A$AP Ferg on The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Suicidal Thoughts” | VERSES

(phone dialing) – One song, one whole verse. Bars. No hook. Puff on the ad-libs tryin’ to
talk Biggie outta the suicide. Crazy. Movie. Cinematic. ♫ Aw shit, what the fuck is goin’ on? ♫ You a’ight? Openin’ line, ♫ Nigga, what the fuck is wrong with you? ♫ When I die fuck it, I wanna go to hell ♫ ‘Cause I’m a piece of shit ♫ It ain’t hard to fuckin’ tell He said, “It don’t make sense, “goin’ to heaven with the
goodie-goodies dressed in white “I like black Timbs and black hoodies” Man, I was dressed in all black. Everyday, like a goth. I was dark. It just represents that dark, gray cloud that’s over your head. (“Suicidal Thoughts” by
The Notorious B.I.G.) He said, “God’ll prob’ly have
me on some real strict shit “No sleepin’ all day, no more gettin’ my” I just wanted to sleep all day
’cause I ain’t wanna wake up. I ain’t wanna wake up to see tomorrow. “Hanging with the goodies-goodies,
loungin’ in paradise “Fuck that shit, I wanna
tote guns and shoot dice.” Yeah, he talk about stealing
outta his mom’s purse. You know, his mom’s had to hear that. And that’s probably things
he’d never share with her, but he shared it with the world. So it showed Biggie being vulnerable. You know what I’m sayin? He
once wanted to off himself, or not be here. Just not exist. To see that someone overcame that and he was successful, he was big. I kinda think that helped
me through my down times. Therapy, is what it was. ♫ Crime after crime,
from drugs to extortion ♫ I know my mother wish
she got a fuckin’ abortion Had a motherfuckin’ abortion. That was wild. Biggie always got those
lines where I would be like, “Man, he’s very brave for saying that.” Yeah, that goes back to him
wishin’ he just never existed. Why I gotta go through these hardships? Man, why can’t life just
be a little more easier? ♫ Should I die on the train
track like Ramo in Beat Street “People at my funeral
frontin’ like they miss me.” ♫ My baby mama kiss me
but she glad I’m gone ♫ She know me and her sister
had somethin’ goin’ on Makin’ sure you put your
charisma in your music so people can know your character,
he’s not a hollow artist. You kinda get a vibe from him already. You would wanna hang out with this guy because he could talk to
you about somethin’ serious, a serious problem he goin’ through, but also give you the
brighter side of things that make you just feel all good. Man, you alright man,
I’ll hang out with you. I try to do that with my own music. Like when you hear songs like, “Shabba” where I be like, “Short
nigga but my dick tall.” I’m really short. That might
of been somethin’ that I was once insecure about growin’ up. Seeing taller guys gettin’ all the girls. Once I start hittin’ these chicks from the side or from
the back and all of that, they gettin’ attached to the kid. That was when I was like, alright
man, I got the confidence. I might be short but
I’m handsome, I’m giggy. You know what I’m sayin?
And my papa blessed me.

100 thoughts on “A$AP Ferg on The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Suicidal Thoughts” | VERSES

  1. Hell yeah man I used to bump this album all time. Suicidal Thoughts was one of my favorite rap songs of all time. My favorite song by Biggie is Going Back to Cali.

  2. And that’s why ppl say that 2pac is trash cuz he didn’t express him self like dis soo B.I.G is better then 2pac

  3. I'm waiting on someone to do STYLES P "GANGSTA AND A GENTLEMAN" song. That song is way way way underrated!!!! But salute to Ferg for this epic chose.

  4. "when I die, fuck it I wanna go to hell, Cause I'm a piece of shit. It ain't hard to fucking tell. It don't makes going to heaven with the goodie goodies dressed in white. I like black timbs and black hoodies." those lyrics really hit me whenever I'm depressed and suicidal.

  5. "Its sorta like what the crack did to pookie in new jack/ except when i cross over aint no coming back/ should i die on the train tracks like ramos in beat street/ppl at my funeral frontin like the miss me"🔥🔥🔥

  6. I remember hearing this when my life was shit. I grew up shit. Went through shit. Took a shit then shitted on everything . 💩

  7. I will never forget the first time I heard Suicidal Thoughts. The last bar got me the most “I’m sick of niggaz lying, I’m sick of bitches hawkin, matter fact, I’m sick of talking” BAM.

  8. Literally my favorite song of all time spoke to me I’m def getting one line tatted on me cause I mean it’s almost as if this guy went through THE exact thing I went through and that hits home nobody understand that shit till this day

    Thing IS…. If there is an afterlife… Whether it be a "Soul" or your "Consciousness" is he now where he wanted to be? Is he at peace in the afterlife??
    And if there isn't an afterlife, then was it all for nothing? Was it?

  10. I always thought it was “God would probably have me on some real “strict” shit”, not “slick shit”.

  11. Biggie was the best rapper to this day…. His lyrics this flow and the way he understood the way of life he lived and the repercussions of it. He knew he was gonna die and embraced it.

  12. He ain’t here. He ain’t brave he needed help. But ninjas that need help I.e. medication for mental health want he he crying for help

  13. I like how Ferg is like really analyzing the song line for line and you just know that he has some much respect for biggie

  14. I dig what Ferg is talking about but I’m pretty sure there’s an interview where BIG is asked if he was being serious in the song to which he denies, mentioning that it’s ‘just something people feel’ – if I recall correctly.

  15. BIG Dosent get the cred he deserves because of his appearance. Like be real every hollow chick to this day post pics of Pac on IG mostly cuz they find him attractive not cuz they fuck wit him musicly..be real BIG's music is waaaaaay more lethal and just truly lyrical like this nigga rapped effortlessly..Pac had more of an appearance because he was a actor so you saw his face more. BIG is purely rap & that's what real niggas want

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