A Total Rip Off Of Content Cop: Amberlynn Reid (Part Two)

okay so after receiving over 3,000 new subs of a thousand comments the majority of which were very positive and requested I do a second part focusing on the relationships and the animal abuse here we are yay so as you all know we're going to be doing a part two to amble in read this will be the final part I don't intend it to make a third so I want to make sure I cover all the relevant points with regards to her relationships the abuse within them obviously their lives there are quite a number of them but also the way she treats her animals before we do that I want to address a few comments I received firstly to those who read far too much into the fact that I was just trying to be cute by calling my video a total ripoff of content cop and then telling me it was more like colossal and a channel review thank you to those that said my voice was sexy thank you how you doing and finally to those that abuse the fact that I have an avatar and therefore don't go on camera and don't have people make videos reviewing my channel I have had a video done reviewing my channel it was done by Kevin Logan if you are interested in watching that in him beautifully beautifully articulately destroying me with sweet sweet pwnage I'm a gun on the John I'm gone would you welcome but I did you by number dead yeah then please feel free to go to his channel it is linked below now to start this particular part 2 I do want to cover one aspect of weight loss because it was quite funny because after doing my video I noticed she put up a new video indicating she was going away to watch his diet and swimming Underhill I saw the memes about her falling in the water that was quite funny that's the part of what focus on first is the part where two days later she indicated she'd lost 15 pounds and then two days after that put up a video for a chickpea curry and rice Mook barn where she indicated both servings were two servings see that's what I like about it because you're able to eat things like this but just calculate their importance so this was about to terpenes with jasmine rises 10 points half of this was poor but when you do two servings it comes up to seven because they always round up around she then proceeded in the video later to show how it was two servings okay guys so I'm about to have a snack okay we should assist recording so I'm gonna let everyone know that I am trying you guys the calories for everything as you guys can see I also wanted to talk about this jasmine rice I've been getting a lot of tweets of people saying I weigh more than two servings of jasmine rice which is not true so this is the container that I ate out of when I did my Indian lip balm and this is the new one that I bought that I haven't opened yet so I want to show you guys the instructions that I follow so right here it shows if you want to make two servings this is what you need if you want to make four servings this is what you need etc etc so I made four servings I have the day before and I hate half with you guys so I had two servings I know a lot of people don't believe that I want to clarify now you indicated in the video where you showed it was two servings that you'd made four servings and save some for later you are lying in those balls were four servings do not lie to yourself or your audience I think enough of them will called you out on it even the one that said your farts would start World War three now let's dive into the relationship stuff because some of this intersects with animal abuse and I think it right we properly give it time so it's not this segment we're going to go into the timeline of ambolyn reads relationships this will then allow us to go through each relationship in turn so we can best understand how the dynamic has worked certain similarities with each relationship and how they have is enabled her to continue down the path to bed-bound glory air quotes around glory so first we have Casey the one we covered in the last video another thing she says that she made friends with crystal she was looking for anything let me clear up some things for you between that time frame before crystal there was another girl another girl while she was with me her name was Paige or something I know as a four-layer name that Paige girl I'm just gonna call her Paige cuz that's the name I remember that Paige girl sent her money sooner Walmart gift card she said her things yeah well she was with me who is now FTM and boom Reid meta Online arranged to meet her in person there met KC and indicated that she'd been kicked out of a home and had no way to go so Casey and her mother her at the time took amberlynn read in as that relationship starts to fall apart Amblin a friendly the person called crystal and they moved to Virginia to be with crystal as we all know with the Cayce relationship ambolyn Reid made a video indicating she was sexually assaulted by the then 14 year old Casey it is quite a slanderous thing to do and unsurprisingly Casey put out a video statement indicating ya know as ambling Reid deleted the video from her channel I can only assume it was because she knew she was well I'm going to go to court if that video stayed up any longer as time went by with crystal that relationship too soured an Amber Lynn Reed hooked up with person called destiny who she had also met online as their relationship soured ya know this happens quite a lot she met Becky I guess how they met that's right online and then ambling Reid moved in with her and they moved to Kentucky I believe it was Virginia Florida Kentucky didn't you already live in Florida with Casey honestly I'm gonna confuse I'm just gonna say moved to another part of murica now that we have this we have a chance to address each relationship in turn but the first thing we're going to note is how I had initially