A & E Biography – Christina Onassis (Full Documentary)

from ad this is my ography for May 25th 1998 biography with Jack Perkins the father was one of the world's richest men her stepmother the world's most glamorous woman christina onassis inherited an empire and an emptiness impossible to fill she looked for relief in a life of unimaginable luxury and massive quantities of food and pills this is poor little rich girls weak biographies look at women immersed in wealth and power shame & scandal christina onassis doris duke sydney biddle barrows Camilla parker-bowles and Gloria Vanderbilt tonight and this may be the saddest story of them all christina onassis when her father aristotle onassis died christina was left with one of the world's great fortunes she also had the world's worst taste in men she married a series of gold diggers who walk down the aisle counting the millions they were about to get and counting the days before they could leave but apparently – christina onassis even a rotten husband was better than none at all because her greatest fear after all was being alone she had homes around the world a lavish yacht a private island but her incredible fortune could not make up for the one thing christina onassis had always craved someone to love her for herself in her elusive search she stumbled through numerous ill-conceived marriages notorious struggles with her weight and a secret addiction to drugs turning her fairytale life into a Greek tragedy her father was aristotle onassis the golden greek his oil shipping Empire included the biggest super tankers ever built he bought up Monaco he phoned that the only Greek national airline onasis was short and stocky unrefined and poorly educated but that didn't matter he was ambitious and aggressive and he had a lightning-quick mind for business the sensation that you had was like being in a room with a loose lion he could reverse arguments that were made to him by his opponents in business and put them into a corner like no man I've ever seen before business ruled his life even when it came to love 17-year old Tina Livanos was the daughter of one of the wealthiest shipping magnates in Greece she had everything that the 46 year old amasses was looking for money connections youth and stunning good looks despite the 29 year difference in their ages aristotle and tina married in 1946 they lived a nomadic life bouncing between new york and their other homes in Paris Athens and the South of France not even the birth of their first child Alexander in 1948 convinced them to settle down and two years later when Tina was only 21 years old she was pregnant again aristotle onassis hadn't planned on a second child and he told Tina to have an abortion when she refused the Nasus was furious Tina later said that in a fit of drunken anger he beat her hoping to end the pregnancy himself his vicious attempts failed and on December 11th 1950 christina onassis was born she was definitely a known Asus a spitting image of her father but it didn't matter Christina would always be the unwanted child her older brother Alexander would remain her father's favorite there's that ugly expression and greets that if a Greek has the son of the daughter he has an only child and that was very true in Christina's case she he was affectionate to a degree but he doted on the son and Christina was shunted off into the background and it was easy to fall by the wayside in the Onassis household still in her early 20s Tina was a social butterfly lunches dinners and cocktail parties left little time for Alexander or Christina Tina was very affectionate to Christina she'd say oh you're such an angel you know a lot kind of conversation mommy just loves the angel you've taught her and then she brought sho huffed into the rolls and cuddle a big party Harry wasn't around much either he spent almost all his time maintaining and building his vast shipping fortune he provided his children with everything except his time and attention for Alexander there was a motorized car for Christina dolls dressed by Christian Dior he was such a magnetic presence that when he would show up it was you know a very intense exposure because he would burst out and be the most intense father that anyone had ever seen everything he did was sort of outsized Harry was larger than life Tina sleek and glamorous neither took parenting very seriously but to the outside world the Onassis children seemed to be living a charmed life when Christina was – she was paraded before thousands for the christening of the Tina Onassis the largest super tanker ever built the more Onassis's fortunes grew the less time he spent with his children and tina shied away from them as well she was embarrassed by her awkward looking daughter Alexander responded to his parents neglect with violent Tantrums Kristina became shy and withdrawn at one point she stopped talking for over a week things only got worse when Aristotle installed his family on his new yacht the Kristina named in honor of his four-year-old daughter it was at 325 foot floating house with a swimming pool a three-story spiral staircase nine guest cabins and marble bathrooms with gilded faucets thirty guests could cruise for 30 days and never run out of caviar or champagne aristotle onassis had chosen to make a home for his family on the biggest most lavish yacht in the world but its luxuries were lost on the little girl it was named after it was