adidas: How to Create a Seamless Content Strategy | YouTube Advertisers

Tom: Even kind of identifying digital and
going "How important is that?" It's everything to us. It starts with digital. It starts with the experience that you're
designing for your brand across every single touch point. Rob: So if we look at 2010 to 2014, our ambitions
have changed, absolutely, in regards to social and digital. Our ecosystem is huge now. Tom: How to use that platform in a much efficient
way, a much more engaging way rather than let's say traditional, dare I say, or the
models of two years ago where you just have a picture or a video and you post it on whatever
content and hope that it just somehow dissipates. Versus actually now, looking at how do we
create content which is designed specifically for the platform that it's going on and to
the right audience. Rob: I think the first thing that we changed
is that we hired dedicated resource for our platform. We trained our internal community manager
to make sure that he's very well aware of how the platform works. The ins and outs, the analytics behind the
platform, how to annotate a videos, how to tag videos. The finer details of the platforms. We need to have a look at how the YouTube
is doing in Brazil. We also have a fully functional creative resource
covering us from video content production, editing, 2D content production, to make sure
that we're in the moment, creating content, producing content and executing with excellence. In addition, I'd say a key part of how we've
evolved is producing episodic content. Looking past "Here's a one-off video and then
we'll see you in six weeks." It's more now about storytelling on the platform,
how videos link to each other and how they drive from one to another.

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