Acclaimed Author Marlon James on Novels as Political Statements

American realism tends to be very white it tends to be in areas where issues of identity and so on never ever come up and it's a it ends up being ultimately in some ways the most false kind of fiction I think you don't have to write polemics because those are also problematic and I think it's usually bad art but I think a writer can ignore the world outside his window and and that in some ways that it does happen I think any it's to write a novel is to be political I think to ray you know unpack that a little bit so how is it meaning that I think you can if you're looking at the world and making any sort of statement about the world whether you like it or not it's political and I'm not quite sure what a writer who's not a political writer writes about I mean I don't go around saying you know everything I write is politics I mean I just wrote a sci-fi novel well a fantasy novel and you set your work in a variety of historical periods even before this new book all of them have been historical in in one way or another but I I think a novelist is also concerned with how people live with each other and how humans live either humans treat each other and I think in that way politics become something because if it's not the absence of it becomes a political statement it's like when writers talk about they don't write about race in their book so Mike here but then that's a statement about race in your book right it's um I don't think you can escape it it's without without becoming again a sort of polemical it's if you're gonna read fiction that's part of the world and aware of the world and you you just end up being aware of politics I think

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