Christina's least favorite place to me her parents were both having affairs and their bickering echoed throughout the ship most of these Affairs were frivolous but in 1959 Harry began seeing the celebrated opera singer Maria Callas Christina and Alexander saw the callous affair as a legitimate threat to their parents marriage and they did everything they could to let her know that she wasn't welcome on the yacht they considered home they resented her intrusion into their little family nucleus and didn't give her a chance at all I mean they would go out waterskiing when they knew she was taking a nap and do anything you know I thinks kids do to be as obnoxious as they can but nothing Christina did could repair her parents marriage by the summer of 1959 Ari and Tina divorced Christina later told a friend that she cried herself to sleep every night for a year in just two years her mother's remarriage would bring more stability to Christina's life but a devastating tragedy would soon default her family and change Christina's life forever you're watching christina onassis part of poor little rich girls weekend biography recent estimates are that if grain production stopped we'd have enough on hand at feed the world's 5.8 billion people for 50 days no more that's the lowest level ever recorded 86 million people are added to our planet each year which is like adding a city the size of San Francisco every three days people in developing nations can now afford a better diet they want vegetable oils eggs meat poultry these are grain and feed intensive products that parents 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international said give us a call today Haley's look at christina onassis continues on biography to the nine-year-old christina onassis the divorce of her parents seemed like the end of the world to make matters worse her brother Alexander was sent away to boarding school leaving Christina all alone with her mother but everything changed in 1961 outside a fashionable Greek Orthodox Church in Paris the mark is a pampered son of the Duke of Marlborough he and the host of photographers are awaiting his ride Tina Livanos arriving one of the most talked-about weddings a beer for tina marriage into British nobility promised even greater prestige as Blandford would one day inherit the majestic Blenheim Palace but for Christina it provided the stability of a ready-made family a new father a home in the country and something she'd always wanted her sister had an older sister to do fun things with and it was quite an influence on my life as a child she was I think she always thought it was quite fun to make me be quite naughty and get into trouble christina was finally living a life closer to that of a normal child she even attended school down the road from her home the headington school for girls her teacher's found her Pleasant and intelligent but they also noted that she was unused to taking responsibility for herself or for her possessions she had never met the discipline of learning and they didn't matter to her and she probably knew it didn't matter to her she was never going to have to earn her living therefore she would never need any qualifications of any sort so she just rubbed along as best she could doing the least amount of work with the minimum of effort school wasn't a priority but that wasn't because she wasn't intelligent she was highly intelligent I think it was just because there was so much else going on in our life and you know her life is probably mad mapped out to a certain extent in a vague attempt at enforcing discipline Christina's parents sent her to boarding school in Switzerland when she was 14 but her father let her leave school one year shy of graduating formal education just wasn't important for an amasses girl what mr. Onassis hoped for her and I'm sure her mother probably did too was that she would find you know a very attractive young man to get married and start up her own family much as her mother had done so in 1967 Christina sent out living the life of a very rich young girl she had plastic surgery to shrink her nose and rid of the dark circles under her eyes the results were striking she speeds Samer it's spent weekends at Paris discos shopped in London and tanned on the beaches of her father's private island Scorpios Colossus had purchased the 400 acre island in 1963 for $60,000 and equipped it with every imaginable luxury Christina had her own villa and unlimited use of her father's posts and his plane he called Christina Chris Olli is golden Onassis loved the fact that he was providing his daughter with this pampered life and she was only too happy to take it but there was nobody there who was sort of watching her character development there really gave a damn about her character and so she floundered like mad and boy she had the money to flounder in a big way especially when it came to men christina rushed into relationship quickly without thinking of the consequences more than one romance ended with her mother arranging for Christina to have an abortion and her father was even less sympathetic than Tina Christina's irresponsible romances could work him into a fury like nothing else he started screaming and screaming and screaming you do this and you would did this and then he said and now you can leave and she said no I can't why just leave he said I can't I messed the sofa like a little girl so can you imagine how