Actors Read From The Outsiders Novel

41 thoughts on “Actors Read From The Outsiders Novel

  1. Started crying when I saw Patrick, for those of you who don’t know he died on September 14, 2009 from pancreatic cancer💗 I really miss him, started balling when he smiled

  2. I…am fucking dying inside this is so cute. I would listen to matt and Thomas for hourssss. its funny how its like if they put this in the story it would be the greasers reading pony's diary lmaooooo

  3. S.E. Hinton said she knew Matt Dillon was Dallas, cuz he had swagger . Despite the difference of appearance between the book and the movie , Francis Ford Coppola casted Matt Dillon the fastest cuz they knew they had their Dallas

  4. i don't know what C Tomas Howell sounds like when he reads, it sounds like he's the narrator for a really crappy show

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