7 Tips to Create Game-Changing Content for Your Business

it's the reason that I think we're big of course we have a giant we have it we have an awesome team we have a super talented group of engineers but as far as strictly marketing I think content is really the the biggest place that we were able to make a name and able to succeed so I got a little deck here that's super simple here we go so basically if you're interested in content marketing real quick I just want to say that this is just a couple of tips this is a little bit of philosophy some of the things that I think our team uses to be able to make better content to make better weekly content then if you are an entrepreneur and you want to kind of brand yourself or you want to get the name out there you want to know how to get more work I think content marketing is a thing that basically no freelancers are doing that they absolutely should be doing and it's kind of this golden opportunity that's sitting there that you really just got to reach out and go get for yourself so here we go if you're looking to do content marketing here we go first off you are not better than content and this sounds really controversial I know what this I know this you're immediately triggered off the bet but what we're trying to say here is look I know the way that business people talk about content I've sat in the room with the 60 year old guys I've sat with the marketing execs all saying Oh social media oh content you know we'll just hire some kid out of college and have him run all that stuff for us well we'll just throw it off to an intern they can take care of all of your social media I know the way that people devalue content and it's so easy to think you know to watch YouTube to see the Logan Paul's to see the YouTube poop to be looking around and saying I don't want to be associated with that right my brand is too premium for then mm-hmm and actually Chris I admire you for doing that too because they were here in the Santa Monica office and you went full contents full content you guys yes yes we did yeah it's scary and I think it's really easy for a lot of people to look at content think I'm above that I don't want to do that and to be totally honest that is the only reason why content is such a good opportunity and why I don't care if you're a freelancer if you're a business owner if you're just a filmmaker – you're not above it and you're certainly not above content creators creators in general they get looked down on in this way that I really hate because people still undervalue how important they are how influential they are how powerful they are how how much skill and talent how much effort it takes to be able to make content so if you're coming at this and you're a business owner and you've been on the edge about content marketing the first thing you got to know is you're not above content content is king again this year I don't think I'm not I'm not the only person to say this I think like both Nike and Adidas they're they're head of marketing guys came out and they both said if you're not putting all of your money into content marketing you're doing something wrong and I fully believe that entirely so it's not a side thing you can't do this small so first thing philosophy you're not above content next thing let's go on to here tip one is if you want to do content marketing right stop selling your stop selling your and what I mean by that is that a lot of people come into content marketing and again here if you're a freelancer you're gonna just start posting things that you're working on you're trying to sell your services if you're a business that sells things products like say lighting I know a lot of people come out and they try to just make these like videos that just very clearly sell their stuff look them one of the things that we always say is if it smells like marketing because it's just don't do it I'm talking to business owners here but if it smells it stinks it's terrible that's it so the moment that it starts to feel like it's marketing the biggest thing here is that your audience isn't stupid your audience is not in the same way that you're watching this other people of really high intelligence are watching your content and if it smells like marketing if you're trying to sell something they're gonna know off the bat they're gonna know immediately and it's going to be something that's going to turn them off to it honestly it's probably gonna give them a worse off impression of your actual company and this is something that really our team has sort of embraced on early points so stop selling your sh it's not making advertisements I honestly I hate the word in general because the biggest thing about content marketing is that shouldn't feel like marketing at all mm-hmm ask yourself when is the last time you bought something because of a magazine had almost almost never hit a basic look what's the magazine exactly what is the magazine what is a magazine when you bought something because of a banner ad people don't consume content in a way that nobody wants to watch advertisements nobody watches TV to watch a bunch ad unless unless you're an adze person nobody watches TV just to see the ad breaks you're there to see something valuable here do I actually get either entertainment or information and what we're trying to say here is that it's a good thing because guess what you don't have to make these boring advertisements anymore you don't have to make things that make you cringe about your own brand what you can do is you can make things that actually provide value to your customers things that are educational things that are interesting or entertaining and you don't even have to mention the thing that you're actually trying to sell because they will ask they'll ask and if they want to ask they'll ask if they're not interested in asking then guess what they're probably not your customer anyways so the first thing again stop selling your if you're a freelancer consider making content that isn't all about just trying to get them to hire you and that sounds confusing but I'll talk about a couple different types of content that you can do so that you're not just making advertisements all right so okay I go to these events and they're supposed to be educational events and then it's just some guy up there in a suit trying to sell me his latest tripod or I don't know okay number two know the difference between different types of content so I think a lot of people think that there's really just one type of content creation you know you have to make something original by yourself on your own all the time that's a really hard thing to do it's really hard to do long term it's not just creation there are a couple other ways to make content when we have come making content is collaborations this right here is a collaboration I'm here right now collaborations you can actually work with someone else to make content you can basically involve someone else in the process for Indy mogul for instance we're doing a lot of its content where we're basically just partnering up with people and making content together it's a great way to make content saves you time and also you can also bring together two audiences third is curation let me just say something about curation curation is probably one of the last things that I think I had I had to get sold on this too in the beginning and curation is the idea of you actually don't have to create it you can actually curate a-almost gallery of content that you find elsewhere and here's why I think it's so controversial and why I to be honest had to get sold out in the beginning is because a lot of people will refer to it as stealing work and that's terrible it's an awful thing you shouldn't do it however I for the longest time in all of our meetings I used to say we're not curating anything we only post original things or things that we helped create and at a certain point it wasn't until I really met a user at one of the trade shows actually we were on a we were on a film set that we were helping produce and there was a guy that came up to me was like oh you're from aperture oh I'm so excited you guys Rock have you guys heard of this other brand it's this gimbal company and I was like yeah I know about them why are you so excited about them and he talked to me about how excited he was that he made a video and that this gimbal company actually reposted his content and how he was so excited that that day he went home he ended up pre-ordering the next thing he tried to get it as soon as possible and then immediately started trying to make content for it the minute it got out so that hopefully this company