strong he must have shouted Harry's idea of a good relationship was one that advanced the family fortune love was less important it was a philosophy he lived by in 1967 he dumped the unconnected Maria college to begin dating one of the most elusive and admired women in the world Jacqueline Kennedy a year and a half later there were rumors of an impending marriage 300 journalists descended upon Scorpios in October 1968 the rumors were true as a couple emerged from the tiny Greek Orthodox Church both Garlin did with orange blossom torrential rain was falling according to the Greeks this was a great omen of good luck for the newlyweds Harry and Jackie's wedding was international news but Christina and Alexander were far from excited they had grown closer in recent months allied over what they considered a disastrous Union it's rumored Alexander said the couple were a perfect match our Father loves names he said and Jackie loves money by 1971 Christina had her own love interest the object of her affection was 48 year-old Joe Volker a Los Angeles real estate investor whom the 20 year old Christina described to friends as a dinky millionaire Christina thought he was kind intelligent and sympathetic they spent passionate weekends together in Europe and Christina fell quickly and completely in love Joe wasn't ready to get married christina was she managed to convince him by taking an overdose of pills on July 27th 1971 the couple eloped to Las Vegas aristotle onassis was on the island of Skorpios when he heard news she didn't and the father that she was going to get married and apparently the whole of Greece had his shouts Onassis was furious that his daughter married without his permission in a rage he threatened to ruin Joe's career and the cut off Christina's seventy five million dollar trust fund the Nasus came down like a ton of bricks on that marriage and really made life so miserable for the both I think that alone would have destroyed it I mean even threats of strong-arm stop Onassis was just horrified that his daughter had gone off and married somebody that he hadn't picked Cristina herself began to have second thoughts she matched her glamorous life in Europe and wondered if she really wanted to spend the rest of her days as a housewife in Los Angeles so after seven months Cristina and Joe divorced on friendly terms Aristotle had won his battle but his victory would soon seem so trivial On January 22nd 1973 Alexander Onassis arrived in Athens to pilot a routine flight of his father's private plane just seconds after takeoff the plane hit the ground and tumbled over 400 feet crushing Alexander's skull there was little chance he would live christina rushed to the hospital to be by his side Christina was stoic as the Queen Victoria she grabbed his hand and then after 20 minutes he passed away and as we all said he was waiting for his sister to arrive let's say goodbye his death left the family reeling christina grief-stricken her father in shock they buried Alexander next to the small white chapel on the island of Skorpios in the wake of his death christina was thrown into a situation that no one had ever prepared her for overnight she had become the heiress to one of the biggest shipping fortunes in the world the pressure of that responsibility would intensify sooner than anyone ever could 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work at the company headquarters in Olympic tower and an ASUS owned skyscraper on Fifth Avenue for the first time in her life Christina had responsibilities and she took them seriously each day she showed up at the office on time and spent only a half hour for lunch there was nothing she could do to replace the Sun her father had lost but she did her best to prove she was responsible enough to take his place she was very capable then she you know she fought for the last dollar on charter rates and things like that she was smart she had her father's brains the despondent Aristotle Onassis hardly noticed he had little interest in the business anymore preferring instead to sit by Alexander's grave for hours at a time I think that at that point in his life he had decided life was not worth living anymore for him and in that ensuing year and a half he went downhill health-wise so fast so incredible for us who were watching it Onassis was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease called myasthenia gravis the incurable condition left him chronically fatigued and his drooping right eye was a constant reminder to Christina that her father wasn't well she was upset by his failing health but she had nowhere to turn her mother Tina was on a downward spiral of her own once a glamorous young socialite she was now in her third marriage facing middle-age and heavily addicted to alcohol and barbiturates I was really shocked when I saw her she had spots on a dress you know from last night's dinner and her hair was hanging down and she was drunk it was about 12 o'clock in the morning and I thought this can't be teen Onassis in August 1973 her brother dead her father sick and her mother more distant than ever the desperate 22 year old Christina tried to kill herself again with an overdose of sleeping pills her maid found her unconscious and called an ambulance in time to save her life two months later her mother succeeded where Christina had failed tina was found dead in her Paris home the autopsy listed acute edema of the lung as