assumed all four looked similar crystal almost bucked that trend into I saw this picture and I realized you know they are all very tomboyish in appearance skater boy almost of the latter two it's quite weird another trend with all four of these people was a mental immaturity very much dependent and submissive to Amber Lynn Reed this is further cemented by the fact that for example destiny and Becky have both increased vastly in weight our quiet timid by Nature uncomfortable around the camera and amberlynn as a whole really and let her basically dictate terms this has been proven multiple times in her own content where she has insulted them where there are compilation videos of this are you actually gonna wear that oh gosh why don't you edit I'm like boo I do like I edit all my videos to mean them and they just take it now it is quite weird that since I started recording this ambolyn put out a video of her talking to destiny over the phone and it was quite weird facetiming they were so comfortable talking to each other because this is something you never saw in any of our locks now of course her response that could be I don't put out my entire life my vlogs but you do seem to save the best bits for us which is why those compilation videos exist and we know there's an awkwardness you could say there isn't but unfortunately for you Eric has caused a number of things on his vlogs where you have been remarkably uncomfortable with each other in his videos you could say that's because he's recording you and you don't want him to but it's there nonetheless and before I forget because this is a key detail where all these relationships stemmed while stowing relationships with previous people in the case of crystal and thank you to my lovely patron for pointing this out destiny came all the way from Florida to West Virginia you meet amberlynn and then took her home with her having never gone on a date without anything these relationships are created online having no real interaction they're built on essentially a very glorified friendship stroke codependent need to exist with another person where Amblin also admitted to never having being intimate with a number of her previous relationships kind of makes you wonder how on earth he managed to exist in the same bed with someone that you don't have any intimacy with and yet you call that person your partner I don't even I mean she came to me after 53 years of not talking 3-4 years of not talking I could have ran a message from her one day after her and crystal broke up and I'm like why are you messaging me why you messaging me because you want to pour him part of my life and I said so I hope some of you now understand my thought process where I now say that I believe much like her eating habits her relationships are in and of themselves quite unhealthy they are built having never met the person he meets them and immediately move in with them when you break up with them you still proceed to sleep in the same bed as them until you have sufficiently groomed the next person we do share a bed I don't see any reason why Krystal needs to buy a new bed because if I do and when I do we are both actually talking to people right now she is talking to a couple people I'm talking to just before it's going to be hard and the rest of my life so yes it's gotta be hard but we have to accept it and adapt to it while I'm currently here because we are both in our 20s we need to venture out we can't be just in this house with each other as friends and not moving on with life we both know we need to move on and it's extremely important to do so to then move in with that person you have yet to even meet i partially dread the day this happens with Becky because possibly thinks this will in fact happen thank you do you really think Becky no God now the clip you just saw came from a you now stream that is 52 minutes long the person you saw speaking was raped we will get to her in a moment during this stream there are a number of shots taking that Amber to the point where around about 47 minutes ambolyn reed appears in the chat of that very you now stream the stream didn't go on much longer because of that I think now to explain who Rafe is along with a few other people we're going to use this image which on cutie farms is called the Kentucky clusterfuck 3.0 where you have Rafe who was married to Hannah for two years they were also in a bit of a relationship with Becky Becky obviously been the current quotes girlfriend Jen does a tricky one and of course she lives with Becky because that's what she does she moves in with them immediately will continue around we have Donna who dates destiny Donna works with destiny at the quotes government job that Amblin used to have quotes around job I guess destiny previous girlfriend dated emblem for two years lived with her in Florida I believe at her mother's house destiny much like Becky a bit of a child and many assumed and I thought this as well personally that both Becky and destiny were on the spectrum and I do not mean that as a pejorative I mean that as a condition that should be diagnosed the way ambolyn treats people and the way she is manipulative and abusive and it is confirmed by all friends who have managed to have an opportunity to speak on you know including Rafe on this very you know stream thank you watch like a video or two and pretty much from there and there are others and if I can I will link relevant clippings from each one see ex-ante does a fantastic job time stamping very best moments so morning you know this list is kind of hard to read it's not very good to read at all and it makes me very sad that at one point this is how I do myself prepared to the person I was baby so here's part of the list continuing around the circle because I don't want to focus too much on the mental immaturity of previous girlfriends