would repost it and about how excited he was and how every time he would make a piece of content he would message it to that brand to that company in hopes that they would repost it this is a really tricky thing because I think honestly people are hot or cold about this but I have recently basically found that there is a way to do curation in which it's not it's not about stealing it's about promoting people's work now I think again it helps if you're already kind of a big social media presence but we're at the point now that people are actually messaging us and they're actually asking us can you please repost this I made this video of your thing could you please post this we also have other companies now that are asking to pay us money to actually post their own content and that's crazy that's an insane idea to think about but it is something where if you can find the people that are interested in this this is a way that you can actually make content without having to put in the time without having to put in the effort I think a lot of companies do this I think a lot of people think maybe – oh hey Ted you're just in the video industry this only applies to you it doesn't if you're in the design industry you know you can try curating a bunch of designs that you like and try to make it you know basically you're on online media source for people that want inspiration from that and again yes you will get people that will say you know how dare you steal this in that case you take it down immediately or you ask for permission before you actually do it but more often than not what we actually end up getting is we end up getting people commenting and telling us hey thank you so much for finding this it's it's awesome that a company actually reached out and is the watching our content and is actually trying to promote it trying to support it and it's a way for you to build that portfolio without having to put so much time in again if people are upset about it immediately immediately I'm not saying still work it's just find the people that are interested in having you curate their content and it's an easy way to be able to build more of that portfolio because at the end of the day when you think about content is something that our Kutta director bene says a lot shout-out to Benny Benny said it's all about trying to make your social media a destination it's about trying to make it a place where people can come and maybe they don't know exactly what the next piece of content that you're trying to make is but because of the past work and things that you've posted there's an expectation that they know that they will be interested in the next thing so curation so creation collaboration and curation creation collaboration and curation so again I think a lot of people out there I've heard every excuse for why you shouldn't make content I've heard people say all the time and all the money and all the gear look one of these three ways you can make content you don't need that much gear to start making content even though of course they are sitting in a room with a lot of gear but you don't need that much gear to make content and to collaborate you can always join someone else help them make their content you can make something that promotes herself as well or you can always carry it content too again people are gonna think this is just filmmaking but it's not just filmmaking designers you can design a gallery of basically curated content that inspires you that inspires a certain aesthetic yeah you see this in music too there's those YouTube channels curate music they don't make every song here but they you know like they curate the photos that curate the song you know it is what is it okay if you think about in your life I know because if you're creator you're like some big corporations going to exploit my labor so one of the ideas is you need to make sure that that relationship is mutually beneficial so there often times I'll go to people on Instagram who collect logos for example and I thought this is really neat logo and then of course I see the link their name underneath I click on that I see the rest of this person's work I'm like this is fantastic so I'm pretty sure if you're a big influencer and you're curating content you're gonna see a spike in that person's engagement followers all that kind of stuff they're getting great exposure this is not the fake exposure that clients promise you this is real exposure so if you can grow your followers by a thousand or two thousand in that time period that's worth something to you and you have to kind of determine if that's good the other thing is people are short on time and we're information-rich time poor right so Ted if you create a video that's talking about the best year that you've seen around and you pull clips what everybody wins in that way and they're like you know what he's done the due diligence of saying I've vetted this I believe in these things no it's so not your trusted source what do you think galleries are art galleries what do you think shopping malls are some person hopefully has thoughtfully thought about all the different stores and restaurants and they strategically position them so that you have a wonderful experience you know this goes wrong because when you go to a mall that's dead somebody's not done a very good job of curating people or brands it's really really important absolutely and again when you're making content again it's not about the individual pieces it's not about trying to make a bunch of random videos that you think each are going to be successful that's why we say don't follow trends it's all about what is one aesthetic what is one kind of purpose that we can serve that gives value to people that doesn't get in their way so for app sure for a lot of content that we make it's about filmmaking it's about how to make better films and we don't push the product at all we use the product we honestly sometimes we don't even mention it it doesn't even matter to be honest because if it's valuable if it's something that they like it's a positive feeling that people have about it it doesn't stink it's actually interesting people are so like grateful and excited by that that I've had people come up to me and say you know I'm just so happy that I learned so much from the channel that we went ahead and bought some stuff great that's fantastic but I didn't stop selling your is nobody wants to nobody wants embarrassing please stop okay moving on it's another difference we got creation we got collaboration we got curation the next thing for if you were trying to make content I don't care if you're a vlogger I don't care if you are a kind of creator if you're a business it's all about consistency I think one of the hardest things that people think in the beginning is they think oh if I make just like an amazing kind of like banger video then this is what's going to bring all this traffic to my site it's not about that in fact in the beginning if you just start content marketing you're not gonna see anything happen for probably like a year it's gonna be a really really slow process in the beginning but it's so important please put the time in because if you're consistent if you post at a regular time if you have a regular aesthetic if you have a personality that's that's consistent this is something that people come back for again it's not about the subject or the trends it's about trying to find something that is cohesive overall so three times consistency it's time consistency it is branding consistency and then it's also going to be your personality consistency so it's just coming in making sure that your subject is the same and for a lot of people I think this is probably one of the hardest things for a lot of people is I see this all the time business owners or content creators they want him to do this content game but they don't wanna put themselves in front of camera mm-hmm and I understand why because it's scary and it's totally terrifying to be here looking at people it's not an easy thing to do in the office we call it lizard brain playing things and you forget what you said if you can't the reason it's good to put yourself in front of camera is because one you are a constant that you can always make sure it's consistent you can always be there you don't worry about someone else not showing up or something like that but again I've seen that work where as long as you find someone that is consist that can regularly be in your videos if you guys watch like moment lenses that channel I know they did a partnership with case you know it's that coming up those guys again they don't again I'm not sure about this for sure