A Hat in Time LOST BITS | Unused Content & Unseen Secrets [TetraBitGaming]

43 thoughts on “A Hat in Time LOST BITS | Unused Content & Unseen Secrets [TetraBitGaming]

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  2. Dunno if anyone has said this yet but
    HatInTimeEntry is just a default level that comes with the engine AHiT was created on (Unreal 3).

  3. 10:24 The fourth of those diary entries can actually be read by normal means if you get three time rifts and an ice yarn before completing any other acts after Down With The Mafia.

  4. Hello tetra there is a hidden character flashing in the toybox in the beggining of the map take a look

  5. Out of all the scrapped characters, I love the Moonjumper the most. Currently, there's a mod that makes him replace the Badge Seller seeing as the two share the same theme. It's one of my favorites on the Steam Workshop.

  6. Moon jumper kinda just became part of the snatcher later on I feel like. Like the contracts he would’ve given you and being the prince

  7. this is so unfair! all games need to have those contents and secrets used and seen! they deserve better!

  8. Hat Adult is making me scared of how curious I can be. Can you please make a whole video about including the stuff here and even fan theories to extend the length of the video?

  9. 7:42 remember the train thing in battle of the birds halfway through you can see that on the tiles

  10. She's in the beginning of the game in the toy box was in the toy box and you'll find it but the Sprite is glitchy

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