A conversation with composer Franck Bedrossian

7 thoughts on “A conversation with composer Franck Bedrossian

  1. So amazing! Do you have by any chance a transcription of this interview? I'd love to make a spanish translation, i feel the information available to the spanish-speakers community it's very arid at the moment about the current music landscape in general :/

  2. I really appreciate you doing these interviews with contemporary composers, it's helping a lot to get an idea of what the musical landscape is currently.

  3. So interesting!! Thank you both!
    I just saw your See Saw by Pink Floyd analysis, So good! again, thank you for all you do on your Youtube channel for us!!
    I was wondering if you ever did an analysis on Tangled Up in Blue: Deciphering a Bob Dylan Masterpiece? Hear's a good one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4VwQXoyodk Don't want to pressure you to do better or anything but different maybe! Your analyses are so fantastic( and different) I would just love to hear you do one on the greatest song ever written and sung by the worlds greatest known troubadour that still exists on planet earth! You can tell I'm a fan of Bob Dylan? OK Thanks,BYEE!!
    MAESTRO !! If you Please : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwSZvHqf9qM

  4. To most people, Boulez, Messiaen and Dutilleux are obscure avant gardists. To Mr Bedrossian, they were the basic "classics" of his student days, soon to be supplanted by the Spectralists and other new music (these latter pretty much unknown to the general public). That is a sign of the distance between a general audience, even a musically educated audience, and academic composers.

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