Adam Savage Interviews 'The Martian' Author Andy Weir – The Talking Room

48 thoughts on “Adam Savage Interviews 'The Martian' Author Andy Weir – The Talking Room

  1. Love the entire film, a great story. I found it fascinating that Andy Weir is afraid of flying. But wow, his imagination and story telling were no holds barred. That he could write about life challenging space work, but not actually fly in a plane himself was surprising. Maybe he can go in the space similuators at NASA and do the weightlless experience and have some fun with no fear. LOVED THIS STORY MR. WEIR.

  2. symbol "Delta" represents "Change in," thus Delta v is change in (v)elocity, Delta t represents change in (t)ime. etc.

  3. While I really like the movie, it is always hard to convert a book to a digital visual format. However, I have listened to the audio book on no less the 5 occasions, and it is so fantastic, I often find myself in a state of bewilderment at the mental images that it forms in my mind. It is so good, thinking about it now makes me want to watch the movie and relisten to the audio book.

  4. Mars is going into my library just because of this intervier! Loved the movie & can't wait to get the book! Thank you!

  5. Once "you're there" you THEN have to slow down, which takes almost as much power and time. And there is a "G Forces" issue, too, I believe, so you can only slow down so fast. I haven't read the book, but I assume he took all of that into account.

  6. Some network needs to create "The Late Science Show with Adam Savage" to compete with all the other less intellectual late shows.

  7. And i say laying there 'Absolute Dark Knight'. Great choice, great taste, happy to see that too in the nerd dungeon, amidst all the science stuff.

  8. One thing the Soyuz programme is known for is not making the same mistake twice. After the failure of Soyuz 11, the response was basically: “OK, ditching the Sokol suit is not an option.”

  9. I read The Martian early in its release and thought about it again today, hence the search for Andy Weir and this video. What a great interview! Thanks to both of the participants.

  10. Loved The Martian audiobook, thoughthe movie was simplified far too much for the studio exectuives to understand. Hopefully they'll make a version someday Heinlein and Sagan would appreciate.

  11. Just finished the audiobook and loved it. Kept my eyes closed and my imagination open. Just finished the movie and I have to say that Matt Damion just did not do it justice. I would have preferred an unknown actor instead. I will listen to the audiobook again in the future.

  12. The sound team on 2001 likely mic'd the helmet without having to be told to do so. I worked location sound and myself and the other recordists I know would all have done that themselves, after checking with the art dept that it was okay. Kubrick was infamous in the industry for his epic level of micromanagement, so it's very possible he told them to mic the helmets, but I'm just saying that even if he hadn't, they probably would have done it anyway.

  13. if the room would heat at by making water, he could save power so it would work even better or am i wrong?

  14. Incredible. This might be the best interview I've ever seen. Andy Weir is my idol and hero :))
    I wanna point out though, that an orbit's eccentricity is defined as the difference between apoapsis and periapsis divided by their sum, and that a circular orbit has an eccentricity of 0, not of 1. e=1 is a parabolic trajectory (escape orbit).

  15. The Martian – The only book I've read again just right after the last page. Finally All science, Not fiction. -well maybe in 2057. but definitely (in my opinion) The Best Story Ever!!

  16. I love the book and I love the movie. I have two paper copies of the book and the google ebook version just because plus I have the movie on DVD AND I'm the admin on the Martian wikia which everyone should check out. Also Zhek's on the backburner and instead Artemis is coming out in November

  17. The Martian is why I subscribed to Audible. I was leant the book and had to have the audio book. I listen to it over and over again, I love it. Been a fan of Andy Weir since Casey and Andy, and he continues to entertain. Everyone read this book, it's great.

  18. I love that they address that they have 1 f bomb because it's pg13 and then a year later, it becomes the first pg13 movie with 2 f bombs

  19. "…while keeping it firmly rooted in scientific fact." lmao. 😂😂

    Like the fact that you cannot have a massive storm like that on Mars?! 😒

  20. I am soooo fascinated about the world again and again, how far things are, how big they are and how small that makes us. I can think whole day about it and cant stop being more and more fascinated.
    Even though its so small to reach the allll people on erath, but still its intresting to connect and help each other. You guys are welcome to visit my channel to see some yoga videos and practice yourself at home 🙂
    Hope to see you there.

  21. I would have expected Adam to know about delta-V. Capital Delta (the greek triangle symbol) always means "change in" and V with a vector arrow over it always means velocity. Thus "change in velocity." Not to be confused with the lower-case delta (like a bent spoon, handle up) which always means "density."

    Delta-Vee == change in velocity (i.e. from an orbital path to an escape path, climbing out of the gravity well, so to speak). Each change of path requires a burn (or an ionic thrust) to create delta-vee. Each burn takes fuel/reaction mass. Thus the limited resource of "delta-vee."

    Sorry, nerds are nit-picky.

  22. That was awesome and bloody interesting, and yes Adam, i'm "Binge Watching" Tested and your videos 🙂

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