A Day In The Life: Composer (Music)

composure at 2:00 a.m. I'm also in charge of the music department where I have to go through the work that comes out of the music department every day and make sure that everything is up to standard I also produce and write music for advertising I studied film and TV production in Australia and when I finished my studies I went back to Singapore and I was offered a job and shortly after that I came to Malaysia because I was offered another job here so during that time we had a recession in Singapore and so things weren't going that well so I ended up here and never looked back since I think the first inspiring moment for me was in to 0:04 I believe when he had a music I'm sorry it wasn't music it was Malaysia video was enthusiasm for and I won the best music for Malaysia truly Asia we got second runner-up before that and so that was quite a pivotal moment in my career so I'm very thankful for that challenging task I would say sometimes dealing with clients constant changes of the brief or the music sometimes it's quite difficult to understand clients perspective what they require for music because they are not musicians or sometimes they're aware of the communicate and the way they want certain things to be done sometimes that could be quite challenging for us in terms of trying to understand and yet provide a solution for them but generally speaking I guess we because of the experience that we have we are able to probably solve our clients problems by quite easily so but day to day stuff these are one of them this is one of the things that we do I think lots of things music is a big love of my life so I enjoy creating and writing music working with my colleagues we have a great team here ii am more like a family rather than colleagues we get along enjoy jazz company I think because it's a small outfit here to him we we kind of take care of each other so the day and they are working together it's quite a pleasant experience even though sometimes we were play and things can get quite challenging at times but I think in any job in any career the best motivating factor is to love what you do if you love what you do you're able to cover the day-to-day you're able to move forward you're able to try your best because you enjoy what you do and your job is in the job it's it's a it's a passion for you so even I speak for myself where they are challenging tasks sometimes a difficult client they're the things that will always set you back but if you have the passion you always push forward and I also believe that if you do love what you do then you have to put in the effort you have to be hard-working and and really push forward and try your best otherwise you that's how you succeed in industry I believe I think in order to succeed in any industry you have to be the all saying you got to be hard-working you go to to rewire your soul you need to be hard-working and do as much as you can learn as much as you can as you go along and continue to improve yourself continue push yourself to greater heights so that you know eventually you can also contribute back to the to the industry to the to the to the people who wants to follow your footstep so you set the pathway for them so hope that this will inspire you to pursue the career of your dream and also to continue to work hard and push for greater heights

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  1. I was hoping for a bit more info onto the qualifications required and what the actual day to day duties are of this type of job 🙂

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