A. Scott Berg, Author, "Wilson"

6 thoughts on “A. Scott Berg, Author, "Wilson"

  1. Just saw this lecture on Wilson recorded at The Filson Historical Society (on KET) and I was very impressed. I learned a lot about Wilson and I have to say that Wilson was a FASCINATING president. Very knowledgeable AND entertaining (I enjoyed Berg's humor 😊).
    I was REALLY shocked to know that Wilson created the process of learning that all colleges use today. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏿😊.

  2. bull feathers! his biography on charles lindbergh missed several mistresses [2 were sisters] and illegitimate children. they lived in europe; he would visit the children and their mothers several times over a period from 1952 – 1974. the children waited until after anne lindbergh died in 2001 to tell the world about their famous father 'lucky lindy'.

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