and current girlfriend just yet we have Ricky and Eric the current housemates they are a lovely married couple who make content that's about it really or if you notice here between Rafe and Eric there's a thumb down yeah Eric dust on her good man that ain't keep your friends Eric by being a grass to someone who's an abuser genius a shame by the way considering how big ambolyn readers you couldn't fit Krystal Casey and the in-between girlfriend quotes girlfriend page because she is quite a large girl I'm pretty sure you could have fit them around if you tried so the next part of this relationship saga that I want to touch upon is the breakup of amber lynn reed and destiny there were shades of her breakup with Krystal in this so I'm not going to touch on the crystal one too much because I don't have to the Destiny one is perfect see the longest time I couldn't find what I needed to explain how this even happened but having spent enough time far too much time watching videos of amber lynn and destiny when they were still a couple a glaring questions stood out now while ambling claims to edit her videos heavily far too often I see AB being a massive dick to destiny using destiny to the point where I kind of thought she was a parasite to destiny that is not safe for a second by the way that destiny was an angel because she was a bit of a dick simple but a dick nonetheless this is not a trait solely exclusive to people who are quite simple being a dick is universal so first of all we're going to play the clip of amber lynn explaining the breakup and follow it with a clip that took a while to find which thankfully one of my lovely patrons found in passing because it was on kiwi farms but there are far too many pages to go through to find this clip in any other way where she explains how the break-up actually happened granted she was heavily inebriated but we get the answer we need January 13th ironically enough it was actually Friday the 13th um destiny broke up with me since then I have filmed videos I've put on fake smiles I have cried every single time I shut off the camera I have screamed in my pillows I have questioned if I am worth anything why she broke up with me or what happened that whole thing is very like up to destiny um but she broke up with me something you were like well how come she's still in the vlog like why don't say single she's on the blog we do still live together um we don't want to lose each other in the sense of like being friends and stuff and were even still sharing the same bad I know a lot of you are gonna be like what and she wanted to be single and I'm like do it boom now she's in a relationship does anyone remember this clip from the first video I did on amberlynn don't get me wrong she did a lot for me to like [Applause] yes it does a fantastic job just showing how when someone's inebriated how willing they are to share with people and just to give a bit of context those two audio clips are only a couple of minutes apart to summarize this segment every relationship ambolyn has been in has followed a very basic pattern she has met them online she is then proceeded to use and abuse them to the point where it is known that she's been given credit cards by ex-girlfriends destiny most notably and she has proceeded to continue using them she has alienated that person from their friends not that those people are at all in any way innocent at all including the girlfriends and now ex-girlfriends she has proceeded to basically use and abuse them over the course of many years to get where she is now with Becky where I'm starting to wonder when they will break up I don't of course wish anyone to break up but if I don't believe someone is going to live a happy life with someone that I don't see why they should continue and Becky has continued to put on quite a lot of weight since she has started dating amberlynn and helping on these quotes weight loss journeys at this point someone's got to put their foot down and start looking out for themselves so now let's move on to the animal abuse because I want to focus on animal control as this is astonishing so to start on the segment of animal abuse or animal care and the subsequent abuse that many have hypothesized it'll be wise to cover a recent turn of events and I'm going to play a series of clips from a couple of videos that all portray a rather interesting picture but also leave one massive hole in understanding hey guys okay so a little story time video for you guys yay I'm not sure what I'm titling this but if it's some nonsense title trust me it's not like Bay it's true uh-huh people think I'm an animal abuser and it's bad that people can paint a picture of me online and all of a sudden that's the picture they believe they don't know the real me you know you might have a point here it's not like you're a vlogger and you Chronicle most of your life through your videos and various other social media platforms that you use on a regular basis like snapchat Twitter Instagram oh wait you do this looks like deflection let's continue with story time please so I have been told relentlessly on the daily for years now I'm calling animal services on you I'm calling animal services on you it's like if you care so much about animals go work at an animal shelter um go actually call animal services on people who actually abuse their animals Amba I'm sure they do if they see it and because you are vlogger and all people see is you putting your life on blast they only have the visual evidence and it is quite damning it's why there is over 800 pages on Kiwi farms solely dedicated to breaking down what they see in your videos again though this is a deflection why not focus on the story that's what we're all here for it is after all the entire point of this segment on animal abuse oh my god oh my god listen to her breathe that's what