but someone told me this is hearsay but they don't own the company it's that someone else hired them to be kind of the faces of the company which is great that's fantastic and they're so good at they're so good at being hosts and they're funny and you come back and the idea is that if you're consistent if you have someone and people know what to expect that's the most important thing next is going to be of course that subject and that branding consistency make sure that the type of information that people get is consistent you know I don't want to show up one day and see shopping videos and then see you know someone eating temples or ramen in a row and then after that see a design tutorial and then a filmmaking tutorial that's confusing and it's not the type of thing that people want to be able to revisit at the time because maybe they liked one thing but then they look at the gallery of content and then they're like well maybe this isn't something that I actually want to see after all so consistency consistency consistency make sure that your subjects are consistent pick one thing I think one of the things that a lot of Google and YouTube community managers will tell you is they'll tell you draw out like an imaginary person and they'll actually have you do this I think a lot of the Google community execs will actually give you like a character sheet similar to what actors have and they're trying to study somebody they'll draw out like a fake name for this person they'll draw what they do when they wake up and you're making content for that one person we can content for that one person that that one person will like that will enjoy and maybe you stray a little left maybe astray a little right but you have one kind of point that you're pointing for every single time here's the thing is that it helps if that person is you hmm try to it is something you can't control it's not really a tips on strategy but it helps a lot if you are the person that you want to be able to make content for because you will be more enthusiastic about it you'll be more excited about it and it's not so strategic in a way of I'm gonna try to make content to capture this person you know you're not hunting for people it's you're making things that you're excited about that you know that you would be interested in and guess what we're not all super unique people so there's someone else out there like you but also enjoys that content chances are there's a community of people that do so consistency consistency consist and see tip for a personality first most important thing to YouTube and to any kind of content creation and this is really hard to bring up because I think this is the hardest part of making any kind of content is I think people think oh it's about the subjects about the trend it's about oh if I if I make this kind of video people are gonna watch it and if you're a viewer you might be thinking oh the reason I watch this is because I want to learn something I want to be informed I want this kind of value I think even if you're a viewer you might not actually be aware of the reason you're watching things because I certainly wasn't for the longest time you watch things because there's a familiarity there's something about seeing the same person over and over again and at the end of the day it's about making a human connection with the people that watch your content it's about like for instance the easiest way I can explain this is why do if you guys haven't seen this already there's this internet trend right where you can watch people eat why on earth do people Chris why do people watch this why do people watch these videos I don't know I'm just trying to teach you how to make money so I have no idea there are videos where people you know do nothing where they've vlog and they hang out all day there are videos where people just eat and that's you just watch them eat and they'll talk to the camera or or they do this did you see that they tap into YouTube right a samar stuff again everyone is trying to tap into content creation if you think you're above it you're not above it everyone the Superbowl is doing it anyway it's my big personality is the hardest thing at the end of the day it's about making a human connection with your audience it's about giving 110% and what we say by a hundred ten percent this is actually something that one of my friends one of my kind of creators actually told me was it's not that you know you should never be trying to pretend to be someone that you're not on the camera because you can only keep that up for so long eventually you will come out and eventually you'll you'll be disingenuous again your audience isn't dumb they can tell when people are being genuine when they're not being genuine the most important thing is to try to be genuine in front of camera and that sounds easy but it's so hard it's so hard when the camera turns on you'll want to be this like facade version of yourself you want to be put together you want to be organized and it's not about again I think people will be like oh I'm too boring I can't be on camera I'm too you know whatever X Y & Z I'm not interesting I'm not charismatic that's what I mean by 110% it's not a hundred percent of your personality give a little bit more so just exactly who you are push it a little bit more because the cameras on be a little bit more excited or a little bit more sarcastic or whatever that thing is push that just a 10% more and then people will see that it's genuine but that you're also trying at the same time that's that effort that people really see and I think that connect to that too I can tell when a content creator is excited and trying to make their content good and I can tell what a content creator yeah he's just counting on camera and doing whatever they want to do so so so important all right tip 5 stop being so serious why so serious just stop it I think um okay again business people are gonna come on here and business people are gonna be like my brand is too premium for this fine that's okay be playful in a different way be playful in the way that you cut it be playful in the way that you know you make it exciting or interesting but people really connect to a rawness I think one of the things that again I think through the rabitor and really through a lot of this kind of YouTube journey is is meeting a lot of other content creators and one of the things that all the top people say over and over and over again is people love mistakes they love it when people you know fair but not fit but like make a mistake or they show us something that's genuine and real because for like for ability holidays for a small second yeah facade drops for a small second people really connect to the person and if you're trying so hard to be put together in front of camera people are gonna tell which is why again our content we make we make dumb jokes we're funny we try to not spend too long on the scripting process because we just try to have fun with it and I think people can see through that they can tell when you're having fun with it I don't care who you are watching it but it's not fun trying to watch someone be cool all the time unless they are legitimately which I mean Christmas canticles so I can okay five stop being so serious and then we're coming over to the end here okay okay I know some people gonna be watching this and because Chris I know that a lot of people that watch the future or listen to the future or more kind of business owners or designers try to keep it service level as far as the content and actual production goes but for a couple people that want to start making content that want production tips again this is what we do on our channel we teach filmmaking tips we teach you how to do interviewing let it set up so we teach you how to get the right gear and actually how to make different looks at the end of the day I can't tell you what content to make for your brand because your brand is gonna be totally different maybe you're that lifestyle Patagonia guy that that hikes through the woods maybe you're the super intense gritty athletic guy maybe you're clean and you're designed like Chris maybe you know everyone's brand is a little bit different it's based on your personality in a lot of ways so I can't tell you exactly what your video should look like because your brand is going to dictate really what you should be giving off in the production value of your content but a couple of simple things that I think all people can walk away from are one soft light soft light is super simple if you don't know the difference between hard and soft lighting a lot of people think I'm gonna get a light to smash