the cause of death the widespread belief was that she had taken her own life with an overdose of drugs and for Christina the tragedy wasn't over yet in February 1975 her father was admitted to the American Hospital in Paris while Jackie visited often christina took a room at the hospital right next to her father's she was afraid to leave his side she realized that all this organization this financial business empire was now something that she would have to deal with and so I think that you know there was a lot of strain there and she was trying to prepare herself psychologically to to rise to this requirement inevitably Christina's worst fears were realized on March 15 1975 aristotle onassis died Christina had lost her entire family in only 27 months she was now alone in the world his body was flown to Greece for burial christina and jackie led the funeral procession to the island of Skorpios where Onassis will be laid to rest next to his son Alexander at the time of his death the Onassis fortune was estimated to be worth between 500 million and 1 billion dollars Christina would inherit nearly half this money and the nonprofit Onassis foundation the other half but arey in the end hadn't trusted Christina he left control of her money to the foundation furious at her father's betrayal she sued and under Greek law was given 50% of her father's estate free and clear she also squeezed her stepmother out of her lawful 50 percent giving Jacquie a one-time lump sum of 26 million dollars christina onassis had finally taken control of her own life but with her brother mother and father gone there was no one to turn to for advice despite the fact that she ran the largest oil shipping conglomerate in the world Christina would become obsessed with only two things finding a husband and losing weight you're watching christina onassis part of poor little rich girls week on biography my best friend stands the envy 90 more 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was she wouldn't say anything and she would be in Athens or in Monte Carlo whatever sitting at the office before everybody arrived she would control like that and what she lacked in experience she made up for with instinct she would immediately looking at a page of paper see what's wrong and what's not and with a person she would immediately you couldn't cheat her she had her father's instincts but not his discipline running the company took backseat to her old quest for a husband it's very strange because if you have an empire like that you're bound to find something that interests you the same thing remained an obsession with finding the right man this time the right man was Alexander Andreas a 32 year old Greek and picked by Kristina's favorite aunt he seemed to be the perfect candidate to help Kristina run her empire young educated Greek and rich on July 22nd 1975 only four months after her father's death she and Alexander were married in the small chapel outside Athens she'd taken her father's advice marrying someone who could help run the family business but it didn't turn out that way just months after the wedding he asked her for 20 million dollars to bail his family out of a bad business deal her husband had suddenly become just another opportunist in July 1977 the marriage was dissolved she actually wanted somebody who wanted her for herself that was difficult because Christina met a lot of fortune hunters and very few real people so it was difficult for her to find the right person so of course she kept touching his straws like that because of Sergey cows off was undoubtedly the most unlikely of Christina's lovers head of the tanker division for the Soviet government he and Christina had met while putting together a business deal in 1976 cows off had a glass eye and gold teeth he was also short balding and married but in 1978 Christina fell in love and with her usual impetuousness told him she wanted to marry the 27 year old heiress was willing to give up her lavish lifestyle to live in Moscow at the height of the Cold War in a three-room apartment she would share with her husband and his mother despite the absurdity of the situation christina onassis went through with her third marriage on August 1st 1978 a 10-minute ceremony at Moscow's Palace of marriages cost less than $10 life behind the Iron Curtain didn't offer the eros the luxuries she was accustomed to she'd go into a department store and try and buy a refrigerator and they'd say okay it'll be delivered in four years and she didn't understand that at all but she was a good sport about it but I think she came to realize what a mistake she'd made and not too long after she was married she decided to go off and see some friends back in Europe by November Christina wanted a divorce she gave Sergei to oil tankers worth almost eight million dollars and jumped right back into her old life Christina left Moscow in time to spend winter at her villa in San Moritz embarrassed by her foray into Russian domesticity christina despaired over ever finding the right man she wanted the life but everyone what once she wanted her husband she wanted children she wanted to be busy in her house and in her life she wanted people needing her that goal seemed very far off the 28 year old Christina had spent the last four years trying to fill the void left by the deaths of her brother mother and father and now she sought solace in food and her weight ballooned suddenly