7 Tips on Writing the Climax

things are about to get crazy hi guys my name is Vivian Reece and I want to help you write publish and market your novel today we're talking about the climax of your novel I have 7 tips today but if there is another topic that you'd like me to cover always feel free to drop a line down below let me know I make these videos for you guys so I want to make sure that I'm putting out the content that you want tip number one the climax should be a wrap-up for your protagonists goal as well as your antagonist goal since they share opposing goals have you ever read a book and you got to the ending and you thought what the heck where's the rest of the ending if you felt cheated by an ending chances are the writer didn't answer the question did the protagonist achieve their goal or did they fail this is a big reason to clearly define certain plot points or just aspects in your novel that way it's always clear to the reader what your characters want in the beginning and then it's clear at the climax whether they achieve that goal or not even if you don't explicitly say it say those goals in your novel it's good for you as the writer to know those goals for your protagonist for antagonists where do they meet them number two don't let him off easy for her to make your climax big enough your character needs to have a really tough time achieving or trying to achieve their primary goal take the Hunger Games Katniss doesn't just walk into the arena pop a few people with arrows and then walk out obstacle after obstacle thrown at her leading up to the games and then at the games themselves don't make it easy on your character number three your climax should be the biggest moment in your novel this is where huge reveals usually take place like when you find out one of the secondary characters is a traitor or like in the end almost that something else in Ender's Game this is a spoiler alert here skip ahead to the second so if you don't want to note the ending here okay when you find out everything isn't just a game you have to keep this in my when writing the rest of your novel so your reader doesn't become fatigued by what seems like three different climaxes in your story if you've ever read a book or seen a movie and thought they could have ended it at the three quarter mark there's too many big moments competing with the true climax number four how will they possibly win now that's a question that you want your reader to ask while reading your book most great genre fiction makes you ask this at some point during the novel your protagonist has been boxed into a corner with absolutely zero hopes of making it out you need your reader to ask this question and genuinely wonder how in the world the protagonist is ever going to win now in a little princess sarah has lost everything her father is gone her she's lost her status as a student all of her belongings and she's about to be arrested just before the climax happens she's at rock bottom and as the reader you're left wondering how in the world she'll ever possibly be reunited with her father remember your reader is intelligent so don't make the solution easy to figure out number five avoid the pass out and win strategy this is a personal pet peeve of mine and I read so many books that do this it's building to a great climax things are getting desperate there's no hope for the protagonist and then the tides turn and someone comes to their aid or they learn a new skill and then poof they black out they pass out and then we're left wondering what the heck happened the climax should never be skimped on don't cup out and take the easy road passing out and then waking up to find everything is all hunky-dory that's the easy road give your reader the satisfaction of reading a big climax after all they've made it to this point in your novel number six think of your protagonists journey the climax will address the success or failure of your character in meeting their goal but your climax should also force your protagonist to face something about themselves this is when a weakness we've known about whole book comes into play and guess what your antagonists strength is usually something that highlights your protagonists weakness work against each other and this is time to show it number seven use the setting add a layer to the conflict between your protagonist and your antagonist by using the setting to up the drama here have the climax take place somewhere we it puts your protagonist at a disadvantage or makes just a simple confrontation a little more difficult during the climax of fantastic beasts and where to find them newt is trying to save credence at the end but the setting is literally crumbling all around them during the fight or one of my favorites aliens where strangely there's another character named Newt Ripley is on a mission to save Newt and once again the setting is crumbling all around them there is a time crunch things are happening it isn't getting really bright in here holy moly turn down the Sun it also adds a nice element of their being like a time crunch at the end where your climax isn't gonna just hang out and just take forever hope that makes sense alright that is all I have for you today I know this is a quick video I hope this was super helpful consider checking out my course for riders or my patreon page if you want extra content also don't forget I have a free book I've had a few people recently tell me that they had no idea that I had published something else besides the Allegiant prophecy or that it was free so the link is down below and it's a prequel so you can read it before the Allegiant prophecy yeah you don't have to buy my book to read it feel free to also drop a comment down below like I said if you have any questions or you have any any ideas for future videos I do read all the comments even if I don't always reply to them until next time happy writing

42 thoughts on “7 Tips on Writing the Climax

  1. If this has been asked & answered before, I apologize. If this has been asked & answered many times, then I super apologize. However, I'm curious to know if you made back your monetary investment in The Elysian Prophecy?

  2. You are the only one I've found that actually gives advice instead of just telling what to write about, and you are giving amazing advice as well! You have officially become the best YouTuber here on YouTube for me. Is there any way I can contact you?(obviously not your personal info!) I'm writing a light novel series and would love to be able to have a conversation with you for some help and direct advice.

  3. As always, love your videos, Vivien! I have grown as a writer alongside your videos all these years. Thanks for taking the time and effort to provide clear and concise tips for us writers. Looking forward to more of your amazing content. Keep it up! 😊

  4. My protagonist's goal changes during the course of the story( with a few twists along the way..!πŸ˜‰)

    He does reach his goal. His antagonist, on the other hand, is painfully defeated.

    You almost feel sorry for the vilian. Lol.

  5. Great video. Could you maybe expand on the "antagonist has a strength that plays into the weakness of the protagonist"? Just a short video about which combinations work great and some examples. Thanks!

  6. I would love a video on how to make travel interesting, particularly in a fantasy setting. I always change perspectives and then come back to the traveling group when they've reached their destination. I also shy away from the idea of having to plot out how long it takes people to get places. Any ways to wrap my head around this concept?

  7. Vivian thank you so much for your advice and forgiven us, future writers, the opportunity to want to publish and also write are novels and again congratulations on the baby and more than anything I want to bring my character of what I create the life and the depth that it deserves.

  8. I love the tip of making the reader wonder how the protagonist is possibly going to succeed now! It's a good indicator if your stakes and conflict are high enough.

  9. Omg, of course you would put this video out today, just as I was struggling with my books ending and made the choice to re-write a lot of it. This gives me a lot to chew on, thank you so much!!

  10. Do you think you can offer some advice on writing a multi-pov novel/series? How to keep track of everything and how to make each pov interesting, that sort of thing. I'd really love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

  11. I literally just finished "Children of Dune" and the climax was perfect. All the the plot points came tighter resulting in a dramatic and satisfying ending. I hope that the climax of my book would be as good.

  12. I love your videos!!! Thanks! I do have a request… Self publishing under a pseudonym. Especially if using ingramspark which requires a publishing company.

  13. This is exactly what I needed today. I got to my WIP's climax and have just been stuck, trying to tackle it! THANK YOU!!!

  14. Yay new vid! Everyone complains about sagging middle, but what about feeling like you have a sagging beginning? I feel this way in my Act 1, because I'm bored writing the "normal" part of the story before the inciting incident.
    Any tips for this?

  15. Hunger Games definitely uses the setting as well as just making it hard for Katniss in general! These are all awesome tips. PS. Here comes the sun has been my alarm clock for YEARS! πŸ’›

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