story by Donna Tartt okay hear me out hear me out I think this one is really really good for wire readers because it is a campus novel it's set in college and it is also like ensemble cast like it's a group of friends so basically it is about a boy named Richard he goes to this new college and he kind of becomes enamored with this small elite group of people that take at the classics class and the teacher of the questions class is about wacky and he doesn't want more than like five students in his class and so Richard is like damn like it's my goal to like get into that class and he does because he has a basic knowledge of Greek and classics before he like goes to the college and he kind of gets swept up into their world stuff starts going wrong there is murder there is lust there is inebriated like it's just everything like it's it's just so good it is a modern classic and it is quite chunky and quite dense like the writing is a very very lyrical and flowery which might turn some people off but when you get to the blanket bits that are really fast paced and really action-packed is so good I also just find like I love books like six of crows and like books like this where it has like such a massive like ensemble like group and I like this little tight-knit group I love stuff like that I just love it so much I think it's a really really good place to start with adult books and especially with modern classics and I know some people disagree with me but like I said it just wouldn't be earlier reads video without this in here so everyone read this book thanks and the last book I'm gonna talk about is another personal favorite and that is big little lies of by Liane writing I would recommend Liane variety as an author to anyone who has never picked up an adult book before just because her writing is so funny and it's so easy to read and it's just it's just so good but I thought that big little lies would be a good one to mention because it's the one that's probably the most popular there is a really TV show out about it and it is maybe her like most ripping read even if it's not my personal favorite but I still like love it as well like just because it's not my favorite of hers doesn't mean it's not like one of my favorite books so basically it is about a group of mums of like Prime of the primary school kids and like a small beach town in Australia and they basically get swept up in all this drama and all their like lives and everything and like their feuds with each other like it's just so funny like the concept it's just so hilarious to me and it's amazing and it kind of makes me want to be like a stay-at-home mum even though that's like not the life I've chosen for myself this made me want like that life all the action is just like so wild like everything that goes down is incredible and it just is such a fast and like addicting read I think this is just such a great one to start with because of how like addicting it is and how fast pace it is and yeah the characters are hilarious and once you've read this go and watch the TV show because both are just like works of art and also this doesn't sound like you have obtained or if you've already read it just pick up another land Mariah T book because like honestly I haven't read one yet that is bad like I think I've read every single one of her books except for one and all the ones I've read have been a good time so like oh I pick up this book it's amazing I hope you love it yes so those are all the books that I wanted to talk to you about today I hope that you have found some ones that you're kind of interested in I know there weren't that many but I just did want to make this quite a short little video and maybe I'll do like a part two later on if you guys like it also let me know if you've read these books and if you don't like them if you like them that's cool let's have a discussion about it but yeah again thank you so much for watching guys and I hope to see you in another video bye

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  1. This is random, but having ocd and seeing those pictures perfectly lined up in the background and a tidy bookshelf is very satisfying. Lol

  2. this video is such a great idea!! it’s so helpful to me because I’ve been wanting to expand more into adult books. The Beach sounds so intriguing, I’ll definitely try to give it a go!💗💗

  3. if you didn't mention nevernight i would've had to fly all the way to your house and force you to make an apology video to jay kristoff and the booktube community

  4. A lot of the books you're mentioning are exactly the same sorts of books that got me into adult fiction for the first time! Big Little Lies was probably the first book to make me seriously consider branching out from YA for more than just an odd book here and there. Now, I feel like I split my time pretty 50/50 between adult and YA.

  5. Beacuse of you read the serect history and! Fall in love!!! And agree with the list sooooo much i had some of those and i agree 100% with you. amazing video💜🧡

  6. I’ve noticed that The Secret History is definitely for specific people, people who are deep thinkers and analytical, at least somewhat interested in mythology, and the depths of the human psyche, so whether you read mostly YA or adult doesn’t really matter. I came from reading mostly YA fantasy but The Secret History is soooo up my alley that I was completely enchanted by it and still am 😊 a book that really makes you think and makes you question! ✨

  7. right now i am outside your house holding a sign saying "gone girl deserves rights" but also ily and i am going to borrow the beach from you xoxoxooxox

  8. It's so funny that you said that "YOU" is "Gossip Girl" in an AU, because I said that Joe would've been an adult Dan if Dan had never met Serena 😂😂😂 and the irony that Penn Badgely played both.

  9. I recently read The Secret History and it was honestly such an interesting and unsettling book. It was so unpredictable but the writing was so fantastic and was what really made me love this book!

  10. I'm so sad I didn't read the book first because the movie's are usually always such a dissapointment compared to the books… shit 😅

  11. OMG!! I've watched The Beach and loved it but didn't know it was a book first, yayyy I can't wait to pick it up!

  12. i’m planning on buying nevernight soon especially after seeing piera fordes behind the scenes things for the series she’s making!! tbh im shocked tjrs books weren’t mentioned 😭😂💖

  13. All of these have been on my radar or I’ve already read! I’ve even purchased Nevernight but I haven’t started it yet. I read The Secret History because of you and wOW it was wild haha

  14. Aaah your videos make me really happy! Enjoyed the weekend reading vlog + this video a whoooole lot! And your recommendations are always such good ones, I've bought lots of books bc of you lmao love you <3

  15. literally all of these books were on my want-to-read-list already 😂 but now i want to read them even more, so

  16. just started reading big little lies! got nevernight out from my library in the hopes i could read it during a readathon but if it's a slow start i might put it off for a bit, or does it speed up a lot after that??

  17. Yessssss 🙌🏻 Amazing adult books get overlooked so often. Very very happy you did this video! ☺️🙌🏻 The Beach has been on my TBR since you mentioned it in a previous video.

  18. you: "The next book i'm going to talk about is one that i've mentioned on my channel so many times and it would be wrong if i don't mention it…"

    me: "It's The Secret History."

    you: "…Nevernight"

    me: shocked

    you: "The next book is The Secret History"


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