9 Best Business Books Everyone Should Read

if you like business and entrepreneur
books as much as I do. This videos for you. Because I’ve got nine amazing
recommendations out of hundreds. I mean, I was going through my audible list
thinking, “Okay, there’s a lot of good books here.” And I narrowed it down to the
top 9 most amazing business books that are a must reader, must listen. Okay. Number one is actually a 2 book set
that I recommend by Robert Kiyosaki called Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow
Quadrant. If you have not read those books, even if you’ve heard about them
you think that you know what they’re about,
go and read them. Go and listen to them and really understand that cashflow
quadrant. It’ll make a world of difference in your mindset, your paradigm
that you see business in and money. Yeah, those are a must read for every
entrepreneur. Second book. Oh, I have to say the same thing.
Seriously. The E-myth revisited by Michael Gerber, okay? That is a
game-changer. It’s a game-changer. I mean I’m all about systems. I’m the master of
efficiency as many of you know. Reading this book really painted the picture of
how I could do what I learned in the cash flow quadrant. Of changing from
self-employed to a business owner. The E-myth Revisited is how to do that. The
action items. How you actually create your business so that you’re a business
owner working on your business instead of an employee of your own business
working in your business, right? So, you’ve got to read the E-myth Revisited. These
2 first recommendations I’ve listened to over and over and over again. And I
recommend that you do the same. Okay, this one’s a fun one. You probably heard about
it. So, number three is the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss. Okay? That opened
my eyes to a lot of amazing things and cause some paradigm shifts. Just helped
me see that there’s a lot of things that we consider as the norm that you should
do this. And and you question it and just think, “You know, what that really doesn’t
make sense. And it doesn’t have to apply to me in my business.” And it’s just
there’s some good sound advice in there. So, the 4-hour Workweek. Okay, number four
is a book that I recommend to all of my clients who want to build a massive
following on YouTube and they’ve got a business. It’s called Content
Inc by Ed Puluzzi. I’m mixing two up. It’s Joe Pulizzi. The next book I’m
recommending is Ed. So this one is Joe. Joe Pulizzi, Content Inc. Now, it kind of backs
up my strategy that’s why I like it so much. I was listening to it’s like, “Yeah.
Someone who knows what I’m talking about.” Because it you can take the standard
step by step. This is how you start a business. This is you know, this is when
you should market, this is when you create your website, this is what you
should do this. This is when you start to give speeches. This… Okay? It turns it
backwards. And you can build influence first. Oh, I totally believe in that. So, you
got to read Content Inc. Okay, the next one bye EdCatmull is
Creativity Inc. Okay, he is the guy behind Pixar. Yeah, Ed Catmull. Such a good book.
Now, it’s… It really just helped me get a real good grounding and overall
understanding of the creative process and overcoming challenges. And a
commitment to quality. There’s just so many things that I can’t put words to
that I just loved that book and highly recommend it to any entrepreneur.
Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull. Now, I have mixed feelings about Grant Cardone. He is
a powerhouse of a guy. And if you have listened to any of his books, you’ve
probably already listened to this one. The 10x Rule. There’s just something
about this specific book of his that I do recommend that every entrepreneur
reads. I mean, he’s a go-getter. He talks about if you want to get this amount of
results and you think it’s going to take this amount of work to get those results,
it’s not. It’s going to take 10 times that amount. And he goes in to explain why. And
it gives a lot of examples. And he just challenges you. And it’s a real motivator
and driver, I found. And so, I do recommend the 10x rule by Grant Cardone. Okay, this
next one is a practical one for those of you who want to be YouTubers and want to
get better at filming. I learned a lot of great tips and techniques from Steve
Stockman. I look at his name. How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck.
Great title. It’s a great audio book. You’ll learn some things that will
really help you up your game in video just by listening to it. So, I definitely
recommend every entrepreneur should listen to that one. Okay. I found another
great one. I’ve listened to this one many times. You know Jack Canfield? Okay, he’s
famous for the Soup for the Soul book. And series of
books. Well, he wrote a book called Success Principles. Now, this one like,
you’d think, “Okay, yeah. I’m a successful guy. I’m going to write a book success
principles. I’ll be able to sell it and it will make me a lot of money.” This is
the real deal. He really put meat in this book. It’s a good one. It’s one
that I… For those of you that are readers, I actually might recommend that you try
listening to it on audio becuase there’s so much in there that… Just whatever
whatever works best for you you’ve got to check out that book. I don’t know how
to give it a better recommendation than that. Go check out the Success Principles
by Jack Canfield. Okay, this next one is famous. You’ve probably heard of it. Maybe
you’ve read it. It’s one that’s worth reading many many times. And I admit and
I know I haven’t told you the title yet. Reading it in book form, I tried
for a year or 2 and there’s just so much meat in it. That it was hard for me
to get through. But on audio, I got through it easily. And I’ve listened to
it multiple times. It’s the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen
Covey. Oh, that’s such a good book. I learned to love it a lot more in this
specific case when I was able to listen to this one on audio.
It’s obviously sold millions and millions of copies because it is a
great book. There’s just some gold in there. There’s just some gold
principles of life and success in business. And contributing to the world
with integrity. And leaving a lasting impact and legacy.
Yeah, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Those are the 9
books. I’ve got a poll. I’m putting a poll right here. How many of my 9
recommendations are brand new to you? Right? So, going to just click the poll
and click the number. How many out of the 9 are brand new recommendations to
you. I’m curious have you listened to all of them. So, zero of them were brand new?
Or all nine? If you’ve got a whole feast of ebooks and audiobooks to listen
to. And then next I have an invitation. I know we’re getting to end of the video.
But I’m curious what business books would you add to this list? Not just one
that you’re listening to currently. Or just one that hasn’t been listed. But
what’s one that you think is a must read for entrepreneurs? I am very interested
in seeing that and checking out more books that I haven’t even heard of yet.
So, list those ones. Only the best ones. List the very best ones in the comments

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