you guys say about my animals first of all jeez it is not rude to point out something that is obviously wrong there are enough pictures of Twinkies nails that need me to believe they need to be cut that isn't rude fairytale land I don't freaking know and all of a sudden I get a knock on the door to my bedroom Eric comes in and he was like someone called him oh yes I only recently found out Eric has a channel of his own so I went to it and he mentions it in the title of his video and for all but two seconds of the entire video itself I think he's learning from you how to click bait to perfection your Padawan has much to learn it seems I'm like yeah I know literally at the door I'm like you've got to be kidding me first of all I like half-asleep what but I I wake up I was like I probably got morning breath I grab Twinkie and I'm like let's do this thing we're obviously I was nervous though because it's like what so I got there I explained to him what I do for a job I explained to him that there are people who want to literally ruin my life which is putting it lightly people who literally do want to ruin my life I would argue they don't want to ruin your life they want to ruin the element of your life where you are a bad person but seem oblivious to how much of a bad person you are so they're targeting the bad element either by highlighting in your comments which you just slam as haters when in actual fact quite a large percentage of them are being heavily critical of a number of things you have done that is quite obviously against what you claim to be all about well in the time since I started recording this video you have started at two new diets and failed both of them within days but you're not a weight loss channel you've stated that already as an excuse he ended up coming and he says that he gets calls all the time that are legit but he also gets calls the art so his job and he literally call himself a professional he had a shirt that literally looked professional even like with a little thing saying what he was and stuff anyways that's his job to go and take the animals when they're in a they're in a bad environment they're to be taken I think that's what I was scared of because this is what I live with I live with people leaving horrible mean comments down below and people believe in them so he's not that this person's been that Twinkies nails are super super long he said that Twinkie supposedly had scabs all over her that she's overweight his words that professionally Twinkie looks great so now that you've seen that I want to put to you a theory I had had that has since been debunked one of the advantages of taking your time with this particular video is that I get to watch all the crap she brings out since and address any particular failings or notice some trends so a theory I had was that Twinkie rarity in any other animal had been taken by animal control we can all agree and I will control did not say what she said because there's no way they would have had said that because her dog is overweight because her dogs nails need doing as a dog doesn't yet to be walked and novel idea since you are about 50 pounds away from being bed bound might I suggest if you can't be bothered to walk your dog you simply use a mobility scooter and go around the block there is a 94 year old lady who walks two chihuahuas that way when her right leg plays up otherwise she just uses his amore and you're about five of her in weight and we will get to your recent failed diets soon enough I promise you that now the theory was that Twinkie had been taken away it took about three weeks but Twinkie has since made sporadic appearances very rare I thought when he like the whole time because Twinkie reminds me of blue I see a coward I'm like a squeaky I see a bird not like that's to me I see a cat squeaky but she has appeared which leads me to believe that she has taken rarity and Twinkie off camera because of all the questions she got about them which if anything just raises more questions about where they are or who's looking after them when you and your house maids and your girlfriend go on holiday because you didn't indicate anyone would be and it had me curious as to whether or not you were still their owner or whether somebody else had taken them in not that it matters just do me a favor please in videos you indicate how they are the most important thing to you is that is true you would be more proactive in keeping your animals fit healthy and safe but you are doing everything but that simply giving them fuss is not enough I've already given you an option for walking which would effectively deal with the weight and the nails but of course if you are as close to being bed bound as many believes you might want to get Becky to do it or Eric or the guy Erik's with so this is the part wine instead meant to move on to the next segment no no no turns out a few weeks after recording this I found some snapchat videos where ambling talks in great depth about where Twinkie is these were done through snapchat through filters and a rather annoying voice and there are subsequent videos I want to play all at once to paint a very good picture with the conclusion simply being you are not doing enough to look after your dog no matter how much you say you love your animals you are clearly unfit to do it and yes you acknowledge you've finally done Twinkies nails spoiler alert everyone but the fact remains you are not walking your dog your dog weighs over 15 pounds which is unhealthy for a dog of that size don't use the breed excuse it is not good enough this is lazy even by your standard and you can barely look after yourself even with all that extra money you make from all those ridiculous add you insert to your ridiculously short videos it's embarrassing and I don't care for people who abuse animals but you still call