About the Writers' Trust of Canada

the Reuters trust is an organization that has for a number of years in Canada helped writers it's an organization that supports writers with programs and awards these are important prizes because they don't just go to good books but they go to supporting writers at important stages in their lives writing in Canada is not a very lucrative business even if you're very successful even if you're a best-selling off there it doesn't mean you're necessarily going to be able to live it's very hard to pin down exactly what alone the trust does but it's it's a sheer a big friend for writers it was incredibly satisfying and gratifying artistically to be recognized by my peers it was after they both won the Rogers writers trust fiction prize it went onto to sort of find a strong place in the hearts and minds of readers can you ask me something funny what is your favorite animal fashioned so that's a sausage dog in case you're wondering I guess my favorite animal is the sloth the donkey I love the donkey for its plaintiff well what is the role of arts philanthropy in Canada and different people and/or companies should be supporting the writers trust Oh God yes this is a key question I'm really glad you asked that yes without supports from groups such as that the writers trust Canadian writers and other artists wouldn't be able to bring their products to market the role of the supporters of the Arts is to allow the artists to grow and develop and to make work the art is ultimately as a gift and how do you quantify the value of a gift gift inherently is something given for nothing and yet this is the writer has to has to live a country without a rich culture is a very bleak place you

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