A Land of War and Poetry (feat. Jeremy Soule) – TESO: Morrowind Main Theme (HD)

43 thoughts on “A Land of War and Poetry (feat. Jeremy Soule) – TESO: Morrowind Main Theme (HD)

  1. Morrowind, a land of a brave, inteligent, artistic and strong people. The Dunmer may suffer, but to the good Daedra, they're blessed, because they faced adversity, and won.

  2. weakest of the opening themes of ESO in my opinion. For me the original one is by far the best, Summerset ranks second, this third. Let's see what Elsweyr brings.

  3. this login theme is probably one of the best ever. almost as good as vanilla wows is to a veteran vanilla wow player

  4. the OST of skyrim are the only thing that I didn't have to mod

    and they probably won't take jeremy soul for tes 6

  5. 2:59

    Luhn-silvar, hortator,
    Azura'm gah'amer,
    Panthi-seht, sharmat-dra,
    Gahjuli Nerevar
    Osuhn almese sut ohm yalif sul devahr,

  6. It’s ok imo but I’ll stick with the original please don’t take this the wrong way guys it’s just I prefer the elder scrolls series not online

  7. Amazing. This is why I fell in love with the Elder Scrolls and Bethesda, shame that they aren't as good as we thought they were though 🙁
    Still, I'll miss those games…..

  8. Hearing this made me remember when i walked into a house and immediately stole a pillow and got killed over the pillow lol

  9. I play ESO Morrowind… my game started on a ship there. I mostly do quests in Vvardenfell… so why do I get the Summerset Isles loading screen when I dont even have that DLC lmao

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