myself in the face with it when you do that you're smashing me in the face please don't do that soft light determines basically what the quality of light on someone's face is and soft light is going to be the kind of light that fills in wrinkles it's gonna be the kind of light that wraps around your face and doesn't make it look like you're getting hit by a police flashlight or something like that soft light to get hard or soft light soft light is the larger the sources so you want to bounce off something or diffuse it and I light super simple here an eye light and refers to the little sparkle that you'll see in someone's eyes so make sure that your character has whoever you're talking to butts you if it's your host whoever make sure that they always have that little glint in their eyes and you have no excuses because my eyes are tiny I have like I'm like Brock from Pokemon over here okay and I still get my light with all of my videos so you have no excuse to not have an eye light an eye light is going to be that little glint that you see in the eye if you are not sure how important it is see Smeagol in the beginning Lord of the Rings and see Smeagol at the end of Lord of the Rings the difference is the eye light dark background one of the biggest things here is just that again these are simple basic production tips but brightness your eye is going to shoot to a couple things first whenever you see a frame one you're going to look at text first – you're gonna look at things that move first next year and look at things that are bright so if you want to guide someone's eye to look at the brightest thing it should be your face which is are generally speaking your background should be dark or you should at least have some kind of contrast to separate and tell your viewer where to look of course your brand might dictate that there might be something different you might be going to an Apple look but just general tips here for all brands at the end of the day it's all about clarity and personality so what I mean by clarity is you know clean up your room man don't make your room messy don't put all these kind of distracting things in the background here it makes sense because I'm at a design place which is the next thing personality make your background representative of your brand so if you are a film person maybe you should have some film stuff in the background if you're a Patagonia guy maybe you should have some hiking gear and some rock climbing rope if you're an athlete maybe there's I don't know maybe there's jerseys in the background there your background should be dark and generally speaking embrace your personality and show what you show okay quick production tips quick philosophy and we are on to our last little tip here this right here is a joke I have in the office and if Andrew Jones is watching this integers is that mean this is a clearly technical term but Nefario is the toy kind of joke term that I have for one of the guys in our office I I joke about this all the time but when you think about content and when you think about marketing and stuff like this I think it's so easy to slip into this kind of strategic mindset this kind of like manipulative mindset and again I think if there's a lot of business people here listening if there's entrepreneurs and stuff like that I know that tingle that you feel in your brain when you're like oh man I'm really working the system I'm really being strategic about my social media I'm really playing this I'm like capturing this audience it's kind of this nefarious mentality mm just drop it honestly because I think there's you can do the same things and have two different mentalities about it and one is you can be reaching the people that you want to reach that are excited about your content that want to be able to you can help them or you can be thinking about this and do the exact same things you can be thinking about this in this way of hmm I'm going to capture this audience I'm going to play this move I'm going to do X Y & Z and a lot of people that watch tutorial content I think this is the mindset that they're coming from they're coming from you know I have all the resources already I want to know how to play this situation better again I think this goes back to your audience being smarter than you think people can tell and people are being disingenuous people can tell and people are being nervous people can tell not just in video but also in kind of moves that your business makes that you as a freelancer make if you're trying to play someone they will feel it maybe they don't know that they're feeling it they're gonna go home and they're not gonna be very happy about it so and the way that you talk to your team when you talk to your team about oh hey we were trying to make this happen there's a really easy way to discourage your team and to discourage everyone if you feel like you're actually trying to play a move here so what I'm saying is that if you find yourself getting caught in this kind of mentality of being super strategic I'm trying to play other people it's not gonna be successful long term in a way that people can see through this and you're probably not excited about the right things then in this case you're excited about trying to play someone as opposed to being excited about trying to provide value instead of being excited about trying to reach people and I think that's the biggest thing about aperture is that we've fallen into I've slipped into this trap a couple times where I've thought about trends and I'm like oh I just need to reach people I need to like you know get them to know about this company I need to get them to it's it's not gonna work out and it goes back to stop selling your it goes back to personality first if you are enthusiastic about this if you are finding things that you are actually interested in the kind of content that makes you excited it's gonna play so much better and I can't emphasize that enough it will play better you'll be happier your audience is going to feel it they might not be able to explain it but they're gonna feel a kind of genuine love that comes from the person that's making the content so for aperture again we use our stuff but we just try to teach people things that's it another events I barely sell anything it's just hey we're gonna teach you how to light stuff and then if you're interested you can ask about it for ad mogul for instance to be honest I think a lot of people have been asking to you they're thinking like you know Ted what are you doing kind of taking over the indie mobile channel it's not really anything nefarious either if I wanted to sell aperture lights there's like a million other ways to do it and yes I'm saying content marketing is important but to be honest with India mobile for us it's more just a fandom and an interest in oh this might be something interesting in the future and when we originally got reached out to to host the channel the idea was just well you know we could do a really good job at it and me personally and really a lot of the team we were just fans of the content in the beginning we knew we could do a good job we don't really know what the endgame is here but in this case we'll figure it out we know we can do a good job and something will probably open up sooner or later which I'm happy to say things are finally starting to open up we're not losing on Indy mogul anymore started to pull in some brand Hills which is helpful but again don't get caught in that trap I'll try to play everything try to find what you're excited about and it's gonna show okay that's fantastic yeah they are those are the points I got a lot of questions I know there's a funny stream of conversation going on I can't even look at it keep a straight face right cool I'm sure Matthew is gonna get queued up in just a second so I want talk to you want about one of the big things and we talked about having a personality and like letting that through you know and everybody and everything yeah I don't want to be on camera what kind of personality do you have so have you found anything in going on this journey yourself then you can apply or share with us they say yeah here's how you do it here's how you because I have some stories that can share too but I want to know from you what have you done to go from the guy who was behind the camera the guy who's in front of the camera I'm gonna be totally honest I did everything that I could to not be on camera I tried so hard if you watch like old old aperture videos we used to hire actors to come on screen and actually talk about all the commercials all the products that used to actually teach tutorials and things like that