A Conversation with Best-selling Author Anita Diamant

like this one is a thank-you everybody here
leading into you and for inviting me having been practicing nineteen seventy five things have changed a lot since not only on in terms of the landscape and buildings that
also in terms of energy and enthusiasm uh… standard precedent uh… infinite space if he backs a thank you when i was in undergraduate school and rent
a room of one’s own by virginia woolf an equity changed my life without my knowing completely at the time do you want that that is really all about uh… where the women’s stories where the stories
on she goes to the british library and she looks
up women and there’s almost nothing on the shelves before remember in the nineteenth century and she
imagines shakespeare’s sister and who what she would have been like what you have written
like so that she is supposed to challenge what what would it have been like to get stories from his point of view uh… what if they catch enough to be a bit like
each other much and she says and what if that’s the latest it’d be more
complicated so i wanted to complicate the relationship between the two leah in threads and it’s really an eka uh… on and self unconsciously i think in
some ways that something a resident of graduate except without the western and for classes banana and seeing hansi initiates a threatening on confiscating usually take from if in fact senior is still the a_t_f_ you
just get heating up on the now on how long it takes a different you know the best sellers her vocally represented and while backpacking
fifty-nine i mean really did have a slight problem and that this would make a great now
but i was not addressed right because i really do know when i read an article admira about
faulkner every weekend but it just kept happening on the shoulder
and i didn’t want someone else to get to that story before i did on and also because it’s
in the rear view mirror a little bit this is a book about after hotel costs millions
and and resilience what happens afterwards so once i actually committed to writing the
book is about three years to between tennessee enmity between half between really making
the decision to do it signing contracts and training for it so if it’s at least three years from now non-fiction
but probably i can microphone faster in q thank you and teaching on correspond jewish women writers
and i a recently asked the rabbi in florida who he felt was the most influential i’d jewish
woman writer fifteen-year-old and his answer to me was that there werner i’m really hoping you’ll give me a different
answer and i’m just wondering uh… who you would
get and why there’s just this huge range from very serious and scholars cynthia i think decent out of it is set for yourself and ok
met living at contemporary and and more coming on it’s fun stuff uh… you know in the past arm you’ll get used to extend that economic had
a lot of impact on me at the cannes common actually answers maybe you can help me i just i just read down
there was a their office in uh… nineteen twenties who who will pop very popular office published
in the new yorker prevent grows alone right respond roscommon she was she published several
models banish whose partners scene specials coming up later in the monkey came
in once on the way that novelist is sometimes tough
i think jewish there’d been jewish women writers for centuries and hope for a couple of things
ruth on a lot of them are invisible and some of the for cotton and and and they’re more
to come see i’d like to think of the afterwards yahoo isn’t busy sin said that with the and no more and doing it almost

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