A Novel To Help Our Love Lives

36 thoughts on “A Novel To Help Our Love Lives

  1. Very well done! For something similar, I'd encourage everyone to read some Jonathan Ames- I think "Wake Up, Sir!" as well as his biographical essays "What's Not to Love?," "My Less than Secret Life" and "I Love You More than You Know" are all excellent, beautifully written and brutally honest. Must-reads.

  2. Jane Austin wrote exactly these kinds of novels, but Hollywood distorted them. She showed a variety of unhappy couples and her extended endings described regular couples even when they were happy. She has the best advice about choosing partners by their character.

  3. Kissing Is the Easy Part by rainbowbrooks on Wattpad is in this category. I know Wattpad is known for fanfictions and all but it is literally one of the best books I've ever read in my life.

  4. What success is greater than mutually understanding valid Love within your Human Nature Pattern?
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  5. Actually I am passing through a rough time with mi wife and after seen this video we have ordered the book.

  6. Watched the ad, brought the E-book immediately, read it twice, got the paperback later, recommended it to people who ask for book recommendations, about to read again.

    So it's a 10/10 advert, made me expend

  7. Finished reading The Course of Love last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Full of wisdom, realism and insight into the truth of it all.

    Thank you for sharing your gift, Alain.

  8. I'm sure this is a great book but Tender is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald does a pretty good job at showing the true dimensions of love.

  9. I bought this book on Kindle. Initially it seemed to be too didactic, but I soon warmed to it, became involved, and then, found it thoroughly enjoyable. It takes skill as a writer to make two so called ordinary people interesting. But they were! I don't know why I was surprised. I have relished every one of Alain de Botton's books, and this is no exception.

  10. This is the best. It teaches you something as well as arouse you to the true definition of capitalism. The School of Life is the bomb.

  11. I bought this book today! I read Essays in Love and Status Anxiety before. I'm sure that its a great book too. I love to read Alain de Botton's books.

  12. How do our minds identify with imaginary characters? How do we get so involved with fictional stories? What parts of the brain light up when reading, watching movies, or listening to audio books, and listening to fiction?

    Thanks for your help!

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