A World-Building Exercise Every Writer Should Try

A lot of people think that world-building
only applies to fantasy novels, but the truth is that every novel should take the time to
craft detailed setting for your story. The way you write a scene can reveal a lot
about your characters or even help your plot move forward. So here’s one exercise that you can try to
help you write a detailed setting. Think of a room or space where your character
spends a lot of time. It can be anything: bedroom, office, sail
boat, backyard. It doesn’t even necesarily have to appear
in the final draft of your book. Write down the number 1-10 and give yourself
3-5 minutes to list ten objects that are in that space. What if one of the objects is something your
character doesn’t want anyone else to see? Which one? Why? Now we’re at a half page description of the
room or the space containing these items. Make sure to include lots of details like
smells or the color of the walls. You’ll probably find that once you write a
setting like this, you’ll find things out about your characters and plot you never knew
before. This exercise first appeared in a NaNoWriMo blog post by author, Tilia Klebenov Jacobs If you’d like to see the full blog post, click on the link in the description. If you’d like more writing tips subscribe
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6 thoughts on “A World-Building Exercise Every Writer Should Try

  1. I liked the way you filmed this video. I sometimes lose focus on the message when it is a static image of a room or what not, so by changing what you were doing helped keep me focused. Thank you for the video.

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