AbeBooks: Long Live the Book

16 thoughts on “AbeBooks: Long Live the Book

  1. I'm a bibliophile. When I see something like this on any social media, a silent slogan appears from beneath of my reticent heart: LONG LIVE! LONG LIVE! LOVE FOR BOOKS YOU SHOULD CONCEIVE!

  2. Perhaps I'm old fashioned, in today's world's point of view. But I just can't live without books – physical ones.
    Love your videos. Big love for our Books.

  3. A little worried about the person with her cookbook propped on her stove while cooking. Did she survive?

  4. I have read everyday for the past 41 years. I cherish books. I collect them. I donate them. I share them with friends. I give them away to people I think need them. Books are one of the core elements of who I am.

  5. We need to get this out there. I'm sure that if everyone in the world read, we'd be a least a bit more peaceful haha

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