A Novel Vertical Antenna

Stan jubileus cohere proprietor and operator of amateur radio station w1g V whiskey one good vibrations in the july 2019 issue of QST qst magazine that is on page 39 you will find a very interesting antenna article written by whiskey 6 november bravo charlie w6 NBC it's about a vertically or a vertically oriented antenna or it appears vertically oriented and yet has horizontal polarization in all horizontal directions at a low angle it performs very much like a half wave and fed vertical ground mounted antenna except instead of vertically polarized radiation and reception it produces horizontally polarized radiation and responds to horizontally polarized signals hence the author claims it's less noisy and it also has a little bit of omnidirectional game because it has a relatively flattened out curve in three dimensions sort of like a doughnut that's been flattened a little bit so that it and it puts most of its energy out towards the horizon it's reasonable in size I believe designed for 14 megahertz and up in the high frequency part of the spectrum HF spectrum I recommend you read this article it's an example of what I think is an improved content for qst magazine in recent years the official publication of the American radio relay League a double RL and I happen to be a life member of that organization so maybe I'm prejudiced but I've noticed just in the last couple of years a dramatic improvement in the quality of the content of this magazine the usefulness for ham radio operators in all aspects of the hobby what do you think are you a member of that organization if you aren't I suggest you consider subscribing at least for one year to that magazine this might be considered an ad for qst but really it's an endorsement buy a ham radio operator of 53 years experience 53 years of mental decline one might say but mental decline I don't know but qst certainly has improved and I recommend very highly that you read this article if you like antennas at all homebrew antennas very interesting Stan jubileus Co w1 GV saying 73 and so long regardless of antenna type that translates in my native fist of course – da da da da da

5 thoughts on “A Novel Vertical Antenna

  1. Sir you’ve taught me well over the years. I sure miss your antenna theories. I looked for you on field day but the band was very crowded with qsb to boot. I’ll take a look at this article. I’ve ran a true end fed half wave ,40 ft up and 26 out with great low angles. Dx friendly for certain.
    Ya know Stan , I noticed one thing this weekend on cw. Nobody sends …-.- anymore. Only .. I wonder why that is. Maybe faster in the contest environment.
    Many prayers from Ky my friend. As usual.

  2. It sounds interesting. I don't know much. I'm no engineer! But I fly FPV and am always looking to build the best antenna for my goggles. 5.8 ghz. Do u think this could be built to that wavelength?

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