she put on the weight and for the rest of her life I think this was a main problem it's like the chicken in the egg was she fat because she was unhappy or was she unhappy because she was fat christina was fighting a losing battle after dropping 10 20 even 50 pounds on crash diets she would put the weight back on and once again feel distraught she complained a lot about her life and we used to tell her you you know life's what you make of it you're not exactly starving in Pakistan with no choices Christina had everything in the world but nothing was making her happy and thirty years old she was diagnosed with acute depression had admitted to a hospital her doctors prescribed barbiturates amphetamines and sleeping pills and sent Christina back to her private island for rest and relaxation by the time her summer guests arrived Christina was popping pills mother handful she hosted 30 to 40 people on skorpios every week at a cost of $1,000 a day per person this was Christina's private playground the one place she was completely in charge when Christina was in her Island or in her house or in boats she took the decision and she did exactly what she wanted so when this is Frances broken carriage she looks like Lorena and she was a queen Christina was a benevolent ruler gracious and generous guests had everything they could possibly want with one notable exception if she found out one of her guests on Scorpius was taking marijuana or cocaine she would ask them to leave it was a strict strict rule there no drugs and then she'd be in her bedroom popping these and feta means and pills were her only addiction christina was obsessed with coca-cola she drank between 15 and 20 cokes a day importing it from the United States on her jet at a cost of over three thousand dollars a case christina was indulging her every whim surrounded by friends and buoyed by her daily dosage of pills she embarked upon another reckless romance in 1983 it would be even more disastrous than the rest but Christina believed she had found the man of her dreams Terry roussel the heir to a French pharmaceutical fortune the 31 year old Rachelle was a well-known Playboy whose first love was spending money he dabbled in his own businesses usually with little success unbeknownst to Christina he was deeply in debt friends warned her not to get involved with teary what she found his blue eyes and wavy blond hair irresistible Terri didn't find Christina quite as appealing he urged her to lose 50 pounds and stop taking pills and she did Christina went after him like crazy and resells father kind of pushed his son to go after Christina I think it was you know one of the worst kind of financially motivated marriages I've run into few that were as blatant as this one in February of nineteen eighty four christina and teary announced their engagement at 33 years old she would marry for the fourth time christina was full of optimism she was looking forward to settling down and starting a family but her disappointments weren't over yet this is imagine TV our mom looks a little lonely so let's add a Mercury Mountaineer here oh yes that's nice you see she took off in a mercury she took off in a mercury actually no it's a very drag until next time imagine yourself in a mercury you're planning for the future looking out for your family and your business you need strength and knowledge and experience on your side that's specific life helping you protect your family and plan a secure retirement our family of companies 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fourth wedding on March 17th 1984 she married kiri Roussel christina was madly in love after three failed marriages she was sure she had finally found the right man the newlyweds quickly set about creating a life together at theories urging christina bought a new plane for fifteen million dollars and spent another ten million on homes in London and Geneva she was very generous she was not keeping her money at all she was spending a lot of money that for the people around when she bought the plane it was too pleased with people around like theory but it was not for her Christina would do anything to please him as a wedding gift she gave Terry 20 million dollars to get his floundering business deals in order future gifts would push the number as high as 50 million in the past she had divorced husbands who had asked her for that much money but this time it was different christina was pregnant she desperately wanted to have her own family and for her this idea of having her own child and being able to be a very good mother was almost a fixation it was the one thing that she wanted more than anything else she was extremely happy this was magic this was magic christina was so excited about being pregnant that she purchased her own sonogram machine so that she could listen to the baby's heartbeat whenever she wanted she would put it on the phone to me through the kiparis trajan Tina look look here here and I was hearing the fat beats from the phone On January 28 1985 Christina gave birth to a baby girl she named her Athena after her mother but Kristina was determined not to be the absent parent her own mother had been she doted on her daughter 24 hours a day when Athena was awake and Kristina would be there for the meals Kristina would be there for to give a bath to take her to a walk even though the nurse would be here Kristina was with a daughter I think it was the