7 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Self-Published Author

hi guys welcome back to my channel and happy Monday at this very moment I am on a cruise ship heading to codes ml and Progresso to scuba dive and ride beach buggies don't worry I will be blogging all of that to expect that video on May 18 and not to worry this week you will be getting the normal two videos I post because I have pre-recorded them pre uploaded them so they are all ready to go if you wonder why I am absent on social media this week it's because I am on vacation in the middle of the ocean and I have no cell phone reception so today instead of my usual how-to video I wanted to do something a little different and that is to talk about 7 things that no one tells you about becoming a self-published author hopefully it will provide some insight to those of you who are planning on going down this challenging yet very rewarding road so let's get into it we're starting off with a doozy the first thing no one tells you about self-publishing is that it is more work than you can possibly imagine it's no secret the process of self-publishing is intimidating I've made videos in the past with the sole mission of making the self-publishing process more approachable and less challenging but the truth is no matter whether you find a prospect of self-publishing intimidating or not one thing stands true and that is that it's a crapload of work self-publishing is not for the weary or light hearted it's a long complicated process that requires months of research upfront and more months of dissecting that research to ensure that the plan you've envisioned for your book will actually work in real life read as much material as you can on self-publishing find other resources where other self-published authors have found success watch youtube videos take detailed notes and lastly be patient with yourself not everyone is going to be able to take some notes and then just jump into self-publishing head-on you have to create the plan that you think will work best for you and your book and I hate to break it to you but there is no magic formula so yes it's a lot of work which brings me to number two be prepared to wear every single hat how many hats during the self-publishing process you are everything to everyone you wear many different hats including writer editor designer formatter publisher distributor customer service representative publicists and captain's mailman assistant and the list goes on when you decide to self publish you're essentially starting your own business your own brand and normally businesses have employees people working for them so a standard company would have employees for customer service marketing and promos administrative duties and so on but as a self-publisher just starting out it's most likely just going to be you and that means you have to be prepared to wear every single hat for example if someone wants to order a signed copy of my book it's me behind the computer screen responding to the email packaging the book for shipment dropping you off at the post office sending my customer the tracking number and actually tracking it to make sure it arrives and in case you're wondering yes I do plan on having an assistant or two in the future because the third thing no one tells you about self-publishing is that it takes a lot of time away from writing in case you didn't catch on to that last field if you're wearing eighteen different hats on a daily basis then how is it possible to where you're writing hat all the time you really can't as a self-published author unless you're willing to hire some help this has been the hardest thing for me to adjust to going from a writer to a self-published author on top of having a full time job in a different field and writing and publishing my books I also have a successful YouTube channel that I hold very near and dear to my heart and you know what coming up with content for my youtube videos takes time filming those videos takes time editing and uploading again takes time and as much as I love interacting with everyone on my channel does it change the fact that reading and responding to comments takes time the hard truth is that it all takes time away from one thing that I have a passion for and the one thing I love to do and that is writing but you know what I'm okay with that and I prepared myself for the best that I could in the beginning when I first started my youtube channel I had maybe less than 500 subscribers and there were probably six people that commented on my YouTube videos regularly shout-out to those people who have been with me from the beginning you know who you are and you know what back then I dreamt of the days where I would have hundreds of people – on my videos and being able to meet new people and interact with them and that is where I'm at today I am living that dream right now and I am forever grateful I wouldn't change a single thing about it the fourth thing no one tells me about self-publishing is that the stigma of self-publishing still exists sadly when some people hear that you're a self-published author they may not take you as seriously as someone who has been traditionally published people may wonder if it's because your work wasn't good enough to be picked up by literary agent or publishing house but you know what the publishing industry is extremely subjective which move that what agent or publishing house may despise your work and another one down the line may read it and think it's the best thing they've ever read so if you're on submission try to get your book traditionally published don't get down on yourself finding a literary agent and finding a publishing house to give your book a home can take years in the last article I read 12 publishers rejected JK Rowling's Harry Potter series and you guys all know how I feel about Harry Potter so what I say that the industry is subjective just remember that and for those that think self-published authors are a joke you're entitled to your opinions I just happen to disagree with you personally I look up to the people who decide to try self-publishing because I know how challenging it is and I also know that you can be successful because I'm selling more books than I ever thought I would turning a profit and making wonderful amazing connections through my social media platforms and I built it on my own from the ground up so it can be done be fixing no one tells you about self-publishing is that it's not that easy to get people's attention I'm not sure how many of you know about the rule of seven but there are multiple studies out there that show that it takes an average consumer seven to ten times to see a product before they'll even consider buying it that means that I have to find a way to repeatedly market my book in the hopes that by the seventh eighth ninth or 10th time that it's in front of the same person they'll even consider buying them that's a lot of effort just to get someone to consider buying your book but at least it gets you one step closer but that being said getting people's attention is not easy and this is precisely why I created my youtube channel social media is an amazing mostly free tool and I personally it's more powerful than any ad or marketing program out there I offer you something of value to people and allowing them to make a connection you gain their trust and respect and they're more likely to support you in the long term number six learning the different publishing platforms takes time and patience when I say publishing platforms I'm mainly talking about create base Ingram spark Kindle and the other eBook platforms like Kobo nook and iBook all of these will take time to learn you will make mistakes it's not as easy as logging onto one of the platforms uploading your manuscript and voila you're done nope there are a lot of steps in the process field you need to fill out and questions that will pop up my best advice here is to be patient and know that it's okay to make mistakes a great example is that for my third book restitution I made the same mistake on the Ingraham start platform that I've made for the past two books I was able to catch in time before I press the approve and the publish button but it still cost me $25 and some confusion so now I've written a note in my working document to ensure that I don't make that thing stick again in the future which I should have done the first time around but it is what it is patience and time are your friends and last but not least number seven you are 100% responsible for your success if there's one thing I want you to take away from this video is that you are 100% responsible for your success I'm a self-published author and for everything else in life success is equivalent to the amount of work you're willing to put into it little effort equals little success great effort equals great success it really is that simple don't wait for someone else to give you permission to go after your dreams if someone rejects your idea that's okay let them and understand that they're just not able to see the value of your idea just yet but one day they will and they'll be kicking themselves for not supporting you don't wait for permission don't wait to start you are entirely up to you your success is entirely up to you and what you put in is what you'll get out so put in as much as you can and start now so there you have it seven themes no one tells you about becoming a self-published author if you like the content today please thumbs up and subscribe to my channel all three of my books the Alpha drive the order of Omega and restitution are available for just on Amazon Barnes Noble at the Book Depository and books-a-million I'm also offering side copies of all three books for more information on how to get your hands on an autographed copy make sure to check out the link in the description box below in case you missed it I did reveal the title and synopsis for my new dark fantasy series shadow crown 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us and I will be there June 3rd and June 4th in New York City I will have a boost number 27 76 where I'll be selling and signing copies of my books so make sure you stop by and say hi just as a side note you do not need to buy my books at book on in order for me to sign them you can bring yours from home and I actually prefer that because I will have limited inventory with me since I'm traveling from Texas to New York I cannot wait for this event and I hope to see all of you there if you have any questions or anything like me to talk about in one of my next videos before you leave a comment down below you can also ask a question or post a comment anonymously on my ask me anything page on tumblr again all the links are listed below thank you so much again for watching I would love you to subscribe to my channel on your way out don't forget I post new writing advice videos on Mondays and personal day-in-the-life logs on Thursdays I will see you guys next time bye

