A conversation with M. James Penton (Watchtower historian, author and former elder)

34 thoughts on “A conversation with M. James Penton (Watchtower historian, author and former elder)

  1. thank you for this interview .a lot of good advice and ideas for those fading or just walking away from WT.

  2. As to Mr. Pentons words to us just realizing it's not the truth…I vcd will still believe I n.v the words of Jesus and to love one another and I hope to have some joy and be a moral person and I will never be a capitalist (I'm too poor!lol). Ihave been pretty isolated for decades n pi t in the truth but not in the world either. I don't want to live if the truth isn't the truth (to be honest). I'm devastated.

  3. Lloyd,first if all II love your content. I am not an ex JW and have never been one, but I am fascinated by these accounts. I remember a family of 3 children that went to school with me who were witnesses.
    How old were you when you were awakened???

  4. One of the most loving and considerate men I ever heard… the true example of what god and his son is. Thank you so much. The only one that truly help me see the truth. God bless you

  5. I was wondering why even exjws still don't say the name Jesus , It is the name that's above every name.

  6. Wow! Just watched his interview carried out in the 80’s or 90’s talking about the culture of the JDubs with themes such as the victorian puritanism, authoritarianism and self righteousness of the members. I was hooked. A fantastic listen and now here is the man himself, all those years later. Incredible.

  7. Brilliant interview. While I don’t agree with his thinking on cult and brainwashing that’s okay.

  8. Ex Jehovah's Witness here. Thank you for the content. I just want to point out that I actually very much support capitalism and think it has good effects so I disagree with you there.

  9. Lol hes a fourth generation Witness and his kids are 5th generation..but he doesnt think hes been brainwashed LOL

  10. POR FAVOR, NECESITAMOS EL LIBRO APOCALIPSIS APLAZADO EN ESPAÑOL. Miles de personas de habla hispana lo busca. Ayudennos

  11. I always felt the door to door work was not the most effective way to preach. Bugging people early Saturday morning and waking them up, does not reach their hearts. People hide and don’t come to the door. They are irritated.

  12. Took me years to fall away and yrs to deprogram. Still have fear of destruction….brainwashing?, I think so.

  13. I'm not a JW,.. all organizations weather businesses or churches or religions are run by people, people are not perfect not only that but you're coming up with things that happened years ago knowing that even by the words of this man being interviewed some of them are dead and I would assume some have may have left the organization. I've gone to many churches and baptized in the Baptist Church.I can go to a club or a gentleman club,drink use drugs even being a so called member of the church live like a devil during the week show up Sunday influencing other members with my poisoning lifestyle and no one will disfellowship me.
    I've gone on many channels like yours that speak bad about the JW'S just to get some insight and hopefully make a decision on weather I should start a Bible study with them,all the negatives stuff you all talk about them are things in the past and another thing just about all the channels on YouTube and and all the commenters that speak horrible about the JW alot of these people were in the organization for a long time.I can understand if it was 1 year or two years and you figure how horrible they are but 5 ,10 or elder come on sounds like disgruntled or people that want to start to live like the world.

  14. I really appreciate this video. This guy amazes me. I am so grateful you got this interview done.

  15. I could listen to Dr Penton for days. What an amazing interview with a sound, rational voice. Thank you so much for this!

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