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hello my friends today I'm doing my book Expo and book haul no book Expo and book con haul this year book Expo and book on was like the most fun that I've ever had at a book convention ever it was just the best time with friends my vlog is already up and that's what I kind of tried to communicate through that vlog is that like it was just a lot of like friends hanging out together and having a good old time maybe getting some great books as you will see in a minute but also just like bonding and like you know being in New York City together Ashley over Ashley outpitched stayed with me this year so we had lots of late-night shenanigans and kpop e times so yeah it was a lot of fun and I got a lot of great books that I'm super excited about one of the things that was interesting about this year is that there were pretty much two really anticipated releases of which I and most other people got neither because there were less like super highly anticipated books this year they were more highly in demand and so they were harder to get last year I pretty much got all of my anticipated releases actually I did get all of my anticipated releases last year and this year I didn't get either erin morgenstern or Leigh bardugo new books however it was actually kind of nice because as much as I want to be reading ninth house right now it actually freed me up to look at other books that were available and get things that I'm now very excited to read that I may not have been as focused on if I'd gotten 9th house because if I gotten 9th house I would have just been like I'm done I'm out my life is great so I also got some non bookish related things because whenever Ashley's in the city we are bound to go to Lyme friends and such so I will haul those here as well the first thing that I have to haul is not technically from Book Expo but I did get it during Book Expo week and it is this box from Book of the Month Book of the Month is a company that I love and follow on Instagram and have been following for a long time it's something that my mom is subscribed to and that I sometimes steel when she doesn't want to use it however they are currently launching a new why a branch output more info on specifics of how it works down below in the description box but they sent me a sample box and so I'm going to unbox it now for you all it's so cute look at it it's all pink and like squiggles doodles and stuff oh there's a cookie so this is the first thing that I'm seeing it is this book of the month cookie which I cannot eat but I very much so appreciate for the aesthetic and then I have some tins book mochi pins these are also really cute focus over here this little green one right here is my fav maybe this bad one or the angry one I don't know I like them all they can go right here on my little pin I did drink coffee this morning guys that's why I'm singing so much just so you know the inside of the box says read your heart out so there is a little letter here from the editorial director a book of the month why a each month we feature five brand-new hardcover books our members choose one and we ship it right to their doorstep follow us on Instagram so basically the way it works is that every month you have options of which book you want to pick and then you pick one out of the five and they send it to you oh my gosh this is gorgeous so the book is called with the fire on high by Elizabeth hmm I'm not sure how you say her last name ace veto oh it's the author of poet X oh my goodness I didn't know she had a new book look how gorgeous this cover is please focus not on my face and on this girl wow this is stunning okay so it is about a girl who got pregnant in her first year of high school and so ever since her life has been about her daughter and her abuela and her kind of like place of peace and place of like creativity is cooking and so she dreams of working in a kitchen after she graduates it sounds like it's about her wanting to follow her dreams but like also having responsibilities because she has a kid and honestly I'm sold just by the cover cuz I'm so beautiful oh thank you book in a month I was very excited to read this one okay now on to the arcs I'm gonna try and go through these quickly the first one is permanent record by Mary HK Choi I did wait in line and go to her signing my little sticky note is still in there so she signed it for me I never finished reading emergency contact not because I didn't enjoy it I just was not in the right mood for it when that book was released although I still intend to go back and read it because I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy it but this one takes place in New York City that's right New York my home my place the love of my life in New York so basically it is about a boy named Pablo who's an NYU dropout and a girl named Liana who has enough social media followers to populate whole continents and I'm guessing they meet and probably fall in love because it looks like they're making out on the cover so this is going to be my first read of the book Expo books that I got I'm leaving for France literally today and I'm bringing this one with me on the plane ride so yes also Mary HK Troi just seems really cool like whenever I meet her cuz I've gone to two of her events now I'm just like you are so cool like you're the coolest teach me how to be this cool the next book was the one that I most wanted after ninth house and a starless C and I was like I got it it is Rudess a Cuddy's new book The Fountains of silence I love Rudisill Petty's books like salt to the sea remains to this day one of my favorite books ever in general I'm not a historical fiction like fan not that I don't enjoy it it's just not my go-to genre however whenever I read it I really do love it so I feel like I should probably read it more ah this is her new book so as soon as I knew that they were dropping arcs for her new book I was like I need it I need it in my life please give it to me this one was not a signing it was just an in booth drop they put him on the ground and we picked him up this one comes out October 2019 and I forgot to say but this one comes out September 2019 next we have this the which I'm also very excited for I kind of forgot what I got because it was such a whirlwind week and now that I'm looking back through everything