A message from Rosalind Wiseman author behind MEAN GIRLS

– Hi, I’m Rosalind Wiseman, and 15 years ago I wrote a book called “Queen Bees & Wannabes” that was turned into
the movie “Mean Girls.” And we are still dealing
with these issues. So in honor of Mean Girls Day, here’s what’s important to remember. From the woman who brought you
“on Wednesdays we wear pink,” conflict is going to happen. We have to stop running
away from hard conversations and diminishing ourselves, ’cause we’re too afraid to
say what we really think. We also cannot be proud of ourselves for being queen bees, who don’t care who we run over. The stakes are too high. So many of us are insanely
anxious for good reasons. Young people can’t go to school without worrying about getting shot. Seven million people just mobilized to address climate change, and our leaders will not address
these problems seriously. If we cannot stand up for ourselves or depend on each other, they will continue getting
away with their behavior and dismiss us and the
issues we care about. So in honor of Mean Girls Day, stand up for what you believe in, say what you mean, accept well-intentioned
criticism with grace, check yourself if you’re
about to get self-righteous, and apologize to somebody
you may have messed up with. That is treating yourself
and others with dignity. If we can do this, we can solve these huge
problems we’re dealing with. We are more than capable, and we are way more than mean girls.

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