and it wasn't until we were shooting a commercial one day where we were talking about the product I think it was like a monitor tutorial or something like that and the actor was supposed to say ypbpr which is the connections on the back of a monitor right right ypbpr ypbpr and he kept messing up the line and at one point I think it was like the 20th time that he messed up and I stood up and I was like hey man I'm just gonna sit down I'm just gonna do this you know we'll pay you're right just go home it's okay I took a seat and from then on it was really just out of necessity in the beginning I didn't want to be on originally in the beginning but after having done it I think there's a feeling of just connecting with your audience that is exciting that is the kind of powers you and makes you want to keep doing the kind of content that you're doing in the first place so one if you don't find that if you haven't if you want if you haven't tried it you're not gonna know what that feeling feels like and two is I think you got to go into it again thinking of the right things it can't be if you go in trying to be famous people can tell ya people can tell immediately so get your priorities straight and sort of what I'd say okay yeah okay I'm gonna give you guys a couple of tips from an extreme introvert such as myself what no I don't believe this for one second that 100 wasn't true I promise she's totally true I don't want to get into all my nerdy stories by getting beat up and on set but let's just focus on the video stuff who's they my former partner Jose Kabir he was the extroverted charming guy who's gonna talk and just be great on camera he pulled me in very reluctantly I'm just like you I didn't want to be that person here's what I found out this is just for me and I hope this will help you guys that are watching and just maybe I can push one or two of you to go and start making content and being in front of the camera here's the thing I think we all have this perception of how we want people to look at us and see us like this really buttoned up person who's really smooth with our language was really smart and taking it I remember watching Gary Vaynerchuk in his early days you know one hit more hair and he's just speaking to college kids how he was speaking so fast and being able to quote things I was thinking I could never do that how does a person even do this but here's what I found out over the years of getting in front of Cameron show up every single day that what you're seeing now is really the true me I've let go of the facade that you're talking about Ted because I'm I just it's too hard to hold that image up and it's not even real and people don't even see you so when I'm around my best friends and my cousin people that accept me 100% for who i am where i can say stupid and silly things that make them laugh i'm just learning to let that person out so i think when you say people like personalities let yours come out give it 110% and i think that's just about us letting go of that fake image and just being yourself and people will like you or they won't and that's totally okay that's it's it's really hard to do and you don't have to get it right in the beginning either mostly in the beginning you can kind of have a little bit of that I'm still learning this myself I kind of like livestreams I like live events for this reason is that you can just talk this is who you are and here's all your favors all your mistakes here's all your you know mistakes um language and stuff like that but you can't be so polished all the time just keep doing it and eventually I think it will come out naturally it just takes consistency but that's totally okay how long have you been doing this live stream for we'll talk later what's hot what's in the kitchen what does she we serve up there's there's plenty of questions I'll go earlier one first I want to shout out to Darian compass of design he gave a little super chat they're awesome thank you appreciate the tips there's been a lot of people flooding in saying dude these are amazing tips almost 500 people that are watching right now 514 but yeah that's fantastic so people are loving the streams thank you so much Ted for bringing the fire so there's a couple of questions one came up and I think early on in terms of talking about marketing versus advertising somebody was asking you know my whole company and this is from Sean Synod O'Connor is asking my company everybody I work with these Sinead O'Connor people need if you need O'Connor is asking you know everybody that I work with they're trying to push advertising and they don't get it they don't get it how can I convinced them that is all about marketing how do I get them on this train okay Ted served up cold go okay watch Ted deliver a baby right now I gotta be honest I I'm lucky in that look at the team that I work with the content creators that we have it's a bunch of young guys that all come from social media we're talking you know machinima Disney BuzzFeed like they're all social media guys that get it so I don't have to deal with as much of that pushback as possible plus we have sort of an example of how it's already worked so it's easy to point to that I would say to convince other people one it's point at other examples that work there's gonna be an insane amount of pushback and again I know what those rooms look like cuz I've sat in the New York room with a bunch of old exact old ad execs that I've been hired at some place to run social media I've sat in those meetings people that just don't get it I'm gonna give some controversial advice I'm ready for the controversy bring this straight fire just do it and ask for permission and here's my thing is that as much as I want to be able to tell you that you can convince people as much as I wanna be able to tell you that you can make a PowerPoint and explain examples to people they're people bi I know these people that you're talking about and they will never change their mind and they're the kinds of people that put ego first that think that they already understand how the internet works even though they still call it the Facebook machine and the Twitter you know because people exist and you're never gonna change their mind so okay two pieces of controversial advice one get out and find people that understand it maybe it's a different company I'm sorry to say it you should do it to do it and ask for forgiveness if it works it works if it doesn't work but to be honest I think you're kind of stuck there and I'm not really sure there's a way to move out of that mmm okay I have some advice shoot this is episode of Mad Men or Don Draper's talking to potential client and they present this concept about empowerment or whatever it was or just something I can't remember the ad itself but it was hilarious because the clients like so where are the other concepts because that's the concept he said well this will never work we've never done this before Don Draper puts his sheet of paper into the thing he folds it up he gets up he's where you gone so we're done giving you the concept you don't want to do it you're obviously content being the sixth place in your business right now you're content with that we've given you the best strategy you want to do it or not he's getting up he's like no no sit back down he's like I will not sit back down until you tell me there's a reason why and that's what Teddy's what you're saying is that you got to just walk some walk you have to walk but there's a less dangerous position to take because we don't want to be irresponsible a lot of people are losing their jobs today you just want to make sure wait wait come back come back you guys phone number that you can call if that happens I get about aperture prototypes people are like I get calls it like 3:00 in the morning of like hey Ted like when's this product coming out I'm like so here's what you do I want you to read this book it's called this is marketing it's written by Seth Godin and he is kind of like the icon to talk about the authority to talk about marketing and read it so here's what he said we have a very old definition of advertising and marketing it needs to be updated he says the internet was the first mass media communication platform that wasn't invented for marketing and advertising he says radio was created so that they can run radio spots TV was created so they can sell TV spots the internet was not created to make banner ads it was not a perpetuation of the old model it was a communication platform and so we need to understand this he said that marketing is not selling people as you said selling stuff selling stuff it's really a chance to serve marketing