them your children now imagine if those were actually children child services would have already taken them away from you for neglect to enjoy the next I think three and a half minutes I will put a time stamp for the next segment I will be inserting a time stamp which will indicate when you can skip ahead to if you do not wish to listen to these ridiculously annoying voice via a snapchat filter like an insane snapchat routine type of person I just don't do it anymore because I am getting an unbelievable amount of weight drinking here in 20 ways to India first of all like these are coming from people who like me care about me support me enjoy me either going from honest I mean super super annoying people and I just not is not your business because you're just doing it to be passive aggressive but I long but you know that's when he comes before me and before anyone else or anything else when he is my number one she my best friend she my BAE she my daughter cuz she is everything to me I would never ever get rid of her I haven't shown any of my handles like wasabi ready gray Twinkie star they're all everything to me and just because I don't show them I've been focusing on my weight loss and making weight loss videos for you guys and does he doesn't show something or say something in the video it does not mean that it isn't true this just proves make a lot of people think everything that happens in my vlogs are just everything I'm not that girl I am like 95 percent another life that you guys just don't see or don't hear about I just I took offense to this because 20 is every 18 so just stop of the rumors stop with the assumptions please it'll just make my life better in drawers I will talk about this and my upcoming blog because I know my iPhone has snapchat snapchat is so wanting now but like not even half amount of people who used to see my snap see them now and it's happening to everybody so um I'll probably serve up is enough and a blogger some payoff right now or just add this whatever my blog so I have to repeat myself seven thousand seven times but I just want to say like come Daniella like 20 is a year Twinkie is so as amazing and happy and beautiful as ever I just I haven't been showing her just like other aspects of my life I've been showing like the process of me putting on makeup I'm not freaking out because I've been focusing just carry on weight loss so I hope that clears it up some people I know a lot of you parenting some fears and just make up there are little things up here so there you go there she is momma's baby good well she says Mama's baby good there she is Mama's baby good and this right here that is elephant that is Twinkies favorite toy huh baby she chews on it sleeps with it plays with it just has a grand old time so to get off-topic from the animal abuse I want to talk about something early on that was actually a focal point I didn't make in the first video but I wants to make a major focal point of this one for the first video I wanted to focus on elements that showcased the best forms of lying because I wants to prove that not only was she capable of just lying to herself but to her audience through many different ways either for sympathy or just for views this time I want to point out showcase and make the point quite clear that there is a level of laziness to amble in read that is quite astonishing now I know a lot of you are thinking well imagine my shock well imagine my shock imagine my shock imagine my shock well imagine my shock a really big girl who at time of recording this on a 20th of July currently weighs over 520 pounds so the last time I weighed in for you guys was I was at my highest weight at 520 2.2 and so that was like my highest we will get the weight soon I promise that she's lazy but there is a certain level of effort that goes into it for example in a video indicating how she is trying to improve the quality of her videos and talks about custom thumbnails oh another thing I don't know how to make some nails yet and the only way I know how to do some nails if I take the pic take a picture on my phone purposely for a thumbnail because then I can go on my phone I have a creator studio app where I can go on from my phone and set the thumbnail I've been forgetting to do that so what YouTube does is if you don't have a custom thumbnail YouTube gives you three options I thumbnail so you only get three options and then I'll choose one of the three and that'll be my thumbnail I've noticed a lot of people saying oh my god in Berlin strolling with these thumbnails like why is she choosing these thumbnails I'm not choosing these thumbnails all the while seemingly incapable of understanding that she could just take the phone connect it to our laptop download the video onto her laptop edit it on her laptop and use image editing software to make a thumbnail on her laptop [Applause] [Applause] or simply take a photo with her phone find some image editing software from the crap Apple Store and make an image and thumbnail there she instead decides not to even though she wants to she also talks about jump cuts which talks about improving the video by making it more visually appealing okay well let's talk about that because over the last three to four weeks you have spent an increasing amount of time in your bedroom you haven't played your intro bit you rarely wear makeup anymore which if anything shows off that wonderful skin pigmentation condition you have even though in a recent video you also talked about wanting to get some color on your face in the Sun I would assume a different color that doesn't look like jaundiced because the sunburn will totally hide the yellow and won't merge together to make you look orange but while you were talking about the jump cuts and talking about the image editing you spent an inordinate amount of time on your phone