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Anoka una cockatoo long semana hindi Magan Dan help our acts I mean let's talk about let's be very forthright about this blue whale of course they're still examining the what challenges Islam the Momo challenge na opportunity nominal an apparel maker to to Hanon to young man Absalom Bawa and there's no other way of putting it not to Touro semana Tarak Amparo but I mean uncle abanazar le how do you how do you play into this let's start with you Tony aha I know feeling go the things dan Youngberg I that's when you should be very responsible to the content that you're creating and to whatever it is that you're sharing to your audience because it's your responsibility to affect them influence them in a good way I think the very purpose of having an influence is to speak up for people who do not have the influence I think the purpose of having that power is to use it for the good and serve your audience for the good for to help them to help them cassis upon omean life is really hard and everyone's trying to juggle with everything trying to make both ends meet and if they can a lot 10 minutes of their time watching your channel I hope that after watching your content or your entry after watching it it leaves them something new feeling the time na Posada who ordinarily would you do a commentary against blue whale for example um I think if I wouldn't exactly do a commentary against it or something to it pero I would I would probably make a Content that could inspire them not to veer towards that and encourage families to be stronger or not this is our little village that blog because alright you know ma I mean I'm Gaga honored for you but you just have to be true to your core and you know inspire people in a good way Mexico I saw mom Wow I saw mom even even a young thing in kasanga no one is I know young Anika bug man you know Kailen Kailen alum company Pannonia Indian enough even and TV for example deep American the moment of warning Perry you know like the the Momo it just pops up when you're watching them kill a Nutella girl and epic Molina but that guy dead Pelican supervise chimp in a panel aside from that in terms of young it London a want gusta pneumonia he's a boy and a gobbler Danka Danka demonio and a demo button and the casino money array it's really disturbing for me that's the word but you know again the the content of my channel is more self-help firing means and cassette people nice signal youngin um drastic move casa feeling Nilayam problem on Ellis Island aha karim damn Bastilla monkey Sacco but because my channel Co is a new battle para it am problem Michael and then my monkey gets paid Sabiha 1820 mundo en Baja ganito so they'd feel less alone Indian environment Papa condoms arena okay a couple italic Poisson so in that way you knew and the Potala cognition minimum I'm asking the question because with your influence importante Anna Maria Nick Daman about Laguna now people we follow people who are influential are actually saying you know the line the buck stops here in the predator in the predator but of course I know that you do different things on social media nakaka disturbed lung the hill it's a white elephant and with the influence of many of many influencers you can you can just ignore I think it's not going to be the boy to talk about it to refer to it okay if you refer to it no curious part I my own Parham I don't even want to mention it casts a peril in because on gusto problems that can also go the other way because you didn't talk about them you know one of your followers you know for the sake of debate would say well Adam outside beetle knocking Molefi now follow I mean I know it's it's there is no there is no clear-cut solution to this yo Alex absent in Agawam Pete oh boy i suppo aqua telega my vlogs are for entertainment ok so actually man in the home disclaimers a block corner this vlog is for entertainment not no political no religious nothing you will not you will not tackle controversial he knows who are very tired and who just wants roblox so but either boy whenever I have talks or whenever I'm being invited I go poor and then don't cuss at paengmok oh don't call Dena commonly discussed but I'm feeling calm channel Co is not the right channel to do it cuz a parable Quentin Mamata ought to be entertained hindi para candy católica a TV anime problema hope and Africa Cielo maybe a hog Usama tomahawk hey Alex a call after you stole my inspire Kato Nia home a problema ho an ongoing co-created Bianca ho cipinang io ho boom but the panel but my papa an information and Alan demand in Machado Marine Corps but not laggy porn ethics it's uh it's my I mean a regular show regular show and I know a TV show I'm gonna talk some on a school saga so you're in when I talk to students don't do not gonna be because AHA nila yung stop this are you doing mattina tackling depression your positivity you magic don't know cinema to telugu poet examine escuela han le power indica penis Arceo enough I say touch on because I don't partners or you wanna burn the car I'm not gonna be cute is that the biggest thing you've done on I mean so far Domitian Apophis I'll of course a couple tsunami maka say you have to us yeah you have to own something you have to own something you

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  1. Wala po bang problema kung gagawa nang vlog In so many different things? Or mix vlogs?
    Like singing? Make up tutorials? Shout outs? Food vlogs? Travel vlogs? Reactions? Etc…?
    Not only in 1 line kumbaga po? As long as its influential…but in 1 channel only?

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