good morning it is a bright and sunny Tuesday morning in October and I thought I'd do a daily vlog today I've never done a daily vlog before and I thought my life has changed a lot in the last few months and also you haven't seen my casual face for a while and I've done kind of a what's going on with me type video so I just thought I would combine it all and do a vlog my life has changed a lot and I feel like it's a bit amusing what I'm doing with my time and how I split my time I feel like I have been in a real weird funk for the last maybe months or two months and I haven't been out to make videos it's making me super super super anxious just the thought of sitting down and talking to a camera and this is the first time I've talked to a camera in I think two months maybe a month like a month and a half maybe and that is really really scary and I don't know why I haven't been out to do it but I feel like every time I went to film I would just get this really horrible feeling and I didn't want to do it and that's not like me so I just wanted to do something casual today and kind of see what a day in the life of me is like so so far this morning I have edited a video which I already had and that's kind of got me in the mood again which is really nice and today I'm mostly gonna be editing and I've got a few other bits and pieces to do the main thing I'm doing at the moment is working on my book the paper and heart of society which comes out next year and I'm working on my second round of edits for that so I've been working on them for a week already and I've got about just under three weeks left now to hand them back in so I'm going to be doing that and I'll talk about that more once I get going with that but first of all I wanted to do a quick unboxing and also show you some of the boxes I've got in the past few weeks I've got loads of big boxes of books and publicists and publishers have sent me so I thought I'd show you what I have got because there's some really good stuff in there so first of all this just arrived in the post this is a book i pre-ordered from waterstones and i think i know what it is but the book also come out for another week so I am really excited to see what it is because I know what I preordered and the book doesn't come out for another week so they've obviously sent it to me early but I use my muscles it is I'm so excited but this they've sent out early oh my gosh this is one dismiss by Jessica Townsend which is the second nevermore book and I read the first one earlier this year and absolutely adored it so i pre-ordered this signed edition from waterstones look how gorgeous this is Wow I love it so much I feel like if you love Harry Potter I want something that's gonna give you the same feeling as that then you should read this series and I can't wait to read the sequel I just love them they're so cinematic and I love the characters in them and they are just brilliant so so so so so so this is so excited and then in the past few weeks I've also had these three books has come and I did open them but I wanted to show you my own camera or I was maybe gonna do a blog post or an Instagram post on them so I thought I would show you what I've got the first one is this books it has this tree on the front and I shall open it up there it is there's the books and inside we have this lovely autumnal collection and a scroll see this is a copy of the twisted tree by Rachel Berg and I have been wanting to read this for a while I've heard really good things about it and I know Rachel threw a debut group because we are all debut waters next year and this comes out in January but it's already out on eBook now so if you want to read it then you can and the scroll is from the book so the part on the scroll is extracts from the book which kind of introduces it and it says on the back when the fog rises run for home my child dead men rise with the mist I feel like this is going to be a really spooky read and hopefully I'll get to read it in the next few weeks and get to talk to you about it when it comes out next year and then I also gotta sent this very shiny gold box and open it up there is no easy way to unbox something like this there's lots of goodies inside we're gonna show you as best as I can the book is last letter from Istanbul by Lisi Foley which is set just after the first world war and I've heard really good things like this it's actually been out in hardback already and quite a few of my family members heard write it I had recommended it so I'm really excited to read this myself there is this gorgeous candle which is going to look lovely with a tea light inside and also yes it I'm not sure what it is so I'm gonna unwrap it it looks like this how amazing is that and it says that is rose Turkish Delight so I'm gonna take the plastic from the outside if I can without scissors there we go look there is texture light inside I'm not overly keen on Turkish Delight but I know that my dad is so I think he's gonna really enjoy that and I might try some of it I find it quite sickly to be honest but I feel like you can't beat something really nice and sweet and lovely in a bookish parcel there's also this rose petals tea and this little pencil case or zip bag which was sourced in Turkey and then finally we have this which is so soft and lovely and it was such a lovely surprise when it opened up the past of the first time and then looking back through it again it was so nice so thank you so much to HarperCollins who sent this along and then the final one I have to show you is one of the best bookish parcels I think I've ever received in all of my time of being a blogger and a booktuber and it is this so in the front Lucy Perry is a pink feminist so very personalized which I like and then on opening up it is a