7 Things Editors at Children's Book Publishers Wish Writers Knew

14 thoughts on “7 Things Editors at Children's Book Publishers Wish Writers Knew

  1. Granted, I've read some rhyming books that lack cadence, however, if one has a talent for cadence, rhyming is a powerful tool for writing stories. Rhyming takes talent, testing and making sure the children are following. In preschool, especially, a rhyming book that is funny, joyful and teaches a message wins all the time. Children LOVE the sing-song effect of rhyming. So, yes, I've seen some awful rhyming books and can't stand it when authors don't have a full grasp of rhyming, however, I would not discourage writers from this format, I'd only caution them to make sure they know how to rhyme and keep the story flowing.

  2. What do i need to do if I've already written, edited and illustrated my Christian Children book?

  3. When writing a children's book:  should you put illustration ideals throughout the book or should you just write and leave it to the publishers imagination?

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  5. 1. don't put editors out of work. 2. tell julia donaldson not to rhyme. 3…this is why you only write a news letter

  6. I learned a lot! Thank you. Agents & editors have said rhyming is my strength, so I suppose everyone is different. I've read my fair share of horribly rhymed stories, though, and probably written some in my early days.

  7. Rejection is common. You just need to look beyond it. amen on points 1,2,3,4,5,7

    Self publishing is good if you have the money and can market it, but you are right small scale copy shop works fine.

  8. This is so true. Probably one more thing to put in there is to be able to take well meaning and constructive criticism like a grown up.

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