is the generous act of helping others achieve their goals when you can understand that you can be welcome to 2019 otherwise 1999 called and they want their marketing plan back this does not work it's totally ineffective what you can do is you can ask your boss your man this question when was the last time you engaged with a piece of marketing just like what Ted did in the beginning when's the last time you opened a magazines at home that's really interesting when was the last time you clicked on a pop-up banner ad you've never done that in your life and so why is it that you want to continue the old models here's the thing their safety in dogma their safety and rituals and habits so people who want to do something a little bit different who risk being exposed but I think the riskiest risk that you can take is not taking a risk at all Ted back to you yeah man that was you said it okay it's here's my one thing though is that look I can't I don't know exactly what your situation is like but I can almost guarantee that you're probably talking to someone older that has more experience and it's trying to use that experience to trump you look if experience is so important then I wouldn't have to explain to look well I think I think uh not too long ago I remember I was talking to an older guy we were talking about flights and I was asking him to be somewhere I was asking him hey I need you in New York in like five days and he tells me sure the the ticket costs $4,000 and I was like what it's a $4,000 when was the last time I paid for a $4,000 plane ticket I was like wow there's no way I don't believe it and he says you know well I'm a Premium Member of X Y & Z I know all the people here I got the best rate I have a friend that works at the airport there's no way you can beat my rate and while he's talking I'm on Google flights and I'm like there's a flight for $300 there's tomorrow and luck experience is important but it can also box you in and these people you gotta either go above them you got to do it without them or you got to hope that that eventually they turn to your side but it's really hard to get people on your side that way perfect cool I got some more questions all right so a question that came up it was around when you were talking about consistency Ted and I think kvp design asked this and then somebody else Eddie be also asked this and these are on opposite sides of the spectrum one person is asking well what if I like so many different things I like XY and Z how do I stay consistent and then on the other side somebody is asking well if I keep doing the same thing over and over and over don't won't I get bored so I'm wondering if maybe you could talk about those two sides of this in terms of consistency absolutely do you think I like doing lighting tutorials for five years to know how many lighting tutorials like you do every week about lighting your now I'm gonna teach a class on lighting actually I'm going to fit him to teach you the professor I'm like literally there is you will get bored eventually you can't do the same designing static over and over again um in that case I think it's time to try something new aka I mean honestly the one of the biggest reasons for me personally for a tea mogul too was I couldn't keep doing lighting tutorials but I love filmmaking and I have all these filmmakers and awesome people that understand how to make content I wanted to make content with them find another way or start a new brand or company so if you are curating content and you want to talk about this one aesthetic you've got one consistent Khan setting and then you make another one that has another consistent aesthetic and yes that'd take twice the amount of work but yeah it does but you're going to have to find a way around that if you want to try to juggle two different consistent concepts at the same time right oh but I want to chime in in this but I'm preparing my slide here you guys just gonna be good oh oh my god two seconds I'm doing this real time I'm showing up flex my keynote muscles here hey so Aaron are you ready for this I'm gonna quote the great philosopher Bruce Lee on this question and in saying I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times those of you guys that like to be inspired into different things you're an amateur you got that's what you do professional show up they keep doing it over and over again they refined their craft they perfected if you're not willing to do that then maybe this is not for you Ted does not necessarily love making lighting videos in tutorials but he shows up as a professional every single day and he gives it at least a 110 percent enthusiasm for doing the millionth lighting tutorial period that's it guys okay is my Bruce Lee hair yes Bruce Lee have seen so much lighting content I've seen it all at this point yeah it's it's uh if you want to change change brands there you go all right we need to say thank you to a couple of people were doing the super chat Danny he's in love with you Matthew who says when can you make more content he loves the way that you present oh that's probably why Matthew didn't read that because he would seem a little too self congratulatory but I could say it for you Matt there we go all right what else we got Matthew there's another super Chet Michael Mason okay just no message but thank you Michael all right we have a lot of YouTube influencers actually watching right now and I want on that note I just I'm practically forgot the reason why I'm connected to Ted is because of a guy named Matthew workman is Matt watching cinematography database I don't think he is I think he's playing a different game these days used to be all about – you know it was just in his basement right is that right yeah I was just in his basement we were actually playing Senate race four together episode old Matt is a perfect example of someone that would doing an amazing job on this let me just say if you're a filmmaker watching this make filmmaking content and you will see the jobs roll in i I cannot tell you how many opportunities will open up if you start curating content if you start making content is even better the number of people that will reach out to you people that have come on to aperture show they've gotten feature films out of it Wow I've seen this happen people have gotten called and said hey I saw you lit this scene can you please come on and shoot this for us you can provide up win win win for everyone in this you can honestly provide value for other people you can probably tell you for the people that watch your content there is you're gonna meet so many people and I can't tell you how much of a benefit has been to aperture in that like I say this a lot in interviews but we basically crowdsource our products at this point because we get so much feedback from people because we have a community that every time we release something we can release a picture and all of a sudden I'll have in the first 15 minutes I'll have like 30 comments of people being like needs this kind of battery he's this good it'll save you aren t you'll meet new people you are Mattoon DS and the way that I'm gonna say this right now and the way that ad agencies or traditional media or traditional marketing work is they they basically hold their viewers hostage to people that want to show them things and it's if you want to access our number of viewers then you have to pay this banner ad or you have to pay this fee or something like that and if you think that doesn't go into the cost of your services you're wrong it's like the way that I whenever I see a billboard ad I'm like oh I'm spending for that billboard ad when I buy that product right uh content marketing is more affordable it's more genuine it's just more engaging and the benefits aren't just I mean I met Chris this is awesome you have a little quick shout out to all the influencer our friends or buddies Dan the man Dan ski thank you very much you guys need to definitely check out Dan ski Henri Kaminski of unique brands is on the channel right now watching Robert run it ski who's been a guest on our show he's in here there's a bunch of really super cool people yeah and super chat is lit up Dan ski dropped something for team future changing the future of creative education love it and then also cosplay Los Angeles who's a regular on here now Thank You cosplay now I want to challenge you to a little game to okay first the quick question is this is who can speak faster UUM at you or Matthew work man well that depends normal conversation who can speak faster you were Matthew workman I actually think it might be me but if it's if it's really let's see this Erin get the