very very pink inside so this is for the release of feminists don't wear pink and other lies by Scarlett Curtis with so many contributors such as Saoirse Ronan who I adore Keira Knightley is in here Jameela Jamil Grace Campbell Evanna Lynch Gemma Arterton another one of my loves so many so many others like zoella and Tanya burr and and Watson who's written a bit at the back about our shared shelf so I'm so excited to read this I love reading about feminism and I love reading other people's takes on feminism and feminist topics so it's going to be so good and I just I'm so excited again to read it so inside the box we have these two pins this says I prefer a female lead and is exclusive to Waterstone so you can go out and buy it and there's also this one that says full-time feminist on it I'm going to be wearing these on my pinafores which I can't resist and I love the design by punky pins I think these are so cool there's also a necklace that says feminist on it in conjunction with a really at London and then there is also some girl King nails pink nail polishes I don't paint my nails a lot but when I do it's really nice to have some nice nail polishes and finally there is these candy kittens sour watermelon sweets and a necklace from tak tea divine I love tatty divine stuff I actually own any of it but I always admire other people's when I see them post on Twitter or Instagram I think it's great and this is so cool it is a feminist don't wear pink one and it's got a star and a little moon charm on it which I love I'm gonna be wearing this as well I think it's a really great box in terms of things that I'm gonna wear a lot and I'm gonna read the book and I just absolutely love this as soon as I opened it it was something that I knew I was gonna love and I know that I'm gonna love the book too so thank you to penguin for sending this across and all three books are out now so those were some of the boxes that I have received I just wanted to show you because I thought it something really nice to share and I hope that you were inspired by some of these books this is really nice to receive boxes like this I think it's really exciting and really brings the books to life and it's definitely a perk of being a blogger or a booktuber which I really like I'm gonna go now and do some work on my book I'm going to try and get through a whole chapter and May another chapter after that say I feel like I've got a lot of work to do on that I really do want to get done which will be difficult because I am finding it quite tricky to edit this book it is a lot of brainpower and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I did last time but it's still hard it's still a lot of thinking time and a lot of decisions to make within the writing so I'm gonna try and get as much done today as I can because it's my birthday later this week so I would like some time off at the end of this week so it means catching up and getting ahead so I'm going to do that and I'll date you and talk you through more about my writing in a bit so I have spent the rest of the morning working on the first half of the chapter I've been working on actually went quite well I had to go back to the start and work my way through again and then finish off and now I've got the other half work on after I have had lunch this afternoon I'm pretty pleased as how it's going I'm not certain and I probably won't know until I get my feedback back again from my editor but I feel like I am in the right frame of mind today to really get on and do lots of work which is really nice and feels very rewarding in terms of the Edit I'm doing at the moment it is a structural edit which means that I'm reworking chapters and writing new scenes in and it's not as much work as the first structure edit I did which really was turned the whole book around but with this I've also got a line edit so I've got a loose line edit where my editor goes through it line by line in the book and marks up any of her concerns ask me questions about what's going on and really questions why the characters may be doing things that they've done and deleting stuff and adding stuff in so I've got to check all of that and check that what's deleted is meant to be deleted or what added in actually fits with the book and kind of integrate it in nicely which I actually quite enjoy it's a different kind of challenge and really does make you think about it whereas with the structural stuff it's a lot more planned and I feel like there's a bit room so I quite like the tightness of the line edit so I'm doing a combination of both at the moment and my draft is doing in November in the second week so I have got to get that done and after that it will go to a full line edit so I'll have the whole manuscript with comments and stuff on and and that should be good and then after that it goes to copy edits where somebody else reads it and really checks the nitty gritty stuff and checks like why they standing here when the next minute they're sitting and things like that so yeah I'm enjoying it it's a very different thing I feel like I found editing really really challenging this time and I never expected that I'm finding it so difficult mentally and the last round I found so difficult it broke me and it took me ages and I went over my deadline slightly which is why I'm a little bit behind now and I'm just a bit annoyed with myself really at how frustrating I found it because it's something I really love but I have found it difficult and I mean there's nothing wrong with that but I think it's important to admit when you're struggling and they have been struggling with it I feel like I'm getting out of that struggle now and this draft is so much easier than the last one but it is still tough and it's still mentally something