A Sherlock Holmes Novel: The Hound of the Baskervilles Audiobook

50 thoughts on “A Sherlock Holmes Novel: The Hound of the Baskervilles Audiobook

  1. Thank you for such for Bringing the Hounds of the Baskervilles to life. Your narrative is the most Brilliant version I have ever heard. Your Perfect and We are all the better for what you have done to keep these Timeless stories alive. Brilliant and it is a true honor to have this and all the Cannon brought to life . Breathtaking . I have my pipe in hand and my eyes closed and I am in your debt . Thank you!!! Thank you. You give Sir Arthur C Doyle the Honor he deserves.

  2. You read to me every night, as I am falling asleep, transforming me back to the child safely ensconsed in parental love, and with no worries or duties other than to listen, enjoy, and drift into sleep Thank you! 🌺

  3. I'm listening to this for the third time. It's always been my favourite Holmes story, just ahead of the sign of four. Cheers Greg for bringing it so much to life!

  4. Thank you so much for reading this classic. I find your voice very soothing and the narration is so easy to follow and enjoy. Thank you.

  5. Pure chance I stumbled across this !…. And I am SOOOO glad I did !
    I absolutely LOVE Sherlock Holmes and The Hound is by far my all-time favourite adventure of his. Beautifully narrated, you did it justice, making it a pleasure to listen to. I think Conan-Doyle would have been well pleased ! Lucky day for me when I stumbled upon it. Can't wait to get stuck into the rest lol ! 👊😀.
    Thank You ! 🐺👍 😄

  6. Enjoying the Digressions immensely but, couldn't wait. Had rehear this for the umpteenth time. Looking forward to the next chapter and the diet update. Cheers

  7. Love, love, loved it!
    you must strive to focus on the high amount of people that liked this and for get the ones that don't. They are fewer and remember, There is always something people (especially certain people…unhappy, spoiled people, lol) that would like to complain about. This is perfect. Thank you for sharing this for myself and others to enjoy! I need my Sherlock Holmes ever so often. I am so busy and getting to listen to it as I work is absolutely amazing.

  8. okay u are the real mvp i could not have comprehended this book if it weren’t for u. love ur voice

  9. Love this times that I listened to it in bed as a young child glad to have found this great falling asleep material lol

  10. Greg, to me, you are at the same heights as Jeremy Brett in your delivery of Holmes' didactic and bohemien way of talking. I go to bed most nights with one of your narrations on. This, and the Red Headed Leauge are my faves. (Red Headed Leauge because I may, or may not, be a fellow coppertop…😁) My mind is a very busy thing and keeps me up at night. I listen to your voice instead of my own one and I drift away. If I wake again, your narrations are still going and my brain doesn't get a chance to ramp up before Sherlock 's voice has sent me back to sleep.
    You have been a Godsend.

  11. This is one of my favorites this has to be in mt top five!!! Your voice is awesome!!! 😊😊😊😊

  12. Listen in x2 speed to stay on your feet. If you daze off for a moment you are 2 chapters past 😂

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