scrolling through your phone to find something to talk about when you could have cut out the bit where you were looking through your phone even though minutes before and after you had jump cuts but you decided to leave that in you have chosen a setting that has predominantly been as a dining room table where you've detailed your day or talked about the disadvantages of being a morbidly obese woman most of which were quite true and amusing and hardly unique in the slightest the others have been in your bedroom where you've been sat either in bed or on the side of your bed because I assume while indicating all the time that you're tired you've been bed bound this is an accusation that has been leveled actually repeatedly by quite a number of people and I'm starting to believe there is some truth to it this can also be brought up with quality of the diets you've been committing to and subsequent denial of those diets blaming of their dies and then a recent scapegoat being that at night you binge thousands of calories because somehow during the day you are able to eat decent food even though a recent mukbang which was not a mukbang in the slightest it was two rolls it's on the bong I've now done some research by the way a mukbang is where you eat copious amounts of food perhaps instead why don't you just record a bit where you binge thousands of calories at night because according to you that would be where the hard work is actually bought in might I recommend you do that instead of the pitiful dishes you've been putting forward but I'm eating my first meal right now I don't know what this is I legit just made it up oh okay so what this is is in any case your laziness has now gotten to the point where you are only really putting in a hard work in eating more food because let's face it if you are now over 520 pounds which is truly astonishing I might add the only way you could have gotten there would be through hard work it's not exactly something that is easy to maintain and the more you do this the less likely it will ever be that you ever get under the wave you start off at which was around 360 pounds now you can certainly with the laziness you can make some valid excuses for example in the Georgia heat you are unable to record any of your swimming attempts a photo here and there was taken on snapchat and swimming because of the exercise in nature is actually quite good for you you'd think you'd be able to lose weight but since you believe eating vast amounts of chicken should still count as zero points it's highly unlikely you're actually going to lose any now I know I've also gotten a bit sidetracked with the dieting element when talking about laziness but laziness in quality and of content and of lifestyle well one hand she will say she doesn't detail everything about her life and all you get sees what she decides to put on camera all while simultaneously talking about her entire life as if we should just believe it and then doing things that contradict the very nature of what she wants to achieve which is to lose weight or on one hand should we trust that she lost seven pounds in a week but then managed to gain it back and some with extra change within another week shows not only a lack of conviction but a remarkable laziness at trying to achieve a better quality of life which is of course what we all want for anyone for someone who does as well as she does on YouTube for somebody who I've never seen have any videos without ads on and I mean plurally to the point where I honestly think she's abusing it more than PewDiePie you know with her views regardless of thumbs up down in comments she and making good money but with the close hauls which look like parachutes I'm sorry but that's what they look like to me with the continual damaging of technology even though you don't use it to improve the quality of your content and considering your bed-bound for the most part I think somebody could spring for an additional USB cable to link their phone up to their laptop or learn to use Photoshop or maybe use a mirror to do their makeup for their videos especially when they intend to detail very intimate parts about themselves all the while simultaneously saying that they don't do that because you only get to see the bits that she decides to show you that's a contradiction there isn't that oh this is infuriating I think I'm getting a migraine just from talking about how lazy this is and I'm talking as somebody that uses a cartoon Avatar movie rias expressions imposes in any case I want to highlight laziness I want to highlight it so you my viewers can understand there is a level of frustration about this particular brand of laziness that would drive any normal and sane person up the wall oh yeah that reminds me like I'm totally not editing that out a lot of people like why do you why do I read comments there was such a lot of comments about people are like why don't you edit I'm like boo I do like I edit all my videos to finish what has been quite a long an arduous process in compiling this video I wanted to offer a somewhat constructive set of criticisms for you directly ambolyn read and a for a fact you religiously go through Kiwi farms and any video done on you probably not Michael's though he does a lot firstly if you have been juicing disorder you don't diagnose it from a nap and obviously I can't change overnight you guys know I suffer with binge eating which I do want to talk to you guys about because I was officially diagnosed with binge eating disorder by my therapist it wasn't yesterday but it was the day before and I seen the message myself so yeah a lot of people are asking if um like an online therapist I do have an online therapist which fer works for me for someone who you know doesn't Drive and I thought this would work for me also because I was super nervous to see a therapist