8.5" LCD Writing Tablet Review

28 thoughts on “8.5" LCD Writing Tablet Review

  1. This would be useful for those who have difficulty speaking and need to use writing as a form of communication – like mutes and deaf people.

  2. "You're saving a lot of trees"
    While technically correct it's a bad trade for the environment. Making a lot of paper doesn't need to have a big impact on the environment if done right. On the other hand you have a "tablet" made of plastics full of electronics, a battery and a ton of rare chemical elements which requires heavy mining and lot of energy to extract. So no it's not better for the environment than a pencil and a huge stack of paper.

  3. still waiting for the upgraded version which allows us to erase, that is the biggest downside of this tablet

  4. What is your camera model ? It is very good. Also someone to try to count the word "guys" in this video.

  5. On the back of it it says you can take shot storage, but this is obviously bullshit, unless they mean you painstakingly take a shot of the screen with your camera or cell phone or whatever, but that's not actually a feature of the tablet

  6. Just bought the same tablet from RFL best buy for Tk.456.
    Your video came in handy. A word of advice to you, try to cut down on saying "you guys". You have uttered it soooo many times.

  7. can you use that as a drawing tablet for online? like link it to an art program because it does not look like that.

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