I'm just so excited so this book is low-key where mischief lies it's a book about Loki by Mackenzie Lee and I think it's like his back story is that right yes it's his back story like pre Avengers days let's see is this middle grade no it's why a and I'm just excited for like young angsty Loki that's what I'm expecting like Slytherin teenage boy yes great love that this movie comes out also in September 2019 the next one is Ibiza boys new book which is called my life as an ice cream sandwich which I'm not sure why it's called that but as soon as I heard the title I was like this sounds adorable I think I need to read it Ibiza boy wrote Pride which is a Pride and Prejudice retelling that takes place in Brooklyn and it was like one of the highly anticipated arcs of last year so when I knew she was doing a middle-grade I really wanted to read this one and it also has comic pages throughout which I'm so excited for I don't know a lot about the plot of this one I just know that it is a middle grade and it has comic pages things that I love and this one comes out August 2019 so just a couple months from now let's see what it says evany grace Norfleet flies from Huntsville Alabama to Harlem where she stays with her father while her mother deals with the trouble that's arisen for ebony Grace's grandfather Jeremiah North Lee one of the first black engineers to integrate NASA in the 60s oh that's cool ever since she came to live with him when she was little he nurtured his granddaughter's lot of space and science fiction especially Star Wars and Star Trek I'm sold I'm in let's go okay the last book that I have before I move on to graphic novels is serpent and dove by Shelby Maher in this one is about a witch hunter I think witch and a witch hunter magic is hunted and witches are burned and bent on revenge literally all I heard was witch in witch hunter and I was like yes it is about a witch who like gave up on her magic and left her coven fled to he patrolled by huntsman who lived by one creed thou shalt not suffer a witch to live who she tricks one of the city's witch hunters into a public scandal we love that this one comes out also in September 2019 it sounds like it's about a witch and a witch hunter who like through various circumstances getting married but like maybe she's secretly a witch like people don't know she gave up on her magic magic is like illegal or witches are hunted just all good stuff we love forbidden romance yes we do okay and then I picked up some graphic novels some of which I bought and some of which I got signed and stuff the first one is stargazing by Jen Wang Jen Wang did the prints in the dress maker which I loved it's an adorable graphic novel if you haven't read it and this is her new graphic novel it sounds like it is about two best friends living in a Chinese American community but from the blurb it sounds like there's some like Chinese mythology kind of worked in like magic type stuff which I love I used to read a lot of books like that when I was a kid so yes I did also get this one signed my sticky note it's also still inside that one and she drew a little character very cute I love it and then the next one that I got is probably another one that I will bring to France with me it is moon cakes by Wendy Chu and Susan Walker we met the artist and author for this one and they were so so sweet if he saw in my vlog where someone was drawing me Zuko fan art which is now hanging up right there on my wall that was the artist for this book so we went to their signing and then later we ran into them in the food court and they were like hey we're not doing anything do you want us to draw you something and so Wendy drew up some little doodles she drew Sailor Moon and I got Zuko and Ashley got howl from Howl's Moving Castle and they were so sweet we kept running into them throughout the week so it was one of those really fun special Book Expo experiences made even more so because this is one of my most like anticipated reads from book Expo it's a paranormal romance basically she's a witch and I think he is a werewolf type thing yeah werewolf ooh her childhood crap cute okay yes it's about a witch and a werewolf and he has like long hair and an earring they just look so cute I'm really excited I will definitely be buying the finished copy of this as well because the first few pages are color and then the rest is not colored in yet which is pretty typical for like graphic novel arcs oh I forgot to say star gazing comes out in September and mooncakes comes out in October so those will be some fall graphic novels the next thing that I have Wendy was also involved in creating this one and it is dream daddy a dad dating comic book yes if you don't know what dream daddy is it's a game that's like been viral if you're on the internet and you don't know what dream daddy is you've missed some stuff but yeah I also had her sign this one for me I'll just cover the half-naked man there is it's already out yes it came out in May so this one you can already get but then I got a sampler this one is called witchy by Ariel slim it Reese it's about a kingdom where like your which power is determined by how long your hair is I just saw the cover and thought that it looks like a person of color main character and I liked the art style inside so I picked it up do-do-do-do and I'm excited to read the sampler this graphic novel like the full-length one comes out in November know in September cool lastly I just bought this one in Kinokuniya it was not from Book Expo but I've been wanting to read it and I kept not finding it in bookstores so when I saw it I snagged it it's called Lara Dean keeps breaking up with me by Mariko Tamaki and rosemary Valero O'Connell I think it's pretty much what it sounds like from the title Laura Dean keeps breaking up with the main character but I really wanted to read it because of the art style it's all black and white and pink which is just like so great for me I just love it I just love the art style for this one and again this one's out because I just bought it in Kinokuniya it's so cute oh my gosh as I'm looking at it I just like maybe I'll bring this one with me instead maybe I'll bring them both with me next I have two audiobooks that were actually given me by penguin teen at an event that I went to the first one is a roar arising by amie kaufman and jay