and this is a 24/7 therapist if you guys have ever heard of better health calm that is currently what I'm using and you guys should definitely definitely check that out because the app even has a disclaimer indicating it does not diagnose you properly or professionally no matter how much you try and convince yourself you have binge eating disorder you will only be confirmed by seeing an actual doctor second considering the vast number of ads I see on your videos and all those calories you eat when you're binging at night might I recommend you instead shift some of those funds earmarked for unnecessary junk food which I would point out just to maintain the weight is a vast amount of food you instead use it to get a nutritionist and I would also recommend if you really want to lose weight you can either attend a bootcamp or you get a personal trainer that will actually kick your ass I would add to this also counting calories will not help you it has been proven to not help you virtually every system you have tried you have failed because you lack there basic level of Constitution because while you know it's hard you're happy to lose seven pounds in a week I don't need to put it all back on with some more within another week to the point where you are now over five hundred and thirty pounds okay five thirty two point zero at time of recording you keep making videos indicating that you know what you're doing wrong and every time you say it and it's the same thing every time yet you seem completely incapable of addressing this which is why I stand by the idea of hiring so on to make sure you eat is good for you and hiring somebody to kick your ass into gear making you actually workout it is never an easy process to look after yourself it is made easy by continuing to do it that's the easy part just staying there the hard part is getting there I say this from personal experience I promise you maybe not anywhere near your weight but maintaining my frame is easy I would also recommend you seek psychiatric help for the way you behave and those you treat I don't mean treat in a good way I mean those you abuse manipulate you may not like cold harsh reality but there are enough videos there are enough you now streams in existence that showcase all the worst qualities of you and maybe you think in your videos you're not showing us everything about you but lucky for everyone else that has hate watched you for years there are plenty of people you have annoyed just enough to show us the kind of person you really are and the person you really are needs to either have a really nasty shock a proper shell-shocked moment or to simply accept acknowledge and address your shortcomings as someone that has clearly milked everything you can from people in your life abuse them for views dish but you can't take and quite frankly you are a terrible person because of this you should get help for that because if you don't you're going to struggle as you get older to find another person to bully and I know what a bully looks like currently she weighs 530 pounds and think she's a lovely quaint person making her cute little vlogs I like to believe that over the course of the last two videos I have managed to successfully showcase that you are anything but nice now as I have stated this is the last video I intend to make unless ambolyn read explicitly replies to my commentary I have no interest in making a third video because I cannot for the life of me be bothered to watch anymore her content it is exhausting so thank you all very much for listening and I hope you'll have a lovely day down in your ass imagine my shock [Applause]

33 thoughts on “A Total Rip Off Of Content Cop: Amberlynn Reid (Part Two)

  1. Thank you. Much self reflection for me. I'm seeking better health in the midst of disabilities and birth defects that I use to not push harder. Thank you.

  2. Animal control can lie though: Key West Florida SPCA is notorious for snatching animals from disabled people. And you have no recourse

  3. That weird voice she uses around 35mins, I kept expecting her to say "Carol-Anne, where are you Carol-Anne?".EDIT: The hell? I've been bed-bound for a long time now due to a genetic disorder, and even at my largest being stuck in a bed, she's still four times bigger than I ever got. Plus unlike her I've also managed to lose most of that weight, whilst still being bed-bound.

  4. Did this dumb cow almost drown her dog???????????????? Can she not just drown herself pls without dog jeeses.

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    Jasmine rice more more more

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    And rip my eyes out and stab my ears with ice picks.
    That might make working out a little difficult, but fuck it.

  8. also, I haven't finished the video, and I know I've commented once already, but i MUST know what the song you used was during the part where you made the thumbnail for the video!

  9. watching amberlynn makes me kind of sick, and in a way reminds me a little of me to a degree before i started working to lose weight. I didn't eat a lot at once or binge, but I ate very often, constantly eating something, before i realized maybe that wasn't okay. with the help of my mother I stopped that bad habit and now i only eat when I'm considerably hungry, or socially when i'm offered little things. I used to be 207 pounds, and im down to around 187 now. I will admit I have plateaued, and I've gotten to that point where it's hard to drop weight, but I've just got to work harder, because I think i might go crazy if i don't break 180 😂 seeing numbers between 182-187 every week has been driving me mad. after seeing this girl destroying herself like this, I feel kind of… extra motivated to exercise harder and cut down my portions more!

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