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a bad case of stripes by David Shannon Camila creme loved lima beans but she never ate them all of her friends hated lima beans and she wanted to fit in Camila was always worried about what other people thought of her today she was fretting even more than usual it was the first day of school and she couldn't decide what to wear there were so many people to impress she tried on 42 outfits but none seemed quite right she put on a pretty red dress and looked in the mirror then she screamed her mother ran into the room and she screamed – Oh My heavens she cried you're completely covered with stripes this was certainly true Camila was striped from head-to-toe she looked like a rainbow mrs. cream felt Camilla's forehead do you feel alright she asked I feel fine Camila answered but just look at me you get back in bed this instant her mother ordered you're not going to school today Camila was relieved she didn't want to miss the first day of school but she was afraid of what the other kids would say and she had no idea what to wear with those crazy stripes that afternoon dr. bumble came to examine Camila most extraordinary he exclaimed I've never seen anything like it are you having any coughing sneezing runny nose aches pains chills hot flashes dizziness drowsiness shortness of breath or uncontrollable twitching no Camila told him I feel fine well then dr. bumble said turning to mrs. cream I don't see any reason why she shouldn't go to school tomorrow here's some ointment that should help clear up those stripes in a few days if it doesn't you know where to reach me and off he went the next day was a disaster everyone at school laughed at Camila they called her Camila crayon and night of the living lollipop she tried her best to act as if everything were normal but when the class said the Pledge of Allegiance her stripes turned red white and blue and she broke out in stars the other kids thought this was great one yelled out let's see some purple polka dots sure enough Camila turned all purple polka dotty someone else shouted checkerboard and a pattern of squares covered her skin soon everyone was calling out different shapes and colors and poor Camila was changing faster than you can change channels on a TV that night mr. harms the school principal called I'm sorry mrs. cream he said I'm going to have to ask you to keep Camila home from school she's just too much of a distraction and I've been getting calls from the other parents they're afraid those stripes may be contagious Camila was so embarrassed she couldn't believe that two days ago everyone liked her now nobody wanted to be in the same room with her her father tried to make her feel better is there anything I can get you sweetheart he asked no thank you sighed Camila what she really wanted was a nice plate of lima beans but she had been laughed at enough for one day hmm well yes I see dr. bumble mumbled when mr. Creem phoned the next day I think I'd better bring in the specialists we'll be right over about an hour later dr. bumble arrived with four people in long white coats he introduced them to the creams this is dr. Grupp dr. sponge dr. cricket and dr. young then the specialists went to work on Camilla they squeezed and jabbed tapped and tested it was very uncomfortable well it's not the mumps concluded dr. Grupp or the measles said dr. sponge definitely not chickenpox put in dr. cricket or sunburn said dr. young try these said the specialists they each handed her a bottle filled with different colored pills take one of each before bed said dr. grop then they filed out the front door followed by dr. bumble that night Camilla took her medicine it was awful when she woke up the next morning she did feel different but when she got dressed her clothes didn't fit right she looked in the mirror and there staring back at her was a giant multi-coloured pill with her face on it dr. bumble rushed over as soon as mrs. cream called but this time instead of the specialists he brought the experts dr. GERD and mr. melon were the finest scientific minds in the land once again Camilla was poked and prodded looked at and listened to the experts wrote down lots of numbers then they huddled together and whispered dr. GERD finally spoke it might be a virus he announced with authority suddenly fuzzy little virus balls appeared all over Camilla or possibly some form of bacteria said mr. Mellon out pops squiggly little bacterial tails or it could be a fungus added dr. gourd instantly Camila was covered with different colored fungus blotches the experts looked at Camila then at each other we need to go over these numbers again back at the lab dr. gore DEQ's planed we'll call you when we know something but the experts didn't have a clue much less a cure by now the TV news had found out about Camila reporters from every channel were outside her house telling the story of the bizarre case of the incredible changing kid soon a huge crowd was camped out on the front lawn the creams were swamped with all kinds of remedies from psychologists allergists herbalists nutritionists psychics and old medicine man a guru and even a veterinarian each so-called cure only added to poor Camilla's strange appearance until it was hard to even recognize her she sprouted roots and berries and crystals and feathers and a long furry tail but nothing worked one day a woman who called herself an environmental therapist claimed she could cure Camila close your eyes she said breathe deeply and become one with your room I wish you hadn't said that Camila groaned slowly she started to melt into the walls of her room her bed became her mouth her nose was a dresser and two paintings were her eyes the therapist screamed and ran from the house what are we going to do cried mrs. cream it just keeps getting worse and worse she began to sob at that moment mr. Creem heard a quiet little knock at the front door he opened it and there stood an old woman who was just as plump and sweet as a strawberry excuse me she said brightly but I think I can help she went into Camilla's room and looked around my goodness she said with a shake of her head what we have here is a bad case of stripes one of the worst I've ever seen she pulled a container of small green beans from her bag here she said these might do the trick are those magic beans asked mrs. cream oh my no replied the kind old woman there is no such thing these are just plain old lima beans I'll bet you'd like some wouldn't you she asked Camilla Camilla wanted a big heaping plateful of lima beans more than just about anything but she was still afraid to admit it yuck she said no one likes lima beans especially me oh dear the old woman said sadly I guess I was wrong about you she put the beans back in her bag and started toward the door Camilla watched the old woman walk away those beans would have taste so good and being laughed at for eating them was nothing compared to what she'd been going through she finally couldn't stand it wait she cried the truth is I really love lima beans I thought so the old woman said with a smile she took a handful of beans and popped them into Camilla's mouth hmm said Camilla suddenly the branches feathers and squiggly tails began to disappear then the whole room swirled around when it stopped there stood Camilla and everything was back to normal I'm cured she shouted yes said the old woman I knew the real you was in there somewhere she patted Camilla on the head then she went outside and vanished into the crowd afterward Camilla wasn't quite the same some of the kids at school said she was weird but she didn't care a bit she ate all the lima beans she wanted and she never had even a touch of stripes again

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    or Amazon Canada: https://amzn.to/2Jo8mhd

  2. I remember this book and I got freaked out a little bit bc the people look weird and that girl literally had the same closet as me I was like what the..

  3. Lima beans curing Camilla from her stripes is similar to when the green foods cured Pinkalicious from her pinkatitis.

  4. this actually kinda happend to me when i was in school idk why but i was so tired that i turned blue and red. It was weird

  5. The reason why she had the bad case of stripes was because she wasn’t being truth about herself. When the classmates started to shout her to become these different things. She became them because she wanted everyone to love and appreciate her. When she ate the Lima beans, she became herself and that’s what cured herself.

  6. this god dang book creeped me out when i was little you have no idea i was scarred for life when i read this book

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