kristoff who if you don't know are the authors of the illuminae series I'm so excited for this I'm so thankful for penguin teen for giving me full-length audio books like that is an amazing gift love it I'm so excited to read this one six myths fit cadets yep sold I think it again takes place in space science fiction but I just trust amie kaufman and jay kristoff they are wonderful for illuminating audiobooks were really really great so I'm looking forward to this one the other audio book that I got is called star-crossed by mini dark I picked this one up because I'm just like a sucker for romance that has to do with like the Stars or the moon I just loved space and when I read the back on this one it says that it is a love story that explores whether the stars can or should be a guide through life and what happens when one woman tries to give the stars a little help so it's about childhood sweethearts who randomly bump into each other as adults love that but I think it has to do with like star signs and like whether you could predict relationships based on them the other thing I got from penguin teen at that event is this pin which is the starless seat by Erin Morgenstern since I couldn't get the book I figured I would get this beautiful pin it's honestly so pretty and that is it those are all the books that I am going to haul some kpop things real quick so if you're not interested in that go ahead and stop watching thanks for watching love you guys gonna move on to kpop stuff the first thing I got is honestly one of my favorite bTW 21 items I've ever gotten they recently brought all these PJ's to the New York City store and I got this PJ dress on the front it just says BAM it's like this pretty lilac purple color and then on the back it has all the cute characters and it is a like t-shirt dress it's super soft and comfy literally I wear no other pajamas until it's dirty and then I wash it and then as soon as it's clean I'm excited to wear it again it's just so comfy there's something about wearing long t-shirts that is just the comfiest to me like this is like my favorite my new favorite comfies outfit it also was like $30 which is reasonable for Beatty 21 I feel like sometimes they actually have pretty low prices comparatively so I just love the purple color I'm a sucker for purple pastel with some like shiny cute characters on it then I got an astro album this one is dream part 2 it's their fifth mini-album BTS NCT and Astro are my three favorable design I just think they're so pretty and Astros usually come with some really cute stickers and stuff I have already spread out the photo cards that I got but I will show you one of them it came with this cute Polaroid of moon bin that I put in this little sparkly holder thing that I got from Urban Outfitters so yes it comes in this box and the actual booklet looks like this it's just like really cute pictures of them in a field it's very much my aesthetic I just think it's really sweet and cute this whole like them in a grassy field aesthetic and then the CD comes in the box like this and then it came with two photo cards they always give lots of photo cards because it came with these two plus the moon bin little Polaroid sticker I really like that about their albums is that they usually come with like multiple photo cards and stickers and fun stuff and that's like why I like getting the album's is for the cute stuff it comes with the other album I got is NCT 127 we are super human I wasn't positive on getting this but when I saw it in person it's like so pretty that I had to get it and also Ashley peer pressured me into it so this is their new album they just came out with it it has all these great aesthetic pictures of them inside with lights and stuff yep cool people love them let me find jaqen Wow a prince and then the photo card I got is Utah which I have a couple of him now it's a cake he's my bias wrecker and then it comes with this like little shiny circle thing and I got tie or Taeyang for that one cute love it oh it also came with two giant posters which if you follow me on instagram you maybe saw this weird video of Ashley in my closet oh that's because we were sleep-deprived and I got J Hyun's poster which we then took many selfies with and I was like what am I gonna do with this I can't put it on my wall or it'll stare at me all the time and Ashley was like put it in your closet so yes there's that is that everything did I do it that is everything for this haul I hope you guys enjoyed let me know down below which of the books you're most looking forward to or just talk about kpop with me I'm always down for that too that's fun I am once again so so thankful that I get to go to these bookish conventions and get books and hang out with my friends it's just such a funnel time I feel very thankful and blessed not just to have the opportunity to get books but also to have such great friends I love my friends this year was really great I'm super super thankful for it so yeah I'm rambling now but I'm thankful for it love my friends good old time can't wait to rate these books I hope you all have a lovely day or night or afternoon wherever you are whatever you are doing and I will see you in my next video these caffeine has kicked in

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  1. I want ASTRO to come to the States. I really hope so….
    and MONSTA X is performing in New York in August! 🙂

  2. omg the bt21 pj dress is sooo cute! My friend bought me a tshirt from the uniquoxbt21 collab and I am using it as a pj shirt 🙂 what's your favorite ASTRO song/album? I recently discovered them and their music sounds good!

  3. i just added mooncakes to my amazon cart for pre-order uwu i don’t read often but your videos make me wanna read every book <3

  4. I love the graphic novels that you picked up. Laura Dean keeps breaking up with me looks so interesting.
    You have such a positive vibe to your videos Emma. I was smiling throughout. 🙂

  5. Just in case anyone is interested in Mooncakes: it’s actually a Queer graphic novel and the werwolf identifies as nonbinary! ✨🌙

  6. Emma i loved this so much ! Your videos always manage to make me smile & and make my day better ❤️✨thank you so much for that
    Also do you stan got7 ? Who’s your bias ?and do you have any songs recs ?

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