A Man and His Cat | Manga Review [CC]

Hello! It’s Reija and welcome to another
video. Today I am going to be reviewing one of the fluffiest, most adorable
mangas, that I’ve ever read; A Man and His Cat by Umi Sakurai. I hope you will enjoy. A Man and His Cat, tells the story of this
older widowed man called Kanda-san and this adorable cat called Fukumaru. It is
told from both Fukumaru’s and Kanda’s point of view and it’s very heartwarming
and sweet. The story starts with Fukumaru in a pet store, where he is the
only adult cat there. Every single other cat is a kitten and Fukumaru’s price
has been reduced many times, but nobody wants to buy him and adopt him. And he is
kind of becoming depressed and forlorn and kind of self-conscious about
himself and he’s kind of lost the joy in life. Until one day Kanda-san comes in
and takes Fukumaru in, and from that point on it’s about their lives together
and how Kanda-san tries to be the perfect pet owner, because he’s never had
a pet. And he tries to be the best thing he can be for Fukumaru. And it’s
about Fukumaru’s struggles to come out of his shell and to learn how to trust
in people and to learn how to trust in that he won’t be abandoned. And it’s
such a beautiful story. It’s super funny and relatable. Especially if you are a
cat owner, or if you know a person who’s a cat owner, this book is very relatable
and very realistic. It tackles things such as, like learning how to feed your cat properly, litter box troubles, separation
anxiety and it also deals with some more somber topics of humanity, like grief and
coming to terms with loss, and what it means to go on living after you have
lost someone, who you’ve been close to and who you’ve been living with and
sharing your life with. And it is such a wonderful story and the best thing about
this is, that this whole first volume is self-contained and works perfectly as a
stand alone. There are over arching themes and an overarching character
progression, that will no doubt continue on as the series goes on and in the next
volume as well, but even if you just pick up this one volume, it is very
satisfactory and a quick read. And I read this a couple of times now and it still
brings tears to my eyes and it makes me laugh and cry and it was such an
emotional and heart-wrenching read. I really like the art style. There’s
something really romantic about it. It really reminds me of a lot of art that
I’ve seen on BL manga and you know, romance josei manga, so it’s very that
romantic, sort of feminine art style, which I really love. And yeah, I would
highly recommend this book. It broke me into little pieces, but picked me back up
again and I love it. And there you have it. This has been my manga review of A Man
and His Cat by Umi Sakurai. I hope you liked this video. Tell me in the
comments, if I’ve persuaded you to pick this manga up. I would very much like to
know, and I will see you in another video very soon. Bye bye!

4 thoughts on “A Man and His Cat | Manga Review [CC]

  1. I came cause I saw cats and I love your reviews but now if I ever see this around I will have to pick it up. That beginning where he is not being adopted would make me cry, it reminded me of the beginning of the movie Oliver and Company 😭

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