A Day With IBM Verse

welcome to my work day with IBM Verse I have a few minutes before my next
meeting so I’m going to check out what’s going on I love this clean uncluttered view I can
easily see what’s important to me right away with the needs action feature including what I owe people and what they owe me this prioritized list shows me who I work closest with and gives me quick access to their profiles I see how this avatar has a badge let’s
see what she has for me I was expecting some discount guidelines
from her hmm… discount… I can use these filters to clean up my view even more, by time, by sender, by folder but I see the PDF I want right there
in the files window so I’m all set now I’ll check in on Gail she sent me an
email about the awards banquet planning and that sounds like fun I know all these
people mm.. except Renata, I always like to know who I’m dealing with so let me see where she sits, the team
analytics button will help me out here here’s how everybody on the thread is
connected and there I am if I want more info on anybody I can
just pull up their business card and “voila” nice to meet you Ms.
Washington if I wanted to invite Renata to a
meeting or a chat I could do that right from her card, so easy okay, back to the email this looks like something that Lucas should be in on so I’m going to forward it to him I just started typing Lucas’ name and his ID automatically pops up in the
text box he’s going to need the contacts file so
I’ll attach that but really I’m just sending him the link
to the file on connections so it won’t clog up his and box very cool… I better let him know that
this needs action today alright, what’s next? oh cool! we have a new team member, better welcome the new guy but hmm… not everybody has to be on this, easy enough to pull everybody else off and then I’ll CC Lucas on this like I said I like everything nice and clean so once I’ve sent this off, I’m going to
mute the whole thread so I don’t have it cluttering up my inbox there we go, back to Gail Ah yes the Zeta Bank win, that was
huge for us Hmm… but Gail only shared this with a few people I need to get this up on our teams
Community Blog in connections news this good needs to get in front of
as many eyeballs as possible before, this type of thing would have
just died in the Inbox all right everything’s looking good here time for my meeting, I love being able to
join right here from the calendar bar I can’t remember the last time I was
late for a call thanks for giving me back control of my
work day

21 thoughts on “A Day With IBM Verse

  1. Refreshing to see this. I can't wait to get my hands on this and get a better grip on my work.
    By the way I'm an IBMer but in this case equally importantly a GTDer.

  2. Refreshing to see this. I can't wait to get my hands on this and get a better grip on my work.
    By the way I'm an IBMer but in this case equally importantly a GTDer.

  3. looks nice product 
    However the presentation and the presenter makes me think i am dealing with a start up the produced a video on a very low budget …….
    How many time you can repeat ummm… feel good, amazing and I love that, cool and ummmm  ….the audio quality…..ummm   

  4. I finally can say that this idea is a pretty good one! congratulations! If you guys need a tester, please let me know. You can find me on connections by Salomao Oliveira!

  5. Definitely better than Notes and Connections combined. Can't wait to see how Watson can be available here though. Exciting time….

  6. I have not any chance to play with this new product….the question should be asked to IBM in general and IBM Marketing Department is how to promote this new product so that:

    1) Win new customers
    2) Encourage the existing customers to upgrade this product.

    In the past we have seen a lot of company moving off Lotus Domino to others email platforms……..and of course we dont want that happen to this new product again…Wakeup IBM

  7. I am deeply concerned since the IBM team really put all eggs into this, and the result is lame. I just got to see the UI of my trial account, and let me tell you, this app is not what it says at all. I am going to ring the Design team hoping they can give some excuses for what I see.

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  10. 1) Looks amazing.
    2) Well thought out.
    3) Every millennial’s dream job.
    4) Social media for a living.
    5) Look at what we have become.
    6) Soft, unpatriotic, self hating, self destroying millennials.
    Other than that I’ve no strong feelings on the matter. 🤣

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