lock-up with them Ted lock off on him just full shot you look into the camera you do your best Matthew workman introduction okay personation because I'm gonna try to do it one two okay he talks so fast I thought initially I had accidentally hit the two x speed button yeah I'm like no this is normal speed of talking don't forget this impersonation I'll be starting first or me no you go first okay what is going on guys Matt workman here with cinematography database today we're gonna be talking about okay okay I'm gonna tell you right now Matt if you're watching this he ain't got nothing on you here's my version of Matthew workman okay okay ready it was everybody it's about three workmen over the cinematography today we will be talking about the aperture lights stick around he slowed down a little bit yeah it could be the children say he slowed down a little bit he's also changing gears in a way yes yes but again if you want to look at a DP that has every one you would go to I would go to nab I would go to Senna Gare everybody knew who Matt workman was yes because he made content and I guarantee he could have worked for another five years shooting projects more people know about him from cinematography database than is shooting frankly which is again I don't care what kind of if you're a freelancer great if you're a company great I don't care but start putting yourself out there and you'll see something happen something magical is going to happen and it's fun it's also really fun – mm-hmm okay Matthew got another question I got more questions are Matthew doesn't speak that fast about I just want to shout out to Antonio's so jetski for doing a super chat function there hopefully I said that right but earlier you were talking to it about curation and I think some people got hung up on the idea of curation because there are plenty of accounts who go out there and they just scrape scrape scrape and they give no credit to the original poster it can you give some guidelines on how to do curation right and maybe one or two examples of what that looks like I hate those you know that did you know that someone owns the topic on Facebook cinematography it's just a guy that owns it so if you like cinematography in the same way that like you like movies or you like popcorn or you'd like the gym someone owns that and they charge companies 500 to 800 dollars per post to post on to cinematography do you know crazy that is that is crazy insane and do you know what how much original content he does what he's a he's a domain Parker kind of thing it's crazy um squatter yeah a lot of those channels out there I think it's just being respectful especially in the beginning if you're trying to build something it helps if you start with a lot of content creation but I think just being genuinely excited and saying hey I really love this and I want to share this with the people even if you only have a couple followers just saying man I love this so much I want to post this and link back all the time try to promote them and again some people will get upset about it I'm sure they will but if they're upset about it one time never again and just take it down and and apologize and say I'm sorry and I think there's a genuine way to do it and there's a disingenuous way to do it again this is what I'm talking about the nefarious thing again I made up this word but don't approach this from a point of view of oh I'm going to use a bunch of other people's content to build things and I know that there's some doublethink here and that's kind of hard to imagine but if you're actually enthusiastic about the stuff that you want to show and promote it will come through and again I think it takes some time I think the beginning for this kind of stuff is always the hardest and this is when you're going to get the most pushback on things like this but there is a point in which again you don't have to get there starting with curation you can start there with content creation which is what Apter did we did all content creation now it's at a point where we post other people's stuff and they're so excited to have us on there so however you want to get to that point get to that point but just know that there is a point in which curating is something that makes sense to you yep yeah I don't Matthew do we have one giant question cuz I have a couple little things to do we've been going on for a little bit and just to show you guys how dedicated we are to this stream in you and giving you content none of us have eaten lunch yet zero percent of you can hear my stomach Rumble is for sure just drop your mic down to your belly you can definitely hear my stomach okay so here's one question I have for you what's the next big disruption in filmmaking hmm there's your crystal ball man I hate these questions that's why I'm asking you it yeah he called me bad I've never been so I've never been so honored in my life man but I must have messed up okay absolutely yeah I've never been more honored in my life to be anything like my workman's great which is like also there's a couple things there's actually a bunch of things frankly uh one I would say so the DSLR boom happens right cameras office a super affordable everyone can shoot cinematic video LED is exactly what's doing that for lighting all of a sudden you don't need a generator you can power things off battery LEDs are getting super affordable and the technology is changing that DSLR boom is happening right now for lighting yes next few places it's going to happen I think are going to tell me one lenses cinema glass is going to get really affordable soon – motion control I'm talking like robot arms are going to be affordable soon – I can't say why but they got in going very like down in Bali or whatever I'm talking about moco I'm talking about excited like something like a consumer version of a bolt or something like that is coming up because the reason is that again with this with this independent con content creator boom there's I think I was talking somebody about this yesterday but the the $10,000 commercial used to never be profitable or if it did the commercial looks like garbage right there's all of a sudden all these brands lifestyle brands there's a you know local fashion shops pop-ups things like that everyone needs to make a commercial or an app commercial and the budget is usually around $10,000 which again sounds like a lot but it's not much in this world not much in this world so it used to be that it was super hard to produce that and actually do it affordably one of the things that all those commercials need is moko they need some kind of motion controlled shot of a product somebody's going to serve that soon okay yeah I like it the other one I would say is and this sounds crazy but I think really seriously look for companies that okay two reasons why content marketing is so important one if you're not doing it you're extremely vulnerable – you're missing out on a huge opportunity and what I mean by vulnerable is I you can actually look around the industry and if you are not content marketing and there isn't anyone else content marketing that means that again I can't say this for sure but there's a good chance that you're probably spending a lot of money on traditional marketing on Billboard's look I get calls from the old guys in the clubhouse okay I'm not going to everyone I don't care what industry you're in there is a clubhouse where there's a bunch of old guys that are asking you to pay money to be able to show your thing to a bunch of users it used to be that you had to pay those guys every single time to be able to show whatever it is you're doing whether it's a service or it's a product or something like that it was like a troll toll to reach people if there's nobody doing content marketing in your whatever part of the industry you're in I don't care if you're selling tables or plates or whatever it means that everyone's still paying for traditional marketing and that there will be a day in which someone is going to come in and change that and is not going to put the marketing money there because it's it's too much and it all goes into the cost of whatever you're selling okay Matthew do you have one other thing cuz I have a little challenge for Ted but unless there's something else that's kind of no I'm worried okay Aaron's got a question here Oh mark okay go ahead far away yeah so I had a question so I'm sure there's a lot of amateur videographers and content creators out there what kind of tips would you have for them if they don't have the cash and they can't buy expensive equipment or lights you know just starting off good question good question I'm gonna say this right