you've got to cope with and that are new challenges when you get a deal and you are working with a publisher on a book there are different challenges again once your book has go into publication you're working on something else so every side of the process I work on comes with new challenges and there are good challenges and there are also tricky challenges that all you've got to do is work through and I'm at the stage at the moment where I'm just working through and keeping going but I like it and this afternoon I will show you a bit more of what editing is like and that should be good so I have eaten my lunch I have taken my dogs for a walk and now I'm ready to your work for the rest of this afternoon and into this evening as long as I'm done before bake-off is on tonight then I am fine with that I'm going to try and work up into so I'm gonna do a bit of editing in a minute because I've done all my video stuff I want to do today and all that kind of stuff but first I've got some admin to do like answering emails and I've also just planned out my week I kind of plan it out on here this is a week it's called the weekly times and I saw this on Jan Campbell's channel and I thought it would be a good way of planning out my week because I'm quite disorganized with when I do things so I thought it would help with that so I've done that and kind of give myself a loose plan of how this week will pan out and when I can fit everything here Nicole's gonna film videos this afternoon until actually I'd rather do more editing today and spend more time tomorrow filming videos because tomorrow I've got a scene to write completely so I know that I can kind of sit down and do that or as today I've got a few different bits to do so I would like to do it that way around so I plan on there and I mean it works sometimes I tend to just have a to-do list that I use which just sits on my desk and that's much better for me to do it says feminist – with a to do list and I just write down my tasks for the week at the start of every week and that's kind of how I get stuff done the entire love content planning then it's better to have it laid out in kind of a weekly plan because I've always got Instagram posts due this afternoon but I am a bit unsure why Instagram at the moment I'm not really sure I want to do that and that's a bit frustrating I'm kind of planning out everything to do with all my channels and kind of figure out what I want to get out of them because I'm not really enjoying as much at the moment and I feel like if you're not enjoying it then there is a reason wine so you have to take a step back and look at everything you're doing and I feel like in terms of Instagram I think it's the stuff I'm posting I'm just not happy with so I want to take a look at that and play around with a few photo ideas and see if I can find something that will make me happier but we'll have to see on that and honestly social media is not my priority right now my priority is finishing this book so I'm gonna do some editing I thought I would show you actually what my editing notes look like so my editor Polly had read my last draft of my manuscript and then lastly she sent me back a whole eight pages of notes of things that she thought needed improving and they were really detailed things and last time I did edits I actually took these notes and put them into a plan of my own this time I'm kind of just working off of here and I've highlighted loads and I've highlighted the whole thing with things that I really agree with and written suggestions on here and I'm going through it as I go because I've got a lot of the big things in my head that I want to do and I've also got a whiteboard that I work from it looks like this and I'm not going to show you what's on it because those would be spoilers for my book and you've got to read it so find out what happens but I put detailed chapter plans on here as I'm working through them so that I've got loads of notes and I was working on paper but honestly was a bit of a waste of paper so I found that a whiteboard I could just splurge all my thoughts on to it and that way I can just rip it off afterwards after I've done that and it feels really satisfying to do that so I'm working from the notes that I've done on here and that system has worked for me this time every round of edits is a little bit different but this is what is working for me at the moment so that's pretty much how I'm planning out what I've got to do so next up for me today is answering a few quick emails and also eating quality Street because at this point in the day I start to flag and I need some sugar desperately I mean I don't eat that every day but today I just need a boost and those are my birthday chocolates and I just feel like in my soul what I need today is chocolate so I'm gonna do some admin and then maybe I will show you behind the scenes of my Instagram so I'm going to work on my Instagram now I don't really do anything fancy with my Instagram which i think is one of the reasons I like it so much as a platform because I really don't put a lot of F into it I don't put any more effort than I need to do internet which as well as lots of people would disagree with it but for me it's not one of my priority platforms I really enjoy it I enjoy doing my stories and I enjoy talking to lots of people on there but in terms of the pictures and my feed I really don't worry about it and I think that's the right way to go about it because I feel like with the algorithms changing and a lot of pressure to get lots of likes and comments I don't worry about that as much and that is what does work for me because why I get so stressed about it I'd worried I wasn't getting enough likes or didn't have enough followers and for me keeping it low-key and keeping