A Personal Look at Accessibility in Higher Education

5 thoughts on “A Personal Look at Accessibility in Higher Education

  1. As a graduate of Utah State University, with both my BS and my M.Ed. & a College Instructor online… somehow I knew that USU would lead the way. Thirty years ago they lead the way with teaching our family to become "accessible" for our son. A proud AGGIE! 🙂

  2. As an online instructor, I am very aware of the need for creating accessible learning experiences. This video helps me empathize with the needs of all students. The message here is "Embrace the need for change".  

  3. Background music is distracting as the volume level often competes with the voices of the people speaking and delivering important information to learners. The music derails my ability to listen to and understand the content. This is an example of poor accessibility for all learners.

  4. This is an incredibly important topic. Thanks for making this video; we should all be pushing for this kind of access across all campuses!

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