now and if you're gonna hear it from anyone please hear it from me a guy who works in the industry of making and selling gear you don't need much gear to make good content don't believe me you can buy a DSLR for under $1000 again that sounds like a lot of money frankly that's all you need you can probably buy some home depot work lights we are actually gonna do two episodes on any mobile one's gonna be how we make content good really fast that's gonna come out at some point we're gonna talk about how we make content and another thing is going to be like the Home Depot episode look as a guy that makes lights you don't need the super expensive lights are they beneficial do they help out are they amazing yes but you can buy a white student episode about this you can buy a 1k mul Richardson Lite online used $50 and that will be your big bright key you can make it soft shoot it through your bedsheet if you have to that will give you the soft lighting that you're looking for if there's a will there's a way and then after that it's really just good audio I think all together you can have an amazing production bundle for like six hundred bucks and if you don't have six hundred bucks get a job stock books do what you got to do to get to that point anyway wait hold on let's go even lower budget let's go for zero budget you you have a smartphone that you can shoot with that use available light and just work with what you have don't let any of this be an excuse for you not to make content yeah there was that film it was it called tangerine yeah oh so good shadow not yeah yeah I found on my phone and here's the other thing too is if you have some budget and you're trying to look if you're a filmmaker right you wanna start doing like advertising content this is this is a hot take two and again you're hearing it from a guy from the gear industry so like technically speaking I should be saying the opposite I should be like the gear is very important and if you don't have the gear you can't get anything done now is it honestly I would rather have you go out and go spend your budget on on like talent on like actors if you have like a thousand dollars and you can book like a big major actor for a major person for like a couple hours do you know what that's going to do to your career that is different than being able to buy that camera that will make you look the same as everyone else if you can pay for a stylist someone that's like an artist that actually has a name and you can work with someone better than you that will do tenfold tenfold for your career then and getting than you do hickey that will probably depreciate and usually that's cameras everything else doesn't depreciate that vespiqueen you Cameras Cameras depreciate really quickly 100 cent okay a lot of people are loving this episode I love it when you guys write my favorite episode ever because it means we're just getting better because how can this possibly be that it's always getting better but I love you anyways so before we say goodbye I want to say thank you to Lewis Bennett Eze thank you very much for your super chat City he said it's a great life ok so this is the game we're gonna play let me pull this light up right hands on the buzzer I'm gonna give you game game show okay here we go yes we love you okay okay what I wanted you to do is to tell us ten things things not people or experiences ten things you can't live without go away no I get come on let me just say real quick I don't own a lot of things period okay okay I would say my laptop for sure my cell phone even though I hate it and I keep it on no do not disturb all the time I would say my bike I have a little motorcycle that I ride around because I hate LA traffic more than I value my life I would say the camera because content creation is the thing that I think made us where we are today I would say my lighting because I would probably say after that um I don't know a skateboard I try to go ahead and get some food helps again I eat more more just Chris got it I can't say people this is a lot of things I would say honestly that's all I really need clothes boxers underwear socks underwear socks okay thank you very much I'm gonna take us out of the show you guys I want to thank Ted for coming on the show and this is how you can get in touch with him he's Ted sim and he's at Ted Tim TV he's also at IndieGoGo and at aperture tech I'm sure you're not like doing all this Instagram channels but you can find out more about aperture by going aperture comm here's my summary summary let's see if I could do this right hey hey guys stop right at the show and he's been sprinkling this kind of knowledge throughout the show stop selling your stuff just stop doing it okay I've said before marketing is a chance to serve if you want to know more about this and convinced your team's read the book this is marketing by Seth Godin is his latest book because it's generous act of helping others achieve their goals it's been said many different ways but I love the way that said and for him he's fascinated with the letter C because there's a lot of C going on here creation collaboration curation and just you guys know curation is not evil there's right and wait right in a wrong way to do that just make sure both parties win and then there's another see here consistency time branding and personality and just to remind you guys to be patient it takes time to build a genuine audience if you don't believe them just rewind the episode and listen to the story at the beginning brands need another see characters personalities but it doesn't have to be you it should be you but doesn't have to be you because you can actually get other people to do that with you and you need to remember you need to make another seat make a human connection okay be a little bit more you it's not disingenuous just be a little bit more give it all you got you can take your work seriously but you don't have to be serious yourself here are some tactical advice he dropped at the very end I'm sure we're gonna drop a bunch of links at the bottom of this to get all your soft lights and your diffusion your modifiers go buy whatever you want and there's an affiliate Commission here somewhere probably okay sure reason soft light it's flattering bigger better soft it's flattering make people look good and even in his small eyes you you got to get that little highlight that little spark or the glint in somebody's eye because it makes a person not look like a zombie excuse me I'm Brock from Pokemon if I can do it you can't man and okay we're rounding up kind of coming into the homestretch here think about contrast you want to make sure that your subject or whatever it is that you want people to focus on that they're lit and everything else plays second fiddle to that and that also means decluttering your background just being very clear and being intentional in the way you light things and stop Nefario just give give give something about selling that's it you guys I'm gonna take us out on some music here we go Aaron don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and hit that Bell notification a lot of love for all you guys are sustaining members thank you very much future fam donut's donation see you guys next time that's it for me right here thanks so much guys this is stuff playing I gotta slowly

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  14. Love the channel and the video. We need to be precise in our wording, however. It seems like marketing and advertising get confused here (they are not the same thing) and I would challenge "advertising doesn't work" too. "When is the last time you bought something because you saw it in a magazine" is a poor example. When is the last time you bought a Mercedes because since you were 5 you have seen ads on TV, in magazines etc positioning the brand as top class, exclusive, elegant etc? Always. Careful with this direct attribution trend. Obviously for small businesses it might be different. The point is – does advertising work? It depends. Like many things in marketing – which by the way is responsible for listening to client needs and fulfilling them at a profit (and it's involved in R&D, pricing, positioning, market research etc… and yes, also advertising. But they are not the same thing). There are no universal rules.

  15. thank you guys, been away for a bit and forgot how valuable and well presented your content is, so will not go away again!

  16. theres alot of content that is half a**ed/doesnt cover everything…whats are your opinions on remaking old or poorly written content?take the cannabis industry for example

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