32 thoughts on “7 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Self-Published Author

  1. Yes yes yes actually self publishing is more inspiring to me because they don’t need to be accepted by the system. Congrats you bought me

  2. Kristen, I just watched your publishing series. Did I hear this right, you cant publish without having your own publishing company on ingramsparks? So in order to publish with them I'd have to create a publishing company?

  3. Ive always wanted to be self published more so than being published. The idea of editing my work having to find improvements is very appealing.

  4. This was a really helpful video!
    I'm curious, how many words are each of the books you've published?

  5. As a 15 year old who is trying to finish my poetry book for the summer I have no idea what to do for publishing

  6. Yes! This is fantastic…and as I'm preparing to self-pub my 2nd book on Monday, I needed the reminder that it's a lot of work for everyone. It can be so overwhelming!!

  7. She is right. Marketing a self published book is extremely difficult. Some people have a knack for it. I did not. I gave up on it. Way way way too much work and not enough time left for actual writing.

  8. Hi Kristen, I just found your channel, and really enjoy the videos I have watched so far. This one is so relevant as I just finished writing my first book, and looking to self publish. I imagine I would have much richer answer when people come and ask how I feel about publishing my own book when I become a success like yours. I was actually feeling a bit nervous making this video answering the question people ask: https://youtu.be/eAJbdwrOcL0 Thank you so much again for sharing what you know!

  9. So glad you made this video. I'm a advocate for self-publishing and agree with you on the information you share.

  10. My novel was published in the past, but I did not see eye to eye with my publisher. I am going to give self-publishing a try. Thank you for the information 🙂

  11. Wow this helps me soooo much! I been trying to decide whether I want to self-publish or go to traditional route. And hearing all the feedback about how you shouldn't self-publish was really getting me down and making me look the other route but then I found out that your work is no longer your work if you get traditionally published please correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I've heard/research I've done.

    But this helps so much to make my decision and after today I will be going the self-publishing route!

    I need to learn patience anyway and this will help me for all the series that I have in mind and what I've already worked on so thank you so much for this awesome piece of advice!🤓🙌👏

  12. I have published 6 books. Not exactly the most successful. I have tried to do traditional I can't find anyone to look at them. Let's put that another way, I can't get answer so I guess that is a rejection. Yes it takes a lot of time to do each hat you wear. I need tips on marketing.

  13. I help run a Romance conference and have been doing so for over a decade and I can attest to personally seeing traditionally published Authors dominate a huge signing for two signings for years. Now the pendulum is starting to swing back and forth between the two kinds of publishing, some are dual published which is becoming more popular. In the conference I help with the signing among other duties I think if you take out a few big Traditional Authors the balance between both publishing types are about even. On another note with so many Book stores closing Conferences and fairs are getting more important. Just my view on things from a set next to an amazing Author and great person.

  14. I have always been very interested in writing fiction, I have spent a few hours today coming up with a story. Its called "A students fantasy" This will be based for teenagers and adults (obviously)- despite that I have loads of ideas, I love planning it all out and thinking what my book would look like published. I have visited the YA website and left my details, and read through what they do, also video's like yours are a great resource for things that you'd need to take into consideration. Though I really hope that getting a D in my english GCSE wont affect my chance of becoming an author. Its what I want to be and I am so ready for It.

    Thanks for this video 😊😊
    -Jotted a few notes

  15. Self-publishing is a huge commitment but very rewarding. You need to be dedicated and super organized. My editor was a huge help. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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