it something that I like and enjoy is what takes away that pressure because I think there is a lot of pressure with social media and I think if you do this every day it's good to take away as much of that pressure as you possibly can so my krump is low-key I just used my phone to take my pictures I edit on the Instagram app I really don't do anything fancy and I have tried fancy things in the past but I always return to the less fancy things and that's what works for me and I think with social media you have to find the thing that works for you otherwise there's really no point in it so in the past few months I have been using Instagram background so I bought which are like big rolls that you roll out on the floor and you can use as backgrounds but I don't really love it I like it and it's good to use but I feel like it's a lot of effort again and I just want to take that effort away and I feel like in terms of what I want my feed to look like last year I was using this which is my Catherine and that is a Welsh blanket it's a family heirloom it has Mouse holes in it which is how old it is it was just in a dusty old box I think four years and got very damp so I inherited it when my nan sadly passed away and it's very special to me and I feel like I want something that special something that represents me on my social media so decided to go back to using this and it's always on my bed so it's easy to set up it's there already so you can take pictures at any time of the day I'm gonna start by taking a picture of my three an of Green Gables books because I recently read an of Green Gables I loved it so much I would really love to talk about it on my Instagram page so I'm gonna take a picture of these I'm not gonna lay them out very francilee I'm just gonna see how it goes like I said I use my phone I put it on portrait mode and this is an iPhone eight plus I think I have tried using a camera in the past I've used my DSLR but I mean I find it a faff to put it from one camera to my phone and like edit I just find it all too much to cope with so I just use my phone now and that is what I like so that is that picture done I took a few different shots in different layouts so that I could choose between them and I want to take a picture of this edition of surely by Charlotte Bronte which is my favorite book of all time and this is actually edition that I bought recently which is from 1891 and is actually published by Smith elder & Company who originally published the book so I'm really excited to picture this for the first time I'm not actually a hundred percent happy with how that picture turned out so I'm gonna rework it so I've taken some of my other old books such as this copy of Lord Byron's poetry which has an inscription saying Christmas 1919 on it and I'm gonna make it into a post and picture about old books which i think is a lot more personal and I think that when you're taking a picture you have to give yourself time to think about the story that you want to create with it and that is definitely the story that I want to go for so that's what I'm gonna do instead and then the final picture I want to take is one of last letter from istanbul by lucy foley which i featured earlier in this video so i'm going to use my props i was sent to create the picture Instagram pictures are done so I'll show you in a minute how I edit them I'm pretty sure that I could win an award for the laziest book sister grandma but I'm going to show you how I edit and I don't think that these pictures are going to need a lot of editing but this is what I see so I go into my pictures and then I go on to my favorites so I've already looked at the pictures and then I'm just going onto my favorites and I can see which one I like so I go full picture in this I don't really like sticking to the squares anymore but it's important to look and see where the frame is gonna go on your feed which gives you a general indication so I'm not really sure which of these pictures are like most what I'm looking for is the framing is a lows of space off to the side is there loads of space at the top or at the bottom that's the kind of thing I'm looking for because that's gonna affect how the picture looks and also just the general coloring I really like this coloring the lighting came out really well so I actually think I like this one the most and I kind of want to go away from the typical flat lay which is why I take in the picture from this angle that was just something that when I was taking the picture I thought looked a lot better and in terms of the way the book looks and the way it pops on the picture I actually really like this so that is what I'm gonna do I'm going to go for this one does it really need any changing I'm looking at the colors and it is actually coming up really nicely so I actually don't think this picture needs editing but usually I would maybe make a tiny bit lighter or up the contrast just if it needs it but I try and get the picture spot-on first time because then you don't need to do the editing and it saves a lot of time and also it just makes it look more natural it takes away some of the blur of the photo and takes away some of the graininess that you get when you edit but I will edit if I need to but I literally do everything and don't really tend to add any filters in terms of the caption I want to create something that feels very personal it's like talk about my experience reading the book what it reminds me of how I feel and I try and make it something that only I could write it's like a mini blog post really and I used to really like writing blog posts but now I think the Instagram is so good for doing that kind of content so it's nice to do something I feel like a blog post is quite long or it can be and is suiting a different