ADDICTED – Lew da poet

why why after birth all the temptations come forth what can justify the vulnerability of the youth some of us are prostitutes some of us claim to be holy while addicted to pornography some straight to the north some rise to the South but all come across their own psychopath what's happening with this earth well I I'm just an addict you see it wasn't by choice tell me how do you endure the pain of being molested don't get a twist that not even alcohol got me distracted and so as I accelerated the inner peace I wanted grace but peer pressure got me preoccupied with man drags the tower become a disgrace yes the memories that cost me paying along an anime that who smoked cocaine and remained collected by the time I gave up that drugs were already circulated I thought I was Superman when I saw myself flying until the doctor said I had Lucy nade I told the doctor now I feel irritated he said your body quickly absorbed the cocaine from the bloodstream it entered your brain and spreading chemicals that cost you seeing objects in vain and take heart very soon you'll be in pain this is natural once you're intoxicated that's why even now you feel irritated that's how I got addicted I thought I had his face raped until I was sedated instead of abusing the innocent for consolation I sell cigarettes to abstain from starvation because mama always prayed I never come to be a mendicant my classmates are in the midst of sophistication all of them are pleasing their dreams as I please my addiction I was helping a lawyer in her Austin Martin when the Santa fine perfume grabbed my attention it was Martin just imagine no solution for me rehab was never faithful to please my addiction my only home is the ghetto when I enjoy it like I'm on vacation no progress for me who was addicted and had progression no job for me who would employ a passion of addiction no woman following me I got no direction come come rescue me I am dying of condemnation grab my hand and take me to the shore I know nothing about relaxation love me I need a rejuvenation of this reaction bathe me with your hands and apply my skin with lotion in the streets the only scent I knew was pollution close my eyes and say grace I want to see you with my imagination broke my cheeks with the palm of your hand until I cry I've never had this emotion tell me it's a case I'm arresting my heart from old devastation don't judge me I'm just an absorption of my addiction you see I also want to be like you but to me that's just a vision I'm addicted

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