best thing that ever happened to her and she adored Athena but in in a very natural way it wasn't like oh you know I'm trying to show off my daughter it was shit there was genuine love there and it was just wonderful to see that Kristina finally had the perfect family that she had always wanted but it was built on a fantasy in 1985 she found out that tiri had fathered a child with another woman only seven months after he and Christina were married her name was Gabi lund Haga a Swedish model whom teri had been seeing off and on for 10 years Gabi was already pregnant with their second child Christina was humiliated but it was almost a year before they divorced and even then their relationship was far from over despite his betrayal christina was still blindly in love with him and willing to do whatever it would take to keep teary around unable to compete with Gabby's beauty christina played the only card she had money the story was that if he would come down to Switzerland where she was living then and then spend the night that he could walk away with $100,000 she told that to a number of people she was very open about these humiliating things Christina even dropped 50 pounds at a clinic and asked kiri to father a second child she promised him 10 million dollars if a baby was born she was buying and and that was bad because it's like dealing with a black male the more you give the more he'll ask for or she really was willing to make desperate efforts to ensure that there was a family unit for the benefit of Athena so in many ways it's quite moving and you know quite touching what she tried to do but it didn't work in August 1988 Terry told Christina that he had decided to marry Gabi Christina had had enough she was determined to get away from him and start again in the fall of 1988 she went to Buenos Aires to shop for a new apartment christina was optimistic she had Athena and she hoped that would be all the love she needed I think that that came close to being her salvation she realized there were other routes to happiness besides the right man and she'd never entertained that thought before on November 18th Christina attended an evening barbecue with friends returning home around 1:30 but the next morning she didn't show up at breakfast she was found in the bathtub naked sitting in a few inches of cold water christina onassis had died of a heart attack her premature death caused by years of drug abuse and dramatic changes in her weight she was only 37 years old her body was flown back to Greece for the funeral teary Rozelle wept openly as he left the church and thousands of mourners blocked the streets later that day Christina's body was taken to Scorpios and laid to rest in the small white chapel next to her brother and father of course there were rumors of suicide but only trace amounts of amphetamines were found in Christina's system and only days before her death she and her friend marina had joked about their old age at last jokes where can we imagine when Athena will be in Switzerland studying and your daughter will be nach and Tina and we will be like two old ladies having tea with our poodles Christina left her billion-dollar fortune for her three-year-old daughter Athena to inherit on her 18th birthday Terry Roselle was left over 1 million dollars a year for life to cover the cost of raising their daughter bracel and for executives from the Onassis foundation were appointed the trustees of Athena's estate a decision that resulted in years of ongoing name-calling and legal battles christina onassis will be remembered forever as one of the world's richest women from the outside she seemed to have everything but on the inside she felt she had nothing she was consumed by her lifelong quest for love and acceptance oblivious to the possibilities that her wealth could have provided it was very sad that a woman like christina with all that incredible wealth and and of course the connections she had never managed to find a way to live her life usefully in her death christina left behind the trappings of her wealth material possessions that had done little to bring her true happiness in life from the time she was a child her father's fortune had always gotten in the way she add these beautiful things because it was easy for her but it did not make her happy personally she did not like eglee captors at all she had firm she possessed you Josie's but it was not going to make her happy love real life would make her happy I think it takes on if you'll forgive me Greek tragic proportions she was coming to a higher perception she realized that happiness did not lie and living only for yourself that she had this daughter now that she could pour out love and attention too sadly when christina onassis finally learned what true happiness was fate gave her little time to enjoy it her daughter Athena will also one day inherit the Onassis Millions time will tell if she also inherits the family misery Athena is now 13 and I guess you could say she's a poor little rich girl in her own right her father teary Roussel Kristina's husband number four is in the middle of a bitter legal feud with the Onassis foundation little Pina is scheduled to inherit 600 million dollars on her 18th birthday her father wants control of her estate the foundation describes him as a womanizer who will squander the money they also accuse him of robbing

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