Accordion Superpowers

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  1. Nice video! Very nice selection to illustrate how different parts of the world
    Growing up in Canada I was always surprised at people thinking the accordion was a silly instrument (typically illustrated in cartoons as an instrument that can't produce a nice sound or extremely limited in its capability). I have a Serbian background, so I grew up hearing the accordion (which is extremely popular in Eastern Europe). You briefly illustrated the Tarafs de Haidouks, but here's a piece I'd recommend:

  2. i wonder if anyone's tried mating an accordion with an air compressor? would be interesting perhaps – maybe time to bring the accordion into the 21st century?

  3. Thanks for including that clip of Adios Noninos! That version with the composer himself is my favorite recording of that piece. 😀

  4. If you want to hear more incredible music with the accordion and double-bass, check out some of the albums by virtuoso bassist/composer/arranger Renaud Garcia-Fons. Both in a large, orchestral ensemble setting and/or in an intimate trio/quartet setting, RG-F's imaginative use of the accordion, along w/ his 5-string contrabasse, is magnificent!

  5. Unfortunately what we associate the accordion with up here (Norway) is the kind of music played by for example Freddy Kristoffersen… and, you know, not a bad word about him, but it is the sort of style and "sound" of the accordion that people seem to hate the most

  6. I've been dreaming of owning a chromatic bass piano accordian. Too bad they've become almost as expensive as a flagship upright piano…

  7. No, I definitely don't have any accordion prejudice since there is a notable number of famous accordion musicians in my record collection and I like them all. However sometimes I asked myself why are they so extremely different if I just mention Richard Galliano and Kimmo Pohjonen for example. This video gave me the answer. Thank you!

  8. Folk Metal is special anyway, they use selfmade instruments in some cases, and the pipebag aswell is very common there.

  9. Great lesson! Here in Brazil, beyond Forró we have a lot of different accordion styles you may like to listen – "música gaúcha", for example. I have composed a piece for accordion and electronics that I play by myself

  10. Just sharing this in defense of Scotland's accordion tradition! :

  11. I love the accordion. The bagpipes too, for that matter–another unpopular instrument. They're so rich and melodious.

  12. The slightly detuned second read is intentional and is a characteristic part of the musette sound. Maybe it sounds bad to you, but this is highly subjective. The sound has been beloved by many and embraced by cultures throughout the world over the last 200 years. As others in the comments have noted it sounds like certain synth effects.

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