hello dear learners welcome in the third week of our course and we are excited to share that more than 5000 levels new creativity webinar and more than 2,000 views all the videos completely and dedicate their weekly assignment waist and sports seventy-five percent on average could be one and it even person could be two points so far so dear learners spare the time for the video lectures and submit the quiz and do not worry about the last date the last date of submission is October last so now we are releasing the country of third week of our course for that we thank you and this week will present three modules or planning this one so like a result is the most discussed and burning topic of academic and research so you must be aware of it fully so we will present the total of nine parts in three volume what do you seven like it ISM the introduction of paganism on you eight tools for the detection of paganism and third module of this week next we're not we are coming up on the coming Sunday would be M so don't forget to stick you on coming Sunday 4:00 p.m. and happy learning other

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