purpose than a scram post would so you kind of have to tailor it to each platform you're doing and I was trying to ask a question at the end of my Instagram post as well because it makes people want to comment then they want to reply and for me that is really rewarding when other people tell you what they thought of a book or give you a recommendation based on the book that you've read so I think you have to make it personal it has to be an experience because otherwise why somebody gonna want to comment on your post over somebody else's who is much more engaging and interactive now for me it is about making those personal connections I don't do it for a number of likes or comments I do it because I'm genuinely interested and I find it fascinating that people all over the world can comment and contribute to a much bigger conversation the picture alongside my caption has been posted and in the end I went for autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year I love the leaves crunching underfoot and the song of the Robins as they find their voices again at the end of last month I read Anna green gables by Ella Montgomery and was struck by how much it epitomizes autumn as Anne herself says I'm so glad I live in a world where there are October's which is very true I thought the same that wasn't in the caption it made me feel warm and cozy and Ellen Montgomery's beautiful prose has stuck with me ever since it even made me shed a tear at the end this week I turned 19 and one of the lessons I want to take away from reading Ann is to live with excitement and imagination even if both do get her into trouble sometimes because and zest for life is what makes us so infectious we can all learn a lot from Anne Shirley which I just really love like I said I want to make it personal something that is very close to me and explores my feelings about certain things I love it combines my love of a new Green Gables with my love of the autumn and mixes in my love of nature writing too with the leaves and the Robin even though it's something very short I think that is a caption that I wrote from the heart and it didn't take long but it's something that made me feel better it's a creative way of exploring your feelings about the books that you've read or you want to read and that's why I really like about it and what I really want to rediscover again I feel like I am in a big funk at the moment like I said at the start and I'm just discovering what I want I've been doing this for seven years nearly and that's a long time to keep doing something can I think you've got to switch things up and I think that's what I'm doing at the moment and I'm doing this full-time now writing and I suppose I'm doing writing full-time and then doing online stuff the other parts of my time and getting that balance right it's difficult but I want to get it right and it is something that's really important to me and I don't want to give it up completely but I think something has got to give and you've got to make changes to make it more exciting for yourself and I think that is kind of what I'm doing at the moment and figuring out how I want to do things now that this isn't a hobby anymore is something that I do every day and have time to do every day I mean sometimes it feels like I haven't got time to do it every day but I have and this is what I'm spending my time doing so I'm just kind of figuring it out and it's taking some time and I'm gonna try and enjoy it and I'm gonna try and have fun with it and just try and do that but it is difficult I have felt very anxious and very unsure of myself I mean I've spent the last fourteen years in education and suddenly I'm not doing that anymore and that's been quite hard to think about and figure out what I'm doing and where I want to go and what I want to do and I don't have to figure that out immediately I'm only 19 hopefully I've got many more years ahead of me to figure out what I actually want to make of my life and but I'm working on the book and I'm working one of the stuff and I've just got to figure out figure out who I am and who I want to be with all this online stuff and how to fit it all in and think about what I want to prioritize and figure out the connections that I want to make because I think for me it is about those personal connections the way that we connect three books the way that you get to meet people and talk about books with them and that's what I want I don't want the money and the fame and whatever I just want personal success and I want something that's gonna make me happy and it's gonna make other people happy too I mean they would be happy all the time this blog for example is pretty rough but I just want to do something that does hopefully brighten somebody's day if not mine so now I'm gonna spend the rest of the day working on my edits I've got another chapter and a half I want to do which I know I said earlier but I did more and then I've still got more that I want to do or kind of change my target so I'm gonna do that and try and get through as much as I can of that and I'll update you once I've done a bit more so that is me done for the day you can tell it's the end of the day because my face is looking shiny my lipstick is absolutely disgusting but I've done everything I need to do today and now I'm gonna go and watch some YouTube get ready for Great British Bake Off my favorite and that was a day in the life of me I hope you enjoyed it every day is very different so I'll probably do another one of these at some point if you enjoyed it um so I hope you did I really hope you liked it that